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The She-Male Chronicles Part 1

Miss K sat near her bedroom window in her pink silk robe, staring off into the late morning skyline in the distance while she held a cup of hot chocolate in one hand and ran the other through her waist length bleached blonde permed hair. The indirect sunlight lent the dark chocolate skin on her silicon enhanced cleavage a glow, and the long shaft of her surgically enhanced reminder of her birth sex laid lazily across her crossed thighs, barely obscured by the length of the robe. Looking downtown from the perch of her Manhattan penthouse apartment, she tried to block out the absence of what she saw and enjoyed the greatest gift she ever gave to herself: her body. It cost a lot of money, and a good deal of pain at first, but in the long run, making her body into a caricature of a shemale porn goddess seemed to be worth all the fun. Between all the curious and lusting women looking at what she endowed herself with and all those sexual frustrated men looking at her body and lusting for what they couldn’t have, it gave her an unmatched rush. As she shifted in her chair and felt her nipples rub against the silk, Miss K couldn’t help but shiver, remembering the way her body feels against another warm, curvy, soft woman. vbcrlfvbcrlf”Miss K?” vbcrlfvbcrlf”Yeah.” vbcrlfvbcrlf”Do you need to be serviced?” vbcrlfvbcrlfNever turning from the window, Miss K replied to her maid, “Sure. Come here. And kneel facing the window. I want to play with your ass a bit.” vbcrlfvbcrlfWhile Miss K finished up her cup of hot chocolate and placed it at one side of her chair, her maid Deb kneeled down at the other side of her chair, pulling open her boss’ robe open and caressing her thighs with her long flaming red hair as Miss K uncrossed and slightly spread her thighs. Deb then took Miss K’s shaft in her porcelain white hand and slipped the huge mushroom head between her red lips, sticking her ass up in the air in the process. Miss K cooed softly at the familiar feel of her maid’s lips while she reached under her robe to cup one of her huge mammaries, her thumb toying with the nipple. vbcrlfvbcrlfAs her thick shaft began to get hard, and those red lips squeezed harder around her cock, making Miss K shake and scream with lust. Miss K idly reached down to her maid’s ass and lifted up her skirt, happy that she didn’t bother to put on any panties. With the throbbing head of her cock being toyed with by Deb’s tongue and making her squirm, she decided to repay the favor and play with her maid, teasing her asshole with her fingernails and making her squirm. Concentrating her gaze at the color contrast between her dark cock and the almost pure white of her maid’s skin, Miss K pulled aside her robe to reveal one of her DDD cup breasts and hefted it up to her lips with her free hand, snaking her tongue around her areola and bucking her hips in pleasure. Her other hand slipped down between her maid’s labia, lightly scratching the insides of them with one of her nails and making Deb moan around the hard cock in her mouth. vbcrlfvbcrlfGazing down in her maid’s crystal blue eyes, Miss K gripped her hair, pulled her head a bit sideways and pushed her hips up into her mouth, sliding some of that thick, smooth shaft into her throat. She played her nails on the outer lips, making her maid moan louder around her and putting a nice vibration on her tip. She started pumping more and more of her thick, hard dick into Deb’s throat with each stroke, letting those soft lips pull the cum out of her, matching the timing of her thrusts with the caressing of her fingers on Deb’s pussy. When she felt her maid’s soft lips pressed to her smooth skin at the base of her dick, she let go of her maid’s hair, letting her expert mouth and throat milk her cock slowly and that long tongue caress her cock. Miss K licked her lips, purring in lust while she let one hand roam her smooth, curvy, firm body, playing all over her soft skin. Meanwhile, she rubbed her thumb against her maid’s asshole, rubbing it in slow circle while her fingers kept stroking her vulva, moving tantalizingly close to her clit. vbcrlfvbcrlfMiss K slid her ass forward a bit in her chair, then pulled her robe open and off her shoulders, exposing her naked body to her maid’s gaze. While her maid carefully did her best to throat her cock, and the gloss of Deb’s spit made her cock look white with the reflected light, Miss K bit her lip, quieting her moans. Purring as she idly tweaked one of her nipples, she ran her fingernails up and down her maid’s uniform, making her squirm and moan loudly. vbcrlfvbcrlf”Yeah…do more of that for me,” Miss K said, humping her cock up into Deb’s moan in response to the moaning. “Do that while you suck on my cock harder.” vbcrlfvbcrlfAs she squeezed one of her breasts between her fingers, she turned her free hand sideways and stuck her middle and ring fingers into her maid’s pussy, jumping at the harder suck she just felt. While she slid her fingers against each other inside her maid, she let the nail of her pinky tickle her maid’s clit, making her moan loudly and flushing her skin. Miss K felt her maid pull her tip into her mouth, then suck on it hard while she flicked