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The Encounter

“Court 4, 3:30”.
The two men walked off in their shorts towards the squash section, flexing every muscle in their bodies, hoping every female in the place would notice.
The country club was a good place to meet people, as well as having excellent gym facilities.
It was just another day for Claire, the same old faces, in the same old place, doing the same old thing.
“I wish I was on a beach, soaking up some sun” she thought to her self, hoping that the dream would come true, and actually be in an exotic, far away land, but the reality was starting to bite.
Every day had been the same since the year dot!
The only people that came in were members; there hadn’t been any new customers for quite a while.
The only thing worth being there for was the attention that the guys at work gave her.
She was the ‘Babe of the company’, always up for a bit of a laugh, her boyfriend was out of town for a month, so the frustration was starting to show.
“Hi, what are you doing on the weekend”?
The voice came from a well-built man in his early thirties, looking a bit nervous; it had taken him quite a long time to pluck up the courage to talk to her, for he to was a little insecure.
“Mmmm, not sure yet” she said, not quite sure of his intentions.
“How about going out somewhere”, he said, “for a drink perhaps”.
Was this just a wind up?
How could he be hitting on me?
The Reception area seemed to go silent for a moment, everything just stopped, as it began to sink in that the guy actually liked her.
The silence was broken, when the guys in the back office started to snigger.
After making up an excuse, she walked into the office out of embarrassment.
“Can’t blame him sweetheart” said David, “What do expect? We would all love to shag you as well”.
David was a bit of a Jack the lad, who was always trying to get into her knickers.
“Come and sit on my lap, and we will talk about the first thing that arises”.
He was the first to notice her stocking tops through the small split in the back of her skirt, and eagerly publicized it amongst all the other guys in the office.
They were all pretty good fun, except when they told her of her imperfections, like the way the back of her skirt was creased from where she sat down, and the red patch on her left calf muscle, from where she had crossed her legs.
Still, nothing seemed to matter, there was only one thing on her mind.
Paul, the guy from the chat room, at stocking
He was passing through town tonight, and she had agreed to meet him for a drink.
Her boyfriend wouldn’t like the fact that she was going to meet him, but then it was only a drink, and a chat.
“Hi Hun, still on for tonight”?
“Of course” she said.
“Ok, you haven’t bottled out yet then,” said the voice on the other end of the phone.
Michelle was her best friend; she was going with her, just to make sure he wasn’t a weirdo.
It went busy for a while, and then she noticed the time.
“Shit, its 5:10, I’m supposed to meet him at 8:00.
Excitedly she rushed home to change.
After a soak in the bath, she sat naked, at the dressing table in the bedroom.
First things first.
Perfume, and undies.
The hint of musk by Impulse began to fill her nose as she sprayed it.
Then the new black undies she had bought, especially for the occasion.
Black, lacey, thong, with matching bra and suspender belt.
She gently bit the wrapper of her new nearly black fully-fashioned stockings, and rolled them up her soft, freshly shaven legs.
After putting on her favorite black wrap around skirt, a white blouse, and a pair of black 3” heel sandals, she had one final check of the hair, and she was ready.
Transferring the contents of her handbag into a more suitable one, she heard the car horn that signified the taxi was here.
She met up with Michelle, and went on to ‘Yates’ wine bar.
Paul was already there, he got some drinks, and they all sat at a table.
After a while, Michelle decided that it was safe to leave her alone with him, made her excuses, and left.
“Are you wearing stockings now”.
“Of course I am” she replied, knowing full well that he was starting to drool.
She felt so powerful and sexy; this good-looking man was completely in her control.
They flirted for a bit, joking about the other people on the site, and how some of them seemed to be a bit strange.
It was then that she realized that she was actually quite attracted to him.
He said all the right things to her, showering her with complements, and really taking an interest in what she was, as well as how she looked.
After a meal, and a few more drinks, the evening came to a close, and he took her home.
“Thanks for tonight, it’s been really nice to meet you after all this time” he said.
She then did the dutiful thing and invited him in for a coffee.


After making the coffee, they went into the living room and sat down.
The conversation reverted back to stockings, and he then asked if he could see her tops.
“I promise I wont touch,” he said.
Enjoying the attention, she duly agreed and parted her wrap around skirt, letting it fall either side of her crossed legs.
