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The Flower and the Sun – first half

The Flower and the Sun ~ first half

Kelsey glanced over her shoulder at the schoolhouse clock as she rushed around the den picking up and straightening as quickly as she could. She had spent the day shopping with her friend Janet, again. She didn’t know why she was so drawn to Janet but she knew she wasn’t behaving as herself. She had been generally nasty lately and leaving things till the last minute. She was not happy with herself and had been taking it out on Nick. Gosh she loved Nick. He was not only her husband but also her best friend. To be honest she really didn’t like Janet all that much so she didn’t understand why she was spending so much time with her. Luckily, Nick wasn’t too upset, although he had been a bit crabby the past couple of days or so. She had attributed that to the fact that she herself had been as moody as a wet cat. As she scurried to finish straightening the den so she could get dinner started she vowed she would curtail her daily outings to lunch, shop and attend matinee movies with Janet. She heard a car door slam and glanced at the clock. Damn, where did the time go? Nick was home and she hadn’t even decided what she was going to fix for dinner.

She raced to the kitchen and yanked a frying pan out of the cabinet and slammed it on a cold burner on the stove, jumped to the refrigerator and jammed her head in the open door just as she heard Nick close the back door. She pulled back and smiled nonchalantly to hide her feelings of nervousness and guilt. She thought he looked tired and worried. “Is something wrong, Baby?” she asked hoping it was her imagination.

“Yes. As a matter of fact there is,” Nick said quietly with concern as he studied her. “We have to talk.”

Kelsey felt her heart thudding in her chest. What now, she wondered wishing she had stayed home and had a wonderful dinner ready when he walked through the door. He never complained but she liked doing things to show she cared. He had offered to hire a maid twice a week but she had told him she really liked keeping their home in order. She liked to cook too, both were ways she felt she contributed. She took a deep breath and sighed as she closed the refrigerator door. “Alright. Do you want to go to the table or to the den?” she asked softly.

“The den. Would you mind pouring me a glass of tea while I change?”

“Not at all, Sweetie. Go change and I’ll take your tea to the den,” she replied quietly even more concerned by his lack of energy and unusual manner. Normally he was smiling and energetic, even at the end of the hardest days. She hated seeing him like this. It alarmed her.

When he came into the den bare footed, wearing faded jeans and a loose long t-shirt her breath caught in her throat. He was so handsome, and to her, the sexiest man she’d ever met. He gave her a half smile as he noticed the tea and sat down in his recliner. She didn’t like the way he studied her as if he didn’t know her. She waited wondering what was coming, what was wrong, why he was in this strange mood. She watched him take a long drink from his glass and felt like she might scream if this quiet continued much longer then he said, “come sit in my lap”, and motioned with his index finger for her to come to him.

She jumped up and was in his lap in a flash, wriggling to get comfortable and still be able to see his face as he talked. His large gentle hand reached out to cup the side of her face. “I don’t know how to say what I need to say to you. I just know if I don’t we might be headed for some serious problems if I put it off or ignore it,” he began. Kelsey froze. This was really frightening her. “You know I love you, don’t you, Kelsey?” he asked in a low husky voice.

She nodded almost unable to whisper, “yes,” as she felt the beginnings of tears sting her eyes. “Please tell me what’s wrong, Nick. You’re frightening me,” she managed to say through the lump in her throat.

Nick smiled at her sweetly and wrapped his arms around her pulling her close, rubbing her back gently. He whispered in her ear, “I don’t like the way you have been acting the past several weeks. I haven’t felt close to you. I’ve been feeling ignored and as if you’d rather be any place but with me. It’s been making me tense. And I have been watching you. You have not been yourself either. I think it may be your new friend. What do you think?”

Kelsey pulled back and exclaimed. “But, Nick, I’d rather be with you than anyone I know! It’s just that you work such long hours and I get lonely and stir crazy and well, Nick….” She paused, “About Janet, I don’t know what it is about her. I don’t feel very close to her. It’s not like with some people, where you just click. I don’t know what it is, but honestly she isn’t the nicest person I’ve ever met. She is funny though in a crude way and, well, Honey, she just goes all the time and then we seem to take much longer than we plan and we’re always late getting back…”

Nick’s eyes searched Kelsey’s as he told her softly, “well, Baby, I decided how I am going to help you consider very carefully from now on whether or not you accept every invitation of Janet’s. I have thought a great deal about this. I am going to spank you and leave you with a memory that won’t fade quickly. I am going to give you an incentive to think before you impulsively run off every day with your new friend.” Nick couldn’t help remembering the secretary in the office who had brought a pillow on which to sit. Curiosity had overcome him and he’d asked her if she was all right. She had replied she was fine just had a sore behind from the spanking her boyfriend have given her for being rude to some friends at dinner the night before. He’d asked how she felt about that and she’d replied, “I like it much better than him sulking and feeling distanced for days.”

