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American Mom – Part 1

Chapter 1 - Steve Francine was worried about her son. He didn’t seem to be developing into a normal teen, and in fact, was starting to act a little effeminate lately. She had talked to Stan, but even he couldn’t…

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American Mom – Part 2

Chapter 5 – The Transformation Continues By day 6 Steve was elated with his new body. All his mom’s old clothes now fit him snugly, and the blonde wig made him almost look like a young Francine. He had abandoned…

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American Mom – Part 3

    Chapter 8 - Phase 4 When Steve came down for breakfast, she greeted him with a hearty “Good morning Stephanie!” He was pleased until she turned around. She was dressed as a man! “You can call me Frank.”…

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American Mom – Part 4

  Chapter 10 –Returning Home The next morning, Francine packed the car and looked at Stephanie, she still had traces of cum all over her. But just to be wicked, she emptied the 2 cocks all over her, especially on…

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