She uncrossed her legs, and parted them slightly.
He could now see what he had come for, her stocking clad legs, heels, suspender straps, and a bit of her knickers.
“Wow, you are even more gorgeous in real life”.
“You are making me quite hard you know”.
Having this sexy man drooling over her, was a real thrill, I wonder how far I can tease him she wondered.
“More coffee?” she said in her most sexy voice.
“OK”, he was under her spell, and would have agreed with just about anything.
She was getting really turned on, having such a sexy man giving her all this attention; she got up and wiggled her bum as best she could as she walked into the kitchen.
Waiting for the kettle to boil, he stood close to her as he could, just about touching her, he could smell the sweet smell of her perfume.
“Excuse me while I adjust myself”, said Paul, discreetly prodding his trousers.
This drew her attention towards his manhood, and started her thinking all sorts of sexy thoughts.
His advances proved to be just too much for Claire, he held her by the elbow and went to kiss her, and she did nothing to avoid it.
His kiss was gentle, and sweet, it made her shake all over, she kissed him back, but this time it lasted longer.
With their mouths, open and locked on to each other, Paul gently ran his tongue around the inside of her lips, tasting her sweetness.
After just a few seconds, they were holding each other tightly, passionately exploring each other with their tongues.
“Oh” this felt so good, the touch she had longed for, for weeks.
They held each other tight, rubbing each other all over.
Pressing his body against hers, he was crushing her boobs with his chest.
As his tongue searched deeper inside her sweet tasting mouth, she could feel his manhood growing, and throbbing against her belly.
Lowering his hands around her bum, he lifted her up, and sat her on the kitchen table, and unbuttoned her white silky blouse.
Slipping his hands inside, he cupped her boobs, using his thumbs to rub her erect nipples through the lacy material of her bra.
Licking each other’s faces, he parted her skirt again, he ran his warm hands up her thighs, and over her suspender straps, and she wrapped her legs around him as he moved his hips closer to hers.
Pushing her backwards, he began to lick and kiss her neck; he worked his way lower and lower until he had his face buried between her boobs.
Then it was her navels turn for some attention.
He pulled down the top of her skirt and suspender belt with one tug, and licked her belly.
His other hand was on her crotch, firmly rubbing the wet fabric of her knickers, slipping a finger inside of them; he could feel the sparse hairs that decorated the goal that he wanted to score in so badly.
“No, we can’t do this”, she said quietly, half hoping he wouldn’t hear her.
But it was to late to turn back now, she was so aroused, He rubbed her swollen clit for a moment, then ran two fingers down, and pushed them into her tight wet hole.
Jolts of pleasure shot though her body making her quiver, she knew then that she had to have him.
“Where is your bedroom?” asked Paul, “That way” she nodded towards the hallway.
He picked her up and carried her to her bedroom.
Putting her down on her feet next to the bed, he took off his shirt, and undid his trousers.
Kissing his chest all the way down, she lowered herself until she was on her knees.
His Penis was now rock hard, it was the biggest one she had ever seen; there was no way it would fit in her comparatively small and fragile frame.
She held it with her right hand and rubbed his bum with her other, rubbing his shaft slowly; she could see the juices, dribbling from the end.
“Oh god” he said as he ran his hands over her head, he could feel her hot breath on the end of his penis.
Pulling her head closer, her lips touched the tip; she opened her mouth as wide as she could, and her silky red lips slipped over him.
Paul looked down, running his hands through her blonde hair, he could see his huge beautiful cock, slowly disappearing, inch by inch into this gorgeous young woman’s face.
“Mmmpphh”, He tasted terrific, she had read an article in some magazine about how diet affected the way a man tastes, he must eat a lot of fruit, she thought to herself, that would also explain his fine glowing body.
Letting her do the driving, she sucked as hard as she could, sliding her lips down his cock until it hit the back of her mouth,
It was to big for her, she had no choice but to drag her teeth over him as she sucked his mammoth cock in and out of her mouth.
She sucked hard on his end, rubbing the shaft with her right hand, her left one gently squeezing his scrotum, dragging her nails softly over them.
Paul had such a fine cock, huge and rock hard, she wondered what it would be like to have something that big inside her.
She took her lover by the hand and sat on the edge of the bed, he pushed her backwards and spread her skirt.
