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American Mom – Part 1

Chapter 1 – Steve

Francine was worried about her son. He didn’t seem to be developing into a normal teen, and in fact, was starting to act a little effeminate lately. She had talked to Stan, but even he couldn’t get Steve interested in manly things like sports. So she decided to spend the summer with Steve alone, to see if she could get to the root of the problem. Stan agreed, and took Haley away for the summer to Europe.

Once they were alone, Francine hung out constantly with Steve, since he didn’t seem to have any friends except Snot. She wondered if Steve was getting too close to Snot. She knew Snot wasn’t gay. In fact he was the typical teenager, always horny.  She could see him staring at her, and noticed a nice bulge in his pants. She had to admit that it was partially her fault, as she usually wore skimpy shorts and a t-shirt around the house. And like any other older women, she secretly enjoyed the attention.

But she had never seen Steve with an erection, in spite of Haley walking around the house naked. Haley was her daughter, and definitely had inherited her curves and perky breasts. Sometimes Haley even got her aroused, and she had to go and fuck Stan to cool the heat. If Steve wasn’t aroused by that, maybe he was indeed gay.

So she started doing some secret surveillance, and installed a hidden cam in his room. To her surprise, he never seemed to masturbate. According to his laptop history, he didn’t seem to frequent porn sites. But he did do some weird things, like rolling up his shorts and looking at his ass in the mirror while rubbing his bare nipples. Suddenly an idea popped into her head, and she decided to explore it.

She slipped a sedative into his nightly coco, and waited for it to take effect.  She quietly slipped into the bedroom and pulled back the covers. She gasped in shock when she saw his tiny penis. Poor boy, no wonder she never saw his hard-on! But just to be sure, she massaged his penis gently until it was erect. She sighed, barely 3 inches erect, about the size of a Vienna sausage. Feeling sorry for him, she decided he would have at least ONE orgasm from a woman! She continued jerking his tiny little sausage until it exploded, spattering her face. Wow! He must not have cum in days!  She quietly licked him clean so there was no trace left, and crept out of the room, feeling a little naughty.


Chapter 2 – Phase 1

Her next step was to explore his possible secret desire. She had seen the rolled up shorts incident, so she guessed he might want to be a girl. So she searched through the attic until she had found her old clothes from her early years. She was quite a slut in her teens, so had lots of sexy outfits. Micro shorts, tight thin tops, thigh stockings, schoolgirl outfit, and her old cheerleader uniform. She also selected a few tiny little panties, some high heels, a blonde wig, and finally a bra with built in breasts from before she had developed. She had taken some measurements, and figured he was about her teenage size, except without the curves.  And finally a complete makeup kit for young girls, with instructions.

She packed them all in a box, slyly letting one of the pink panties stick out the corner. “Steve, honey, can you do me a favor and take this box to the curb for trash day?” “Sure mom, no problem!”  Steve said. She watched as he carried the box to the curb, and saw him peek inside. He nervously glanced around, and set box next to the trash can to her disappointment. But she was elated when the box disappeared later that evening. A quick check on the hidden camera footage showed him stashing the box in his closet…

Francine monitored the camera footage for the next few days, and found out Steve would immediately run to the box in the closet any time she left the house for a few hours. The clothes fit, but she saw that his thin body didn’t quite fill out the clothes in the right places, except maybe when he wore the boob bra.  As he became bolder and started wearing the makeup and wig, she decided it was time.


Chapter 3 – The Setup

She told him she needed to some chores, and would be back in a few hours. She couldn’t help but notice the excited look on his face…

So she went to the car and parked around the block, using the cell phone to monitor him. He started to put on the makeup immediately, and as soon as he started to try on the micro shorts, she made a call to Snot. Using Stan’s voice synthesizer app, she set it to ‘Steve’, and said “Hey Snot, come over quick, I have something to show you!” Snot asked what, but she said never mind. “My mom’s away so don’t bother to knock, just come straight to my room.“  <click>

She then quickly sneaked back into the house, and watched the video from her room. As directed, Snot went straight to his room without knocking, and opened the door. He stared in shock as Steve turned red as a beet! “Oh wow Steve, you look hot!” Steve was speechless as Snot continued to stare. “Can I touch them Steve?” Steve could do nothing but nod OK, since they were fake breasts any way.  As Snot became aroused, he tried to kiss Steve as he struggled.

Francine thought this was the time to act, as Snot had Steve pinned against the wall. She burst into the room and screamed “What’s going on here?” It was Snot’s turn to be embarrassed, as he was caught in the act of trying to kiss Steve. “Snot, what are you doing to my son?” she yelled.  Steve started to protest, but she waved him off and confronted Snot. He whimpered and begged her to not tell his parents. She hesitated and said “OK this time, but if I catch you trying to molest my son, again, you’re going to jail!” Snot started thanking her profusely as he left, so she added, “Oh, and by the way, Steve is grounded for the rest of the summer, and you are to have NO contact with him, now leave!” Snot skulked out of the room, embarrassed and confused, but glad for the mercy.

After Snot left she quietly looked him over and asked him what was going on, was he gay? Steve said “I’m sorry mom, I’m not sure. Once I started wearing your old clothes, I got horny, and don’t know why.” She sat him on the bed, and comforted him. “OK son, if you think you want to be a girl, I’ll help. You are grounded for 2 months, and not allowed to leave the house. You can wear the clothes any time you want, and we’ll start you on exercises to firm up that scrawny little body.” Steve seemed relieved, so she spent the rest of the afternoon showed him how to apply the makeup and paint his nails. By evening he was pretty skilled, and proudly wore his new wig to dinner.


Chapter 4 – Phase 2

She started Steve on the exercises to improve his ass and thighs, as well as toning his waist and chest. But she was impatient, and started looking into Stan’s supplies. He had once told her that they had a hormone that would slim a man down and give him breasts for undercover work. She read the report and found out it took about a week of injections to complete the transformation. After the injections stopped, things would return to normal after about a couple weeks. It had a side effect of shrinking the genitals, and made the man temporarily unable to get an erection. But she shrugged and decided it was worth a try since Steve was so small anyway. She found about 15 vials, so there was enough. So she once again slipped him a sedative, and gave him the first shot that night.

The next day Steve woke up feeling strange. Francine told him that they were going to double the workouts since he was not showing improvement. He agreed, and seemed to have much more energy, so a four hour workout was easy.  By day 3 he was showing improvement as his body started to fill out in the right places. The clothes now fit him better, especially the micro shorts.  He looked in the mirror and saw his ass was now well rounded and tight. He wore them to dinner, along with one of the tight thin tops that showed off his now perky B nipples. Francine smiled and gave him compliments, he beamed with pride. He hadn’t noticed that his voice was now higher and sexier until now.


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