Kelsey’s eyes widened and she drew in a deep breath thinking about arguing, but something in Nick’s eyes convinced her quickly, she didn’t want to do that. She felt her stomach roll and heat suffuse her face. “Spank me?” she asked, a bit shocked by his threat. “This is a joke, right?” One look at his eyes and Kelsey knew this was no joke. “Nick, you can’t be serious, you just can’t be,” Kelsey pleaded nervously, her stomach feeling as if she had just dropped over the first rise of a roller coaster.
“Kelsey, who is the head of this family?” Nick asked her, holding her eyes with his firm gaze.

“Uh, you are, Nick,” Kelsey answered quickly.

“Do I have responsibilities as the head of this family?” he asked seriously.

“Well, Nick, of course you do. You make a living to support us,” Kelsey said and stopped to think wanting to add all of the things she could feel but had a hard time explaining. Like the fact he gave her a wonderful feeling of security and safety just by his confidence alone, not to mention the wonderful way she felt being near him. Like all the feelings, which come from being with a good man who is intelligent, caring and kind, and were almost impossible to express with words.

“I told you, I’ve been thinking about this for days. I have decided I also have a responsibility to find a way to make an impression on you when I think your actions are causing ‘us’ a problem. We talk, Kelsey. We don’t walk around in our own worlds snapping at each other. It’s not like us and I honestly don’t believe talking will impress on you how serious I think this is. So, I will show you and help you to remember that some things we won’t be ‘talking’ about,” Nick told her his voice soft but firm. “Do you disagree that I have a responsibility to guide ‘us’ and keep us on track?” he asked.

“No, I don’t disagree, but a spanking, Nick? I mean, I am not a little girl who needs disciplining or punishing. I am a grown woman who makes her own decisions. Aaaaand, well, I just don’t like the idea at all,” Kelsey replied becoming a bit nervous.

“Kelsey, look me in the eyes and tell me you are happy about your behavior the past couple of weeks,” Nick instructed.

Kelsey looked into Nick’s eyes. She opened her mouth. Nothing would come out. No words would push through her throat. She took a deep breath. “I….,” her voice croaked. She swallowed, her eyes dropping from his unable to maintain eye contact. She sighed. He was right she wasn’t happy with her behavior the past couple of weeks. Actually she felt guilty and ashamed of the way she’d been acting and had no idea ‘why’ she’d been acting the way she had.

“Just as I thought. You aren’t pleased. You too have been almost miserable for days and days. Am I right?” he asked her gently.

Kelsey couldn’t look at him. She nodded and swallowed feeling the lump back in her throat. Darn, why did he have to be right? She felt strange. She ‘liked’ that he cared and felt responsible for helping her deal with this. She ‘liked’ that he knew her well enough to notice a change in her habits and disposition. Some husbands she knew wouldn’t notice if their wives were missing for a days. Well, that was a bit far fetched but some men just weren’t in tune with their mates, had no idea what made them tick. Still even though she had butterflies in her stomach and seemed to be feeling a bit excited and nervous, the idea of being spanked didn’t appeal to her at all.

“Ok. Another thing I decided is you will decide ‘how’ you are spanked. You have several options. Ahhh, Kelsey, don’t interrupt me, please,” he added as Kelsey took a breath and began to protest. “Now, as I was saying. Your choices are to lie across my lap, to bend over the back of the sofa, or to be in a knee chest position on the bed. AND you will also pick an implement,” he broke off as Kelsey once again interrupted.

“Nick, no. I don’t want you to spank me at all. And you want me to decide how and with what?” she spoke almost panicked.