Without delay, he pulled her knickers to one side, reveling the sacred part of her she had always saved for her boyfriend.
He knelt down and pushed her legs apart, licking her all over the tops of her legs and crotch, he then rubbed her clit with his thumb, before plunging his tongue into her welcoming vagina.
After a short while, his tongue replaced his thumb, licking her clit as hard as he could, he slipped two fingers inside her, and immediately started to stroke her G spot.
Wriggling in ecstasy, she pushed her self up to his face and pulled down on the back of his head, she tried to wrap her legs around his head, but he stood up quick leaving her wide open.
He then rubbed his tool over her clit, teasing her as he did.
He pulled her lips apart with his fingers, and held the end of his cock against her sweet opening.
The feeling of being held open left her feeling empty, as if something was missing; she needed to be filled, to get that closeness back again.
“Give it to me” she said breathing fast and heavily.
“I want it, give it to me now”.
The anticipation was frustrating her, and making her plead, She had his throbbing cock so close, but so far to her waiting vagina.
Paul was shaking with lust, rubbing his cock over her opening, and mixing his lubricating juices with hers.
“Oh god, Oh fuck”. He eased his end into her, stretching her vagina like it had never been before.
Her tight hole gripped him, holding him by the end of his cock.
Pinning her to the bed by her wrists, she wrapped her legs around him.
“Slowly” she said,” be gentle with me”, a bit worried of his size, she though it might hurt her.
Ignoring her plea, he pushed it into her with one almighty thrust.
“Arrrggghhh”, it felt like her insides had just suddenly been ripped apart, by his huge manhood.
He then started to fuck her at a slow but rhythmic pace.
“Oh God” said Paul, “You feel so good.”
“I’ve wanted to fuck you for so long”, he said as he drove his cock in and out of her, “I’ve always wanted to have you, ever since we first spoke in the chat room”.
The feeling was incredible, with each inward thrust, she could not only feel his cock rubbing her G spot, and she could actually feel his penis opening up her tunnel, ripping her apart.
Paul increased his speed, gradually, until he was fucking her as hard, and as fast as he could.
She was unsure whether it was pleasure or pain that she could feel, but her body was paralyzed, she couldn’t of moved if she had wanted to, her body was just rigid and numb with the passion.
She could feel her insides churning with lust, with each thrust, his balls slapped against her bum, reminding her of what she was about to receive.
Knowing this, and the fact that he was thrusting into her, reaching places no one had before, was driving her crazy.
Slamming into her hard with every thrust, his pubic bone hit her clit, making her whole crotch throb with pleasure.
It didn’t take long for her to build up to an orgasm, all around her vagina was tingling with delight, and she swallowed hard as her insides churned.
Stomach going numb, she wrapped her legs around him tightly,
Being pinned down as she was, she couldn’t move anything else, she could only wriggle around, trying to force her hips up.
Her body started to shake violently.
“Oh fuck, oh fuck, ohhhh”,
Throwing her head around, her body stiffened, she bit Paul’s shoulder as hard as she could.
She then closed her eyes tight, as thunder bolts shot through her shaking body.
Her orgasm seemed to last for ever, the sensation seemed to be renewed with each thrust that Paul drove into her.
He had given her the most earth shattering experience of her life.
Seeing her in so much pleasure, made Paul feel good, he then concentrated on pleasing himself.
He released her wrists, so that she could put her arms around him, holding each other tightly, she ran her nails down his body, from his shoulders to the small of his back, then down to his bum.
This and kissing his neck was driving Paul wild.
A few moments later, he stopped, and forced himself as deep inside her as he could, and with a loud grunt, shot wad after wad of thick creamy cum deep inside her tingling body.
They lay there for a moment holding and kissing each other.
Then Paul started to slowly make love to her again, forcing his cum deeper into her with his semi erect cock, by this time, some of his cum, had leaked out, and was dribbling down Claire’s bum, and forming a small pool on the inside of her skirt.
This went on for a few minutes, and then Paul pulled out of her.
His sperm oozing from her, she wiped it up as quickly as she could.
Taking off her shoes, skirt, and blouse they got into bed.
Paul lay back and relaxed, and Claire cuddled up to him kissing his chest,
She put her arm over him and rubbed his further most arm, while rubbing her stocking clad leg over his.
