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A new one on me

I came across a situation at work which got me so curious and had me checking it out on the internet to see if a client that came to me was pulling my legs. This story is embellished but very close to what my client told me.

Her name is Dolma, she was sturdy and very pretty but you can see that she was hard working as her hands were rough and strong. She grew up around Tibet she said and when she was 15 was given in marriage to two brothers. I asked her why would that be and how did it work. Apparently, to avoid splitting the farm between the family they agree to fuck just one girl.

I asked if that was a problem for her and how did they decide who got to fuck her but she said it was never a problem as they were both very reasonable and they would never press her for sex but each had a priority night to share her bed.

Dolma came down from the hills to ask about contraception and so I asked if she could not practice abstaining to give her pussy a break from the brothers’ cocks. She said abstaining was very hard to do for her as neither brother wants to take up another wife and so she continues to fuck them both. Also, a secret that she has kept from both Norbu and Tenzin is that she also fucks their father who likes to fuck her every morning when the brother have gone to work. The father gets to fuck her almost every day, because he stays home to dry the food with her and when he wants sex he pulls her down and puts his cock into her.

The brothers have agreed that she should get contraception and so I asked that she undresses so that I can carry out an examination. She stripped her under garments and so I asked to feel her breast which she took her top off and, I noticed her nipples were hard and rosy and pointing out. I asked to feel their firmness and she agreed and I felt her nipples and pinched it gently between my fingers. I looked at her face and her lips parted with pleasure at the feel of her nipples. I could not resist it and placed my lips on the nipples and sucked very lightly and immediately she let her hands feel for my hardening cock. She was ready to fuck. She was sitting on the edge of the examining couch.

I went to the door and locked it gently and because I was hard from the knowledge that this young woman was most likely recently fucked it turned me on. I had checked myself and I tried to pull her top down and asked her to get dressed, but she unzip me and my hard cock was pointing in the direction of her willing pussy.   

My heart was thumping as I have never fucked a client before and I was worried. Dolma, gripped my hard cock and directed it immediately into her warm cunt and biting down her lips she sank down on my cock. I pulled her tits and sucked on them and pounded her cunt hard and her pussy was certainly still tight considering the number of fucks this woman enjoys. After a while we both came and although I tried to withdraw but she had her legs clamped about me and I spat my cum inside her. She pulled up her traditional trousers and pulled on her clothes and said innocently, did that show me she was well.  I agreed and offered her contraception implant but said she needs to come for check-up every three month. She asked if it was for further similar examination like I just did and I said yes, which she said she looks forward to.

I told her that I would like to visit that part of the hills and may drop in on her. 

Four weeks later, after I had asked discreetly from colleagues if it is true that a woman can be married to more than one man and my colleagues all said it was true and sometimes two sisters are married to all four brothers. It was called polyandry but I never heard the word before.

I took time off and visited the part of the hills where Dolma and her husbands lived. It was midday when I arrived and came to the door of their house. I listened before knocking as I suspected the father-in law was enjoying himself with her. I could hear nothing so I called out and there was a lot of rush and Dolma was so happy to see it was me and she called to her lover that it’s okay it was her health professional. The father in law came out still adjusting his top, he greeted me politely but embarrassed and then he went out into the farm shed at the far end of the farm.

I looked at her flushed face and asked if she was well and hope I had not interrupted their fun. She smiled and said they had just finished and asked me if I wished to stay over before I continued my journey. I told her it depended on her if she wanted me to stay a few day or I may be in the way. She laughed and checked on her boy who was still sleeping and asked for me to fuck her there that the old man will not come back now until she was alone. 

I was shocked at her request but I knew she would be nice and slippery from her recent fuck so I felt her breast and kissed her and she pulled on my trousers and took out my limp cock and began to suck on it and once it was thick and stiff-hard she sat on my lap facing me letting my hard cock to slid into her wet cunt. She rode my cock letting the slippery cunt glide my cock into her, when I could not hold it anymore, she got up and leaning on the window ledge with her legs wide apart, I slipped in my cock into the well fucked cunt and pumped it hard letting my withdraw to the tip and pushing it back into her. Her slippery wet cunt took my cum and I stayed in to give her every drop before pulling it out. She got dressed and told me she would make a bed for me in the house. 

The sleeping arrangements was the weirdest I have seen. It was a large room with only dividing curtains and all four slept in that big room and with my visit another curtain was placed to give me room. It turned out that the secret was that the father fucked her during the day when he was meant to be working because at night he took his turn in her bed when Tenzin and Norbu had taken their turn in fucking Dolma. When the old man had finished fucking her. She got up said goodnight and came to coil next to me to sleep. I did not fuck her that first night but fucked her when they had gone to the farm. The second and third night I was not shy and fucked her soundly which cause Tenzin to call her over to lie with him as he became hard for another session which she declined that she was tired.

Now rather for her to come down for her check-up, I would often visit to make sure she is well.

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