“Yes. I do. You ARE going to be spanked. You have already agreed I have a responsibility to handle matters in this family as I see fit. I won’t ask you to ‘ask’ me to spank you. I know you are too proud. But I cannot spank you without your consent. So, by your choice you will give your consent. I will know you understand and agree.” He searched her eyes as he spoke communicating that he was determined about his decisions. Kelsey was silent so he continued, “You may choose a hair brush, a wooden spoon or I will go, right now, to purchase a paddle while you get dinner together. Oh, and once you have decided, there is one more part to this lesson. Now, what will it be?”

Kelsey’s insides quivered. She felt herself blush and felt very warm. Even deep between her legs she felt herself warming, twitching, and becoming moist. She thought about her options. She’d never brush her hair again without thinking about being spanked and she certainly wouldn’t want to cook with a spoon with which she’d been spanked. Well, as far as she knew now, she wouldn’t. Maybe if he went out to buy a paddle he’d change his mind. Fat chance, but she could hope. In a resigned tone of voice she answered, “a paddle”.

“Thank you. Now, for the other part of the lesson. I want you to think about this. I want you to be reminded it is coming. Before I leave to go make our purchase, I want you to remove all your clothes with the exception of your panties and a t-shirt. One of ‘my’ t-shirts. As soon as you are ready come to me and bring me two or three safety pins, please. Now, scoot, I don’t want this to take all night. You can think about ‘how’ you’re going to be spanked until time.” Nick told her with a level voice.

Kelsey felt her jaw drop. Nick reached with one finger to close her mouth for her. She almost glared at him then wriggled off his lap and stomped to their room. She mumbled under her breath all the way down the hall about injustice and insanity and being pissed off with herself for ever going off with Janet in the first place. She went to Nick’s dresser and snatched open his under wear drawer yanking out a t-shirt and throwing it on the unmade bed. Ick. She really had been leaving a lot undone or done hastily and haphazardly. She kicked off her shoes and shrugged out of her leggings, throwing them in the nearby hamper. She unbuttoned the gaily-patterned blouse and threw it on top of her leggings. She slipped the t-shirt over her head and went to find some safety pins in the bathroom. Pins in hand she stomped back to the den and poked her open palm bearing three safety pins right in front of Nick’s face.

Nick ignored the hand and said, “Kelsey, turn around please.”

Kelsey stood gaping at Nick, planted the back of loose fists on her hips and moaned. She stomped her right foot, took a deep breath thinking she’d tell him to go and take a hike, that this wasn’t cute or fun, then noticed the look on his face and pivoted quickly. She felt his warm hand expertly unclasp her bra in one gentle squeeze and her breasts were instantly freed. She stood for just a moment before reaching in each sleeve to draw out a bra strap pulling her arm through the opening. Once both arms were slipped through the straps the black lace bra fell to the floor. She felt Nick grasp her around the waist and pull her back a couple of steps until she was standing between his open knees. Nick’s vision washed over Kelsey’s beautiful black silk clad buttocks. He found the shape of her bottom mesmerizing and sighed as he began to gather the t-shirt in his hands, exposing the light skin peeking through the black lace of her panties.

“The pins now, please.” Nick’s hand came into view in front of her. She dropped the pins in his open palm and stood pouting. Nick gathered the shirt and fiddled behind her back explaining, “I want your bottom freed of the shirt. I want you to feel the air on your back side as you fix dinner, eat dinner and while we do the dishes. I want you to think, about the spanking you are going to receive after dinner. This should help remind you,” Nick said as he gave her a pat to her rounded and now exposed panty clad backside to indicate he was finished.

Kelsey, feeling a bit foolish with the shirt bunched and pinned in place inches above her waist, stormed to the kitchen feeling ‘anything but’ like preparing dinner. She pouted silently as he came up behind her and kissed the back of her neck as he headed for the door on his way to go and make his purchase. She heard the door close and click shut. She didn’t know why, all of a sudden, she felt like running to the bedroom to throw herself across the bed and sob. Her eyes stung with gathering tears. She ignored the phone as it rang feeling as if whoever it was would be able to see her standing there talking in a pair of panties with Nick’s t shirt gathered and pinned above her, hmmm, ‘target’. Every move she made reminded her that her butt was going to be spanked later. She found herself making the least possible movements she could make and still she couldn’t forget her uncovered backside. The slight moistening between her legs increased with every thought of bending over to be paddled.

