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Submissive Train Ride

I see you, Your sitting across from me on the train (the next table over on the opposite side facing me). Its a 6 Hour train ride and the train is stuck behind a freight train that broke down. You hear me on my cell phone talking to a friend about you and how hot i think you are. I tell her too bad you dont LOOK like the type to be into BDSM, and how much i want to find a local Dom.You make a mental note of it.

The train starts to move on the long ride home which is now entering its third hour, and were not too far away from where we started since we have been stuck for two hours. So we start to gain speed and get a steady speed behind the freight train. As soon as we gain speed and things get back to normal you get up to go use the restroom. As you walk by you slip a note onto my table, I look up and smile at you as you walk by.I open the note and it says “Bathroom Ten Minutes You Slut No more no less, and take your bra off before coming in and leave it on the floor by the stairs in front of the restroom” and it is signed, your “local Dom” 

I check my watch and it says 3:15. 3:24 comes along and i get up to go to the restroom as instructed I reach inside my shirt and unhook my bra , pulling it off through my shirt and i leave it on the stairs. I open the door and there you are Your shirts off and your wearing some jeans I go to lock the door and you come up behind me and grab my arm with a firm grip you throw me down to the ground and tell me ” I DID NOT SAY YOU COULD LOCK THE DOOR… you will pay for that NOW GET UP take off your clothes NOW and you better have taken off your bra as i instructed, as well you better have no panties on under those jeans. Dirty sluts dont wear panties whether theyre collard or not.” I get up and i see you make sure the door is shut, but not locked.I have my shirt off revealing my perky tits i watch you get turned on as i slide my jeans off, showing my plump juicy ass bare with no panties, you say “Good girl at least i know you can do one thing right.” 

I go to say thank you but your quickely cover my mouth and say” you are not to speak unless spoken to.” I nod my head to show i undertsand. You tell me to stand up straight back arched chin up look ahead with my legs spread should length apart and my arms clasped behind my neck you slowley take a walk around me pinching my nipples to see if i cry out over minor pain.I keep a straight face and look forward as told. You get behind me and rub my ass before you give it one good WHACK! My tits bounce a bit cuz i jumped in shock but still i did not cry out.

You tell me to get on knees NOW.i quickely get down on both knees with my legs spread you tell me to take your pants off of you quickly but not slopily, as you want to keep the crease in them. So i get to work neatly folding them and placing themon top of the toilet tank.All the while still on my knees. You then Comand me to take of fyour boxers with only my teeth.As i do this i see your cock getting rock hard, its so huge im getting wet just looking at it. I slip them past your hips and down your thighs, you kick them to the side and ask me if im wet. I Let you know that i am. You do nothing but nod.

Next thing i know your pressing your cock against my lips, you have a handful of my hair and pull me back from your cock and say “I know you want this, but your going to have to wait this is the first of many punishments you will recieve, i might punish you just for spite, or caus eyou did something wrong, in this case locking the door.You shall be deprived of cock for a little while longer, Not bad as compared to what i should do.Im letting you off easy you must thank me by kissing my feet. NOW you whore! ” I quickley kiss both of them and look up at you only to see your hairy ass in my face. 

You tell me to lick your asshole, im a bit reluctant, but i do it. I lick around your asshole and i tounge it i stickmy tounge deep inside as far as i can tasting your ass, you tell me to reach over and stroke your cock like a good bitch, I do rubbing your cock as i taste your ass, You start to moan a little you stand up straight and turn around You cup my cin and make me look up at you and you kiss me deeply and tell me that only a good little obediant slave would do that for you without putting up a fight.For that i am rewarded with your cock.

You press you cock against my lips and i start to lick the head of it, as i rub the shaft. My tounge slips down your shaft and back up rubbing your balls and then i slowly start to take your cock in my mouth mmm you taste so good i play with your balls as i deeothroat your cock, i slip a finger in my pussy hoping you didnt notice, but you did. You slap me with your cock and slap my hand away Telling me that i didnt have permission to do that but you will let that one slide for now.

Then you say “I bet your pussy is craving attention STAND UP NOW, slut.” I quickly stand hoping for your attention.You pick me up and put me on the edge of the sink with my legs spread, you start sucking on my clit nibbling on it and the you bite down hard I bite my lip as i try to muffle the sound of my moans my tits give a little jiggle and you start to rub them and you dip a finger in my pussy and get it all lubed up with my pussy juice, then you shove it in my ass.I cum on your face then I look up just in time to see the door being shut and a guy has just walked in.

He turns around and sees us hes shocked and says oh, im sorry i didnt know someone was in here.You look around surprised and you see a hot guy , your cock gets even harder, you tell him he may stay if he likes.He says ok and takes a piss in the toilet , he flushes it and turns around to find me on the floor on all fours your fucking my ass and pulling my hair … he comes in front of me and shoves his cock in my mouth … i immediately deep throat all 7 inches as he kisses your passionately, i Feel his cock her hard in my mouth and he pulls it out and crawls below me and inserts his cock in me as you fuck my ass i ride him his cock is all wet with my juices and i cum for the second time.He takes his cum covered cock and shoves it up your ass, as you fuck my ass he fucks your ass and your bust all in my ass hole filling it up and a little on my back.

you he then pulls out of your ass and strokes his cock as you cum around in front of me and shove your cock in my mouth telling me ” eat your shit and like it you skanky bitch” you say “Take all of this cock and suck on my balls too clean it all up” and you cum for a second time all on my face i swallow what i can and you pat me head and tell me “your such a good slut, now goover there to the corner and play with your sweet pussy as i take care of him”

I go to my corner and you go over to the man. You tell him Your gonna make him cum. And you take his cock in your mouth your bobbin your head up and down on his cock, tasting your own shit, he grabs your face and starts fucking you fast. (Meanwhile im in the corner fingering my pussy and rubbing my titties.) He shoves two fingers up your ass and you play with his balls as they hit your chin and he cums in your mouth. You try to swallow it all as it cums but there is just too much and it fills your mouth till its dripping out and you lick your lips and wipe the rest off your suck his cock clean and stand up thanking him for his participation and tell me “Get up you slut and get dressed” as you throw my clothes over to me.The stranger is already dresed and he leaves as you get dressed you command me to meet you at the table in our car.You Leave and shut the door behind you , i follow right behidn you adjusting my hair i wip a bit of cum off my face and i leave, noticing my bra isnow gone i go to the table when you are seated.By then it is 4:00 we have been in the restroom for dam near 35 minutes.

We talk the whole ride home and a few hours later you command me to slip a hand down my pants (underneath the table) and moan as i do it, drawing attention to myself and embarassing
myself, im about to make myself cum and you make
me stop. Telling me “now you shall have something to look forward to (Cumming) next time we meet” You say “This is my stop, you’ve been a good slut, call me when you get home whore.” You turn get up and walk away. Realising i didnt have your number i call after you but your of fthe train already and cant hear me. I spend the rest of the trip hom craving you.Wish i would of been smart enough to get your number before you left.The train stops and i get off As i get home i start unpacking my clothes I open my bag and i find a vibrating dildo with your number attached to it with a little note saying i have your permission to cum one (1) time today, To make up for where we left off on the train when you left. And it says you expect my call tonight. 

I take it out and it has batteries in it already i quckly make myself cum and i put it away and continue my unpacking.Before i go to sleep i cll you and we talk for about 30 minutes and we arrange a meeting for the next day.”You command me to get some sleep and say goodnight and hang up” I quietly hang up the phone , turn off the light and fall asleep only to dream of you.

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