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Short Cum Story

This is a short story but totally true.

It was a Saturday evening and my neighbors had been round for a Chinese takeaway and a few drinks, nothing heavy. They also brought their daughter who I hadn’t met before, she was just back from university somewhere in the North of England.

To look at the parents, who pleasant as they were, you would never have believed that such a gorgeous sexy creature could be theirs. Anyway, as the evening progressed, a good time was had by all, especially Chantelle, their daughter. She was consuming white wine like it was going out of fashion. So at the end of the evening, the parents tried to lift her off the sofa but she was too pissed and heavy to move so I suggested she could lay there until the morning. They agreed and headed off.

I went to get some water for her and when I returned from the kitchen, she had disappeared. I found her laid on my bed but upside down, feet on the pillows. She was under the covers and sound asleep. I should say at this point that my wife was staying at our son’s, babysitting for the weekend.

Not really thinking of anything in particular, I undressed to my boxer shorts and slid in bed. I turned the bedside light out and my hand accidentally touched her extremely smooth legs. Somehow she had taken her jeans off. There was no reaction so I gently rubbed my hand up and down her leg, slowly going higher. I soon discovered that she had no underwear on as my finger met her moist but shaven pussy. By now she was slightly stirring but offered no rejection when I rubbed around her pussy lips. My cock was now solid and found its way out of my shorts. She was making some very horny sounds as I gently eased a finger inside her. She seemed to be in that in between stage of sleep and awake. She moaned “More” as I began to finger fuck her. She was now soaking my bed with her juices and I began to wank my cock. She slurred the word “cock” and at this point I sat up and pulled her back towards me. I lined her cunt up with my cock head and pulled her back onto it. She was tighter than I thought but being so wet, my cock slipped all the way in.

I am blessed with a nice specimen of a penis, extremely thick, uncut with a huge foreskin and about 8 inches in length. Chantelle took it all with ease and I started to gently thrust inside her. She orgasmed within seconds and began screaming with pleasure. I asked her to be quiet as her parents lived right next door! She woke more and began to fuck herself on my cock, really slamming back against my erection. She squeezed her pussy muscles and I soon began to feel my sperm rising. She came with a hell of a shudder, her body tensed with immense pressure and at that point I squirted my salty spunk so deep inside her pussy. She felt it and fucked and milked me dry. I left my cock inside her as she muttered, “Fuck, I needed that,” and then she fell straight to sleep.

I eased my slimy penis out of her grip and fell into a warm contented sleep.

I woke about 10 of clock the next morning to find her sucking me off. Hell, she knew what to do. Her head was bobbing up and down as she took me into her throat. She obviously loved me being uncut, as she had the knack of sucking my foreskin over the end of my swollen helmet, nibbling it and almost chewing it, then pushing it back over and all the way down my shaft time after time; the feeling was intense. I wanted to play with her clitty but she nodded no as she was quite happy doing that to herself. She occasionally let my cock out and sucked my aching balls. I lost count as to how many times she cum, but after about 10 minutes, I couldn’t hold back and fired jet after jet of sticky spunk down her throat. She never stopped sucking until I was dry. Amazing! We laid there for a while dozing, but in the end we got up, showered, I made her coffee and within the hour she went back home.

Unfortunately, I haven’t seen her since but I’m hoping she will be back for the summer holidays.
Oh yes, and I did wash the bed clothes before my wife returned!

I adore sex. Personally, I love tantric, erotic and lingam massage. My marital sex life is non existent now so I am always looking for new and exciting ways to ejaculate.

Writing these stories always invokes a stream of clear sweet pre-cum and when I read the stories back, I always have an intense and copious orgasm.

I would always like to chat with other authors and maybe meet to share ideas and more...

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