The drive to the adult store was a quick one. Only minutes later Nick found himself confused by the array of paddles before him. His eyes skimmed the boxes lining the shelves, darting here and there. He opened several boxes to peek inside. He had no idea what would be better for his use, the wood or the leather. He glanced over his shoulder to see the counter man was no longer ringing purchases and was free, so decided to ask his advice. Surely he’d know more about this kind of thing. Nick approached him bravely wanting to appear confident and sure of himself, if not quite sure of his choice. The man smiled as he told him what he was shopping for and why. After telling the clerk, whom Nick discovered owned the store, that he had no wish to bruise or mark his wife, just really give her a honest to God, old fashioned bun warming, the man had helped him pick a fairly long thin leather paddle with a handle. He’d been guaranteed the paddle would definitely get his point across very heatedly without bruising sweet Kelsey’s beautiful bottom.

The man had also given him some safety tips and what seemed to Nick to be very good advice. He’d explained the use of a safe word to Nick and generally explained position, use of implement, preparation and explanation. The storeowner also explained the different types of spanking, discipline, punishment, and erotic. Nick had listened intently learning all he could before spanking his wife for the first time. He and the storeowner had smiled and laughed sharing a joy of being men. The store owner had patted Nick’s shoulder after he’d told Nick some secrets about assuring this first spanking ended up as a pleasant encounter for both Nick and Kelsey. Nick blushed as his body responded to his thoughts as the man gave him pointer after pointer. The idea to spank Kelsey was becoming one of the best ideas he’d ever had.

Nick was pleased as he opened the car door and slid behind the wheel tossing the plastic bag wrapping his purchase onto the back seat. He grinned, thinking about the slight erection that had stayed with him the entire time he’d been in the store. At one point he’d feared reaching his full potential as the man had told him how to make this a lesson for Kelsey and a pleasure for both of them. It was harder than he’d imagined getting out of the car and carrying the paddle inside once he’d pulled into the drive, but he had taken a deep breath and told himself he was being foolish. He knew Kelsey had submitted herself to him on their wedding night and although he knew how willful she could be, he told himself she’d understand and agree with his decision. He just knew he was right about his decision and pushed away the fears that somehow Kelsey would misunderstand or reject his beliefs about taking charge and helping her to change this harmful behavior. Although insecurity filled his thoughts, Nick felt he couldn’t allow himself to weaken now. And he couldn’t help but smile thinking about what was to come as he opened the door and let himself in, purchase in hand.

Nick slipped the paddle in the lap drawer of his desk on his way to the kitchen. He found the table was set with everyday china, water goblets filled with ice tea, a bowl of fresh chicken salad full of chunky celery slices, cubes of sweet pickle, diced boiled egg, and raisins, honey dew melon slices, and sliced tomatoes. The toaster was on the table for toasting bread for sandwiches and crisp green lettuce leaves and mayonnaise too. Nick realized he was famished, and he also noticed Kelsey had put effort into her preparation and presentation of this meal. He wondered if she realized the significance of what she had done. While thinking about being spanked by him for the first time, she’d gone out of her way to please him with assorted flavors, textures and colors. She’d taken time in presenting the meal also. She’d not used paper plates or formal china, but rather every day dinnerware. The meal also was not too light or too heavy, but balanced in the middle somewhere between peanut butter and jelly and prime rib. He wondered if she realized behind her show of pouting resistance, she’d shown him in a more subtle and subconscious way, that she was accepting and agreeable to what was to come.

Kelsey had been seated and waiting for about 10 minutes when Nick came to join her. She sat and watched him as he spread his napkin over his lap wondering if she would so choose to drape herself there later. He sipped his tea and gave her a dazzling smile as he glanced at the table and then through its glass surface to stare at her bare legs. “Nice, Kelsey,” he commented, “shopping was an experience and I had a talk with the owner of the place. He gave me some valuable pointers as this will be your first spanking.”

Kelsey found she could not make herself swallow the bite of melon in her mouth. She felt the color drain from her face as she shivered and felt her stomach do that crazy roll again and again, as the word ‘first’ registered in her mind. Her chin lowered a bit as she wondered what type of paddle he had purchased, would it hurt, how she’d gotten herself into this. She glanced up and caught Nick studying her, summoned her courage and said with much false bravado as she lifted her chin, “What if I just tell you no? What if I put my foot down and refuse? Huh?” She watched as Nick’s relaxed and his almost happy look was replaced with a slight scowl. It took all the courage she could muster not to hang her head and beg him to forgive her. It had been days since he had looked almost himself. She held her breath as she watched him thinking. The minutes were torture as she waited for him to speak.