With each gentle stroke, her thigh touched his cock, and before long, it was started to get hard again.
Claire rubbed his manhood and kissed him passionately before throwing back the duvet and sliding on top of him.
Paul slid his hands down her body, pulling her knickers down as he did.
After fumbling around with them a bit, she managed to get them off, and threw them on the floor.
Paul was now very hard again, and his cock stood up between her legs.
Sliding back over him she grabbed it and guided it into her vagina again.
Lowering her self onto him, Paul slipped her bra straps from her shoulders, and peeled her bra down exposing her firm 36B’s.
She leant forwards over him, and started to slide up and down his shaft, groaning with pleasure with each smooth and slow stroke.
Paul cupped her boobs with his hands and kissed them.
Claire likes to go on top, as she can lean back and get extra pressure on her G spot, but she didn’t need to do that with Paul.
His cock was so big that is stretched her anyway.
After a short while, she could feel another orgasm building up inside her.
Paul pushed upwards, and pulled her down by the hips, he could feel her warm insides throbbing around his thick cock.
Getting even more penetration this time, Claire sat on his manhood bolt upright, she could feel him inside her even deeper.
She looked down, and could imagine his cock was inside her about as far up as her belly button.
Paul meanwhile rubbed his hands over her hips and legs, feeling the nylon of her fully-fashioned stockings.
Sliding back and forth, she could feel his fingers gently touching her behind her suspender straps.
Pressing against his chest with her hands, digging her nails in, she closed her eyes once more, gritted her teeth, and threw her head back as another orgasm hit her like a ton of bricks.
Claire rolled off of Paul, and lay on her back, next to him, completely exhausted.
Paul on the other hand still had a hard on, that needed to be dealt with.
Not being able to take any more, she rolled over onto her side.
Paul took a pillow, placed it under her belly, and rolled her onto it.
Kneeling behind her, he pulled her legs apart and rubbed her bum.
The view off this fine young woman, in a compromising position, together with the seams of her ff stockings was turning him on like mad, he rubbed the glistening tip of his cock up and down her crotch, before pushing it into her again.
“Ohhhh, I can’t” said Claire, completely exhausted from their earlier activities.
But Paul wasn’t having any of it, leaning forward over her; he continued to fuck her again.
He then pulled out of her and poked her arse with his cock.
“No, not up there”, mumbled Claire.
Mad with desire, Paul didn’t listen; He pulled her cheeks apart, and slid his well-lubricated shaft into her bum.
“Owwww, that hurts”, howled Claire, “I will be gentle,” promised Paul.
He then slowly slid his cock in and out of her savoring every delicious moment as he invaded her.
He slid in and out of her so easily, even though she was so tight, the clamping on his cock felt so nice, and it wasn’t long before he could feel his cum rising.
His cock twitched, and with a grunt, fired a shot of his seed into her bum as he tried in vain to pull out.
His body froze rigid, and continued to cum inside her, shooting jet after jet of hot sperm deep inside her.
Paul collapsed on top of her, holding her arms.
When he got his breath back, he rolled off of her.
Claire too knackered to even reach for the toilet roll just turned to face him and cuddled him.
With cum dribbling out of her, they both fell asleep in an exhausted mess.


The morning sunlight shone in Claire’s eyes, waking her up.
She slipped on her dressing gown and went down to the kitchen to make some tea.
Taking one cup up to Paul, she gave him a kiss, and went back down to make breakfast.
Paul came down soon after smelling the bacon; he then cuddled her from behind, and kissed her head through the bob of blonde hair.
Turning to kiss him, they then sat and ate breakfast.
Not a lot was said, as they both knew that he must now go.
After promising to stay in touch by e-mail, they shared one last kiss and a hug, before he got in his car and left.
Claire went into the living room where it had all started, and sat down.
Her thoughts turned to Paul.
Would she ever see him again?
She then thought about the fact she might be pregnant, after all she had to come off the pill a few months ago, and had been using condoms ever since.
The heat of the moment had made her forget all about contraception.
It’s funny how these things don’t seem to matter at the time.
She curled up of the sofa and rubbed her tummy, thinking about Paul’s sperm that was still inside her.
Maybe, it was destiny.
Maybe in was just nature’s way.

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