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My Ordeal

I walked into the room for my spanking..
I had not carried my duties to his instructions and ended up spilling paint on his car.
I thought 12-15 strokes without a warm-up.

Well you know why you are here he said as soon as I walked in.
Close the door behind you.
Remove your clothes and put them in the basked provided.

I did as told.

Then he put cuffs on my wrists and attached chains to them which were attached to a ratchet winch.
I was pulled upwards until my hands were at just before full stretch.

Then he gagged me with a piece of bamboo like a horse bit and tied it behind my head.

He attached some ankle cuffs and pulled my legs about 2.5 feet apart and tied them off to hooks on side walls.

I had never been totally naked for a spanking before. I always had at least a thong or knickers and bra on before. So I was taken aback when asked to strip. But the nature of his anger and what I had done.. Well I guessed I deserved it.
Then he stood behind me and placed a rope around my body above my breasts and tied at the back.
He bound my breasts tight with many wraps around each breast until they swelled and went hard and red.
He connected the top band rope to the bottom band which served to tighten the bondage even more.
My breasts were starting to feel enormous and nipples very hard and sensitive.

He then attached clover clamps on my nipples connected to each other with a light chain.
I immediately squirmed and as he pulled on the chain I began to drool.

Then he attached another rope around my waist in a loop and brought it between my legs tight into my crotch and brought it back inside the waist rope again at my back.
He attached the rope to another winch about 4 feet behind me and began to pull until I was completely suspended about 6 inches off the ground, my full weight on the crotch rope.
My legs pulled tight against the bottom rings.
He attached 2 more ropes 1 to each thigh and tied them off to the sides to keep me stable.
He started to pull on my inner lips which served only to send the rope further inside my crotch which began to pinch and slightly burn every move I made.
By now I was crying through my gag and drooling.
He then attached another set on clover clamps to those lips and tugged on them.

He then brought over the crop and began to crop my inner thighs and breasts at random, which was worse when you did not know where next to expect pain.
All the time my crotch was on fire.

He got a little vegetable net bag and attached it to the 2 sets of clamps and placed some weights on the net.
I was in total agony.
He took up the crop again and continued again all of my thighs inside and out.
I was then flogged on the breasts for about 10 minis.
My breath nearly went, as there was no let off.
I had given up on movement and lay on my bonds taking my punishment.

I now felt like a size 30 56DD woman.

Then he asked me if I was ready “girl”?
I did not know what he meant, but realised my buttocks had not been touched yet.

I reluctantly nodded.

Right then 12 strokes girl.

I expected to be taken down and placed on a bench for this but he had other plans.
I was to be caned on my bonds.

He laid the cane on me and rubbed with a sawing action before lifting and landing it right in the centre on my butt with force.
The pain went through my butt, veering through my crotch and clamps and right around every wrap of my breasts and nipples.
I roared through my gag.
The next landed above the first again with the same pain.
He landed 3 more in quick succession and paused. I lay there limp.
He rubbed my buttocks and I could find the heat and weal’s rising.
Then he said the next set of 5.
The next 4 landed each below the next all with the pain as before. The last 2 landed high on my upper thighs.
3 more to go.
He landed 1 high on my buttocks just below my tail bone.
That one really stung and had me stretching out again to no avail.

Right then girl, last 2, are you ready.
I nodded again as I was too week to resist.
He stood at an angle and cut diagonally across my butt and re-activated all the other strokes again.
Then he moved to the other side and repeated the dose in the other direction.
So now I has 10 stripes and an X across my buttocks.
The weights were removed from the net and the net was removed.
I was lowered to my feet and crotch rope removed.
He then removed the clamps from my lips which really hurt more than the clamping in the first place.
Then he wiped my eyes and removed my gag and told my to keep quiet while he removed the rest of my bonds.
The nipple clamps were next removed and the blood flow really burned again and had my feet dancing as much as the ropes would let them.
He then removed the breast bondage and as each wrap of the ropes were removed the fire began to burn.
Before he let me down he bought a bucked of ice, got a fist of it and placed it against my crotch, pushing a few lumps inside.
I squeezed my legs as best I could with mixed emotions of pain, cold and stinging sensations and instantly came.
He ran a lukewarm bath for me, released me and led me to the bath.

I stayed there until the water went cold thinking of the pain and pleasure of my ordeal.

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