“Kelsey, do you want to get past this thing we have been experiencing? Do you want to get back to being close and put this behind us? Both of us? Deal with it, and have it over? No guilt, no pouting, no anger, no more making impulsive decisions that leave you feeling miserable?” Nick asked. He looked at her and asked seriously, “Kelsey, do you trust me?”

Kelsey thought about her vulnerable bottom, and the past couple of weeks. She thought about how much she loved and trusted Nick and how moody she had been lately. She hated the idea of being spanked like a child while at the same time was excited by the idea and by this new ‘something’ in Nick she couldn’t quite put her finger on. Somehow he seemed even more confident and strong to her. She did want this over. But, Lord how she hated to give in and agree without some small fight for her dignity. She took a breath and realized with brilliant clarity that this was a decision that could well make or break their communication and maybe even the solidarity of their marriage. She also knew with clarity that as equal as she had always felt to Nick, which was ‘his’ doing by attitude and respect for her, that she didn’t want to be the ‘boss’, the head of this union, she wanted instead to be the heart. She didn’t want the responsibility of ‘leading’ them, she wanted to walk ‘beside’ him, tucked under his arm, warm and safe and totally secure. She also knew without doubt, she trusted this man completely.

Blinking, Kelsey tried to ease the salty prickling she felt come instantly to her eyes as she nodded and whispered, “with all my heart, Nick”. She found she couldn’t say anything else around that big lump in her throat, so she hopped up and began to clear the table. She was not sure she was happy when Nick rose to help her by gathering things and taking them to the refrigerator. She had planned to make this chore last as long as she possibly could. She thought about how funny it was that knowing what was coming, some minutes seemed to stand still while some flew by. She felt her stomach begin that crazy rolling again as she rinsed the last dish and handed it to Nick to dry and put away. All too soon the dishes were done and the kitchen cleaned. Nick reached out to cup her chin and bring her eyes to his. “Well, Kelsey, what’s it going to be? The couch, the bed, or my lap,” Nick asked her.

Kelsey felt her heart pounding, was aware of the cool air on her panty clad bottom, felt a surge of fluid move from deep inside her as she opened her mouth to speak and found she couldn’t make a sound. She cleared her throat. Her eyes began to fill with tears of dread as she croaked, “Well, I…Nick…please, don’t make me choose, pleeeeeeeeease!”

Nick moved to hold Kelsey in his arms. She looked so cute with her bottom lip protruding the slightest bit he just couldn’t help gathering her close to him. He nuzzled the top of her head with his chin and jaw as he whispered, “Come on, Kels. Either pick or ask me to spank you.” His grip tightened as he felt her tense. His hand ran slowly down her back to cup the cool cheek of her desirable bottom. He patted softly and felt her go rigid. “Come on. One or the other.” His hand molded to her derriere and squeezed gently. He felt her quiver slightly in his arms as she took a deep breath. He held her safely and securely in his arms. He almost moaned as he felt Kelsey burrowing her forehead into his chest, hiding her face and knew she was feeling shy and maybe just a bit frightened. The space surrounding his heart warmed and the thought flashed through his mind he might not be able to do this after all. His jaw clamped shut as he admonished himself mentally to be strong; that what he had planned was necessary and loving. His voice was stern, “Kels, you have 5 seconds, and if you force me to pick for you, I promise it’s going to be much worse!” Nick almost growled, “One!” shook his head, “Two!” felt Kelsey begin to shiver, “Three!” wanted to curse and shake her, “Four!” felt anger building, “FIVE! And you just made a very big mistake Kelsey my love. Go into the living room, NOW!” Nick wondered at the sound of his voice knowing a portion of his the strength he showed masked the slight feelings of trepidation and confusion running rampant in his mind. He took a deep breath and stilled himself holding on to the hope he had indeed made the right decision. As Kelsey headed rapidly to the living room he turned and went to retrieve the paddle taking it to the den, his plan evolving step by step as he looked at the smooth aromatic leather. Wrapping the plastic bag once again tightly around the firm cool leather he took comfort in all of Kelsey’s reactions thus far, in their own way leading him in confidence to continue with this spanking.

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