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A steamy hot day at the office.

I’m at work on a hot Wednesday afternoon.It is 5PM and im ready to go home.Im weaing a low cut white and black striped button up shirt witha collar with three button unbuttoned on top exposing my wonderful cleavage.I have one a black skirt just long enough to cover my ass my hair is pulled back ina simple ye elegant looking pony tail , i have on hoop earings an some berry flvored lip gloss. my heels are 2 inches high and the make my legs look beautiful.

I work at a sex toy store. Just as i grab my purse and go to punch out, my boss (she is wearing nothing but a tight dress hugging her curves and some heels , clearly no panties or bra much like me.) Come up to me and says “WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS ?? You ordered and extra whip, handcuffs,dildo, and remote control vibrator, were you planning on explaining this shit to me hoe?” .. i look at her stunned shocked unaware f what to say i quickely hide the box in my hand by playing it behind my back. Thinking “Oh god she noticed” she looks at me awaiting a response. I start stuttering not knowing what to say i quickley say i planned on giving her the money from my check when i got paid i didn think she would notice.

She says “Well too bad bitch i found out, what are you going to do now ?” i start figiting with my purse trying to get some money out and i drop the box, then asked me “What is that ? Is that my stole merchandise in tha box? Give it here, NOW!” i hesitate and she takes it she opens the box and see the cufss, dildo, whips an cordless vibrator. She says “You have two options hoe, Go home without the meschandise and face prosecution . or stay here and be my slave.” Right away i know what i will choose i quickely tell her i will be her slave. she says “Good now put your stuff down lock the doors an meet me in my office i have work for you to do.You must not walk after hours you are to crawl on all fours and be quick about it or be punished !”… i look up and say yes ma’am getting on all fours i do my best to get to the doors close the blinds and lock the doors without standing up and i quickely crawl into her office In fear of what she has for me i look up she said “Close the door” i crawl over and budge the door with my face pushing its shut.

I turn around and she says i may get up I stand up and look she is wearing black heels, a tight leather straples shirt and a leather hat witha whip in one hand and cufs in the otehr with the rest of my toys on her desk.She commands me to come over to her and stand with my legs shoulder length apart and arms to the side. I strictely obey her orders.She takes a walk around me and rubbs my tiitys pinching my nipples.She takes the whip and stands a few feet away and smacks my nipples with the whipe making them extremely hard she goes behind me and rubs on my ass she closes in on my body and rubs my tittys and my tummy from behind, she slips her finger(s) into my wet cunt she says “Oh so you like this? little sluts like you arent supposed to like your punishment Lick your juice off my fingers you bitch” 

I start sucking on her fingers, tasting my sweet sweet juice indugling it all … She then gets the dildo i was trying to steal and says “We are going to break these in befor eyou take them home. Come here and ben over my desk” I go over to her desk and bend over it she cuffs my hands to the end of the desk so i cannot stand up.she takes the dildo and shoves it in my pussy i let out a little moan and she asks me “MMM You like that slave ??” I respond with a moan and she slaps my ass hard and says “What the fuck kind of response is that ?” I say “Yes ma’am i love it.. i am sorry” She says “well sorry isnt enough” She uncuffs me and sits on the desk , as i rub my sore hand and ass she starts to tell me of my next command… 

I am to eat her pussy out and suck of her tittys mmm …. without using my hands she cuffs then behimd my back and i secretely slip a finger or two in my ass and she cant tell i quickely dive into her wet pussy. She is laying on hr desk her hea and back propped up with pillows so her back is arched i start mucnhing on her pussy .. i lick around her clit and suck on it mmmm as i secretly fuck my own ass with my finger(s) … i hear her moaning and she grabs my head and grinds her pussy on my face telling me “Eat that pussy you skany bitch” … i slip my toung in and twirl it as i suck on her pussy some more then i get up and start rubbing my face on her chest and i like her tits and nibble on her nipples she tells me “Suck my tittys right now but first” she gets the cordless vibrator out and goe sto shove it in my ass noticeing my finger in it … “Just for that NO LUBE FOR YOU” she says and she rams the vibrator up my ass putting it on the second level whic is medium 

She then lays back donw on her back with her back arched … i get close to hr tittys and i feel the level increase and i let out a moan … and another she says “oh you like that dont you… mmmm let me suck on your tittys” and she comes over and sucks on my nipples and rubs my breast getting me wet mmm … she shove the vibrator deeperin my ass and shoves 3 fingers in my tight pussy ahhh … i scream out in pain/ pleasure.she puts her boobs in my face and says “suck” i suck on her tittys and get her nipples hard , i can tell her pussy is getting wet she uncuffs my hands and she gives me a strap on and lies down on the desk she tells me to fuck her hott pussy i ram the cock in her pussy and watch her tittys bounce she increases the vibrator in my ass andi beg her to let me cum .. she says no 

As i fuck her pussy her tittys bounce and i twirp her nipples and kiss her passionately she reaches up and grabs my boobs as she cums on the strap on. i get off of her and she comands me to “clean up the strap on” so i take it off and start sucking it clean as she eats me out … she sucks on my pussy lips and plays with my clity shoving two fingers in she quickely makes me cum and she licks my cum up… 

We then kiss deeply and passionately and we both get dressed nd she warns me not to steal again and gives me my toys and gives me specific orders to be in her office tomorrow on my knees at 5 o clock wearing only a thong. I say “yes Ma’am” and i kiss her feet then i head out the door on my hands and knees fully clothed .. i have been give permission to get up when i reach the door to go outside so i get up and head to my car i think about her the whole way home.

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