her tongue against the ridge in her head. Miss K twitched her fingers faster on her maid’s pussy, shaking with the beginnings of an orgasm. She blew on her nipple, loving the way her breath played on the nerves, and tried not to cum before she finished off her maid. She pulled her hand away from Deb’s pussy, then licked her thumb, making it dripping with saliva, then placed in on her clit rubbing it hard. vbcrlfvbcrlfWithin seconds, Deb’s eyes got big, making her open her mouth to scream in orgasm. As she came, her legs buckled, making her drop and slip her boss’ did out of her mouth. Mercifully, Miss K took her hand away from her maid while she stroked her spit slick cock with her other hand. She pulled her maid’s head, forcing her mouth to take the member back in her mouth, and Deb got the message, sucking strongly again as she finished out her cum. Feeling her rough tongue and that sucking on her cock proved too much for Miss K, as she felt herself begin to cum. While her maid swallowed her shaft as her load squirted into her stomach, her nails pinched at her nipples, making her shoot a bit harder. Then, Miss K gently milked her breasts with her hands as she finished her orgasm, enjoying the feeling of release as the endorphins flooded her brain as usual. When she finished, she looked down and saw her maid slowly ease her mouth off her dick, getting turned on by the way their skin color contrasted and giving one last shot of cum for her maid’s mouth. vbcrlfvbcrlfOnce her mouth was off of her boss’ dick, Deb looked up into Miss K’s eyes and smiled. vbcrlfvbcrlf”That was nice Miss K.” vbcrlfvbcrlf”Thanks. I needed that release.” vbcrlfvbcrlf”Do you need me for anything else, ma’am.” vbcrlfvbcrlf”No that’s it. I think I’m good. No wait. Bringing the newspaper, please? And get me some OJ and a bowl of cereal.” vbcrlfvbcrlf”Sure thing, ma’am,” Deb replied as she got on her feet and turned to leave the room, picking up Miss K’s mug on the way out. Once her maid left room, Miss K thought about putting her robe back on, but decided against it, getting up naked and plopping down on top of her disshelved satin sheets. Pulling a section of her blonde hair onto her breasts and playing with it with her fingers, she decided to look down and check herself out. She gazed at her physical form lustily, with her huge boobs that seemed to defy gravity, the blonde hair, the narrow waist, the wide hips and, in between them, her large spent cock coated with a thin film of spit and cum. “I love having a sex toy for a body,” Miss K said to no one in particular. “It’s so damn fun!” vbcrlfvbcrlf*** vbcrlfvbcrlfAfter her maid brought her newspaper and breakfast to her, her daily routine began in earnest. Miss K quietly ate her breakfast, then sat up on the bed and perused through the New York Times, as usual. She then walked over to her home gym and worked out in the nude, enjoying the way her body felt when it was dripping with swea
After lifting her weights and spending a half-hour on the bike, Miss K jumped in the shower and cleaned herself up, shampooing her hair and letting the detachable shower head linger on the tip of her cock. After brushing her teeth, she took her robe from the bathroom door and slipped it on, getting ready for another lazy day as a multi-millionaire. vbcrlfvbcrlfMiss K began her ritual by pulling out a short, tight baby blue mini-skirt with a matching spaghetti strap tank top with the word ‘slut’ written in script in glitter across the front and a pair of platform sandals. Then, she sat down at her vanity to get herself ready to go out. First, she dried her long hair, then combed it out and sprayed it to go for that big hair look. After that, she worked on her face, putting on some metallic light blue lipstick and some light blue eye shadow. Next, she removed the polish on her fingernails and toenails and replaced it with two coats of baby blue polish on each nail. Once that polish dried, she went to her lingerie draw and picked out a cotton baby blue thong to hold her manhood under control under her skirt. Tucking her limp member between her asscheeks, she pulled the thong over her legs, then slipped on the shoes, skirt and top. Picking up her purse, she walked out to her living room closet, where she picked out her baby blue fur coat and slipped it on. Miss K checked her purse for her car keys, went over to her CD collection to pull out Ghostface Killah’s “Supreme Clientele” and calmly walked out the door. vbcrlfvbcrlf”Hmm…what to do today?” Miss K thought to herself as she walked towards the elevator. “Well, I could hit up that strip club today and have a couple drinks. Yeah, that’s what I’ll do.” Fishing out her cell phone and checking the time while she was riding the elevator, she said to herself, “besides, it’s early. It shouldn’t be too wild in there.” She patiently waited for her elevator to reach the garage, then ducked her head as she left the elevator and walked to her black SUV. She opened it up, stepped inside, started it up and popped her CD in the stereo. As she pulled out the parking space and drove out the garage, she let a smile creep across her face as the sounds of “Nutmeg” blasted out of her stereo. vbcrlfvbcrl

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