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The Belt

The Belt

BabyGrrl and Daddy were going on a day trip. Daddy wanted to see the lakeshore. So they packed a picnic lunch, loaded up the Harley and set out riding east along Lake Ontario.

BabyGrrl had been very stressed lately and although she was trying to leave her stressors behind she was having trouble clearing her mind. Once something gets in there it is hard to get it to stop bugging her. She kept pulling her mind back to the moment to enjoy the wind in her face and the sunshine on her shoulders and the beautiful scenery, but every now and again she was caught up in a problem solving mode.

Her mind got stuck on a problem and she was going over and over it in her mind trying to work it out. How was she going to make it OK? What did she need to do? Did she need to bring in outside resources? She was so caught up that she didn’t notice that Daddy had slowed down and was about to stop.

Daddy eased the bike off the highway into a small picnic area overlooking the lake. It almost looked like it was someones yard. It was very secluded and quiet for being right off the road.

Daddy was very happy with the area. It was so beautiful and they could enjoy a leisurely lunch together without a bunch of people being around.

They talked and ate and laughed and really enjoyed being with each other. After lunch they lay on their picnic blanket and watched the water and the sky for a long time. Then Daddy announced that they should probably think about heading home. They got up and BabyGrrl packed up all their stuff. Daddy loaded up the bike for the trip home.

When the bike was loaded Daddy wrapped his arms around BabyGrrl and kissed her deeply. Her hips instinctively pressed into his, as her arms wrapped around his neck to hold him close to her.

With his hands on her hips, Daddy looked deeply into BabyGrrl’s eyes. She loved to look at him. His eyes changed colors depending on his mood. Right now they were bright blue. That meant he was happy and also aroused.

“BabyGrrl, Daddy wants you so badly right now. But first we need to take care of something. I was watching you on the ride here and you were a million miles away. All the beautiful scenery was passing you by and you didn’t even notice because you were thinking of something else. I think you need something to help you stay in the here and now for the ride home.” “Please Daddy, no. I will keep my mind off of work on the ride home.” “I know you will, because I am going to help you do that.”

Daddy took BabyGrrl’s trembling hands in his and gently led her to the large boulders lining the shore. He positioned her so the water was on her right and the picnic area was on her left. He kissed her hands and gently brushed the hair out of her eyes. She was ready to cry, which confirmed to Daddy that she needed this release, even though she couldn’t ask for it.

“Give Daddy your belt so I can spank you with it, BabyGrrl,” he said. His voice was so soft and gentle. She could feel her wetness growing and she just wanted him to make love to her. But she knew that would come later, when they were home and could take their time. “BabyGrrl? Daddy told you to do something.” Her hands moved to her waist and unbuckled her belt. She slipped it through the loops, slowly, hoping to delay the inevitable. Folding it in half she handed it to Daddy.

Daddy looked deep into the eyes of the woman before him. Her eyes were filled with love, desire, and fear. He could see the little girl in her. The one who needs him so much that it scares her. Her ability to be so scared of her need and still feel it and share it with him was a gift that he prayed he would never take for granted.

Daddy placed BabyGrrl’s hands on the boulder in front of her, bending her over at the same time. Then he reached in front of her and unbuttoned her jeans and lowered them to her knees. She was wearing a thong but he took it down anyway. It would help her to give in to him to know she had no barriers to Daddy. He ran his hand over her bottom and felt her body trembling. It was almost imperceptible. Only knowing her so well allowed him to feel it too.

He knew she needed this on many levels. And he loved her for being willing to take this from him. He raised his hand and came down with a light swat on her left cheek. His hand raised and came down on her again and again. The swats became harder and her bottom became more pink. When her bottom was nice and warm and glowing Daddy told her she would receive fifteen swats with her own belt. Daddy felt that using her own belt on her bottom helped her feel more aware of what was happening. Everytime she wore the belt it was a reminder of her spankings.

Daddy raised the belt and told BabyGrrl to count the strokes. He took special care to make sure he did not miss her sit-spot. He wanted her to feel this all the way home as his Harley rumbled beneath her. BabyGrrl counted as each stroke fell on her bottom. She was feeling them very strongly. By the time the last stroke fell she was crying in earnest and slumped over the boulder. “Good grrl. Shh, it’s over, you took your spanking very well. Daddy is very happy. You are such a good grrl.”

Daddy hands were rubbing the soreness out of her bottom. The heat was emmanating from between her legs and he could smell her aroma. He dipped his fingers into the soft flesh between her thighs to find that she was dripping wet and her lips were greedily trying to suck his fingers inside of her. Gently he ran his fingers over her swollen sex. Touching her button lightly, rubbing slow small light circles on it. BabyGrrl was panting and moaning. She needed to feel him inside of her. Her wish was granted when she felt his fingers enter her dripping sex. His thumb was on her button. He was moving maddeningly slowly. She felt her body start to shake and knew she was going to cum. “Please, Daddy. I need to cum, Daddy.” “Yes, BabyGrrl. Give Daddy all that tension, all that stress. Let it out. Cum for Daddy.” Her body convulsed as he gave her permission to release. She was crying and shaking and Daddy was holding her tightly. “Such a good grrl. You make Daddy so happy.”

Daddy held her as she started to come back down from her experience. When she was calmed again Daddy whispered to her, “Do not move. I will be right back. Stay here and leave your pants down until I get back. Do you understand?” “Yes, Daddy.”

When Daddy returned he placed some lube on her bottom hole. He pressed his finger inside of her to lube the inside as well. Then another finger was added. Pressing in and out making sure she was well lubed. Her back was arching to meet him. Daddy leaned into her ear and whispered, “For the ride home, you are going to wear the new butt plug I bought for you. It is stainless steel and I have kept it in the cooler since we got here, so it is nice and cold for this hot bottom of yours.” He placed the tip of the plug against her hole and pressed it into her. It was so cold he had to remind her to breathe. Once it was in place, Daddy pulled her pants back on and buttoned her jeans. He handed her back her belt and watched as her trembling fingers ran it through the loops.

He led her back to the bike and they rode home. She was very aware of everything around (and in) her and her mind didn’t get caught up with anything else for the whole trip home. When they got home, he took her up to bed. The plug, long since warmed, was removed and replaced by Daddy’s cock. They made love all night, finally falling asleep at dawn as the sun was adding a beautiful pink glow to the sky that just about matched the pink still on her bottom.

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