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Berfore the BBQ

It was almost one in the afternoon. You were close to an hour late to pick up Sarah. You knew it didn’t matter because there was no way that she would be ready on time any way. She may not even get out of bed until noon. You were going with her to a barbecue-beach party that would go all afternoon into the night and with luck you’d fuck her. She had broken up with her long time boyfriend a couple weeks ago and you really wanted to be her rebound lay. You had heard stories that she was a complete tramp in the bedroom. Her ex had bragged to you about her love of anal sex more than once. She lived in a house with her friend who was away for the weekend so there would be no reason not to fuck her in any room and any hole she wanted it in. You knock on the front door, walk in. She was in the middle of her couch, feet up on the coffee table painting her toenails. Her light blonde hair was back in a pony tail and she had on a red bikini top. Her perky tits looked full and plump with a hint of nipple showing. Her bottoms matched but with some camel toe. She wasn’t wearing much make up. You sat in a wooden rocking chair to her left. She kept working on her pretty feet.

You asked her how much longer she’d be. She just batted her eyes at you. Her cuteness overpowered you. You chatted her up and tried to do some “innocent” flirting. You heard the sound of a shower starting down the hall.

“thought your roomie was away this weekend Sarah”

“OH, she is but Meg my friend is here. I let her crash in the spare room” Meg sighed. “she’ll be gone before I get home later.” She let a little smile and sideways glance go your way. You could almost taste her pussy.

“oh.” You knew Meg. She was a fox too. Another perky blonde with great tits. “Haven’t seen Meg in a while”

“well she ain’t alone” Sarah snickered “She brought a guy home with her or Maybe two its hard to tell there was so much goddamn noise. I guess she gets right randy when drinking. Or smoking dope, or whatever she did at the party”

“when did he leave?”

“he. Or they didn’t” She blew on her toes. “ They kept me up last night having very loud, very hard sex.”

“Oh yeah?”

“shook the fuckin’ wall. No lies, the wall between our rooms literally shook like fuck. Didn’t get to sleep until four thirty.”

“holy shit”

“no kidding” She touched up a toe. “probably passed out naked from exhaustion.” She giggled.

She teased you that you would never keep a girl up all night and it would be fun if you were each others wing man. So she was clearly on the make. But the look she kept giving you was getting your hopes sky high.

She leaned back on the couch as Meg came into the room. She was dressed in only a red silk robe that came just below her shapely ass. It was open in the front barely covering her well formed breasts. Her nipples were hard and poking through the robe too. Her wet golden blonde hair was combed back. A pair of cute pink Victoria Secret cheekie panties on.

“hey Meg” Sarah said as Meg stood smiling at you in a wanting way. “surprised you can walk after the railing you got last night.”

“it was pretty fun, won’t lie, but more than a big dick and two rounds of fucking can make me walk funny.” Meg said. “these are your roommates panties. I hope she won’t mind.”

“why are you going through her drawer Meg?”

“Cause Steve is wearing mine. Said he like the smell of my used panties”

“who the hell is Steve?” You both ask as I came out of the bedroom in only a pair of Meg’s blue Calvin Klein hipsters. My semi making the panties bulge. They were the panties she had worn the night before. She was petite so they were tight on me.

I sit in a chair across from you and Meg sits in my lap and we start kissing hot and heavy. I even start rubbing her pussy through the soft, thin fabric of her panties. I see you out of the corner of my eye shifting in your seat trying to hide your hard on. I move Meg’s robe so her firm round tits are on display. A wet spot developing along her pussy lips which are well outlined from me rubbing her.

“Stop making out with Meg” Sarah teased. “Some of us haven’t had any for a while. And are getting jealous.”

“not my problem Sarah” Meg said and smiled, took my dick out and started jerking it.

“Besides Sarah, you have a live one right there” She stood up and walked over to you. “I know this cute guy really, really, reeeeallly wants to fuck you….. And like crazy.” She ran a hand over your face. “ if you don’t want him Steve and I will take him and show him a good time.” She leaned over and gave you a long hard kiss. “He looks ready for a good fuck this afternoon”

I stood and walked over to Meg and slipped the robe off her shoulders so it fell to the floor. She looked at Sarah and dropped to her knees. She found out last night I was bi after I had her use a strap on, on me and I have no issues pleasuring another man. You looked nervous but not opposed to another man pleasing you.

“Last chance Sarah” Meg pulled me down to my knees and had me start taking your shorts off. As I pulled them down Meg giggled. “Look what you are missing Sarah”

You had been so distracted by me licking your balls you had not noticed Sarah had gotten up and was now standing over us as Meg and I took turns licking your shaft. You were enjoying the feeling of two tongues on your cock. Sarah standing there as if she couldn‘t decide what to do. Biting her lower lip and smiling.

“Wow” Sarah cooed. Meg your guy has a nice cock too.”

“and he’s wild as fuck!” Meg stood up and walked behind Sarah. Putting her lips to Sarah’s neck gently kissing Sarah’s nape and sensitive spot as she undid the bikini top.

“there’s a good girl Sarah honey” Meg said softly as she took off Sarah’s bottoms exposing her shaved pussy. Meg then pushed down her own panties exposing her landing strip pubic hair. “tell me Sarah” She said. Stroking her friends nipples. “what do you really want? What can the three of us do for you this afternoon? Right now? Right here? Anything you wish gorgeous girl” The two girls kissed hot and heavy.

Sarah got on her knees and pushed me out of the way and began deep throating your rock hard cock. She went total porn star slut, slurping and sucking and gagging on your dick as Meg started sucking my cock. I gave Meg a good face fucking.

When I looked over at you, your head was tilted all the way back as Sarah gave you a blow job for the ages. Finally coming up from gagging, she gasped and took fast breaths to catch her air.

“I wanna be double fucked!” she said in a voice as sexy as hell. “Two cocks one for each hole. Sorry to be so greedy Meg but that is what I want. Fuck me like a cheap whore”

Meg just smiled and left the room as Sarah grabbed her bikini top and used it to tie your hands behind the chair and put her bottoms on your face. “Smell my pussy” She told you as you took deep breaths inhaling her sexy scent.

I smiled and gave Sarah a kiss to get a taste of you too. She pushed me down on my knees and grabbed my hair. “eat me” she demanded. “that’s it you fucking bastard” She was now grinding on my face as she pulled my hair. “eat me while everyone watches!” I began a sloppy eating of this foul mouthed vixen.

Meg came back in the room wearing a curved purple strap on. She walked past me going down on Sarah and removed the rope from her robe. Then used it to bind your legs to the chair so your legs were wide open. She then sucked on your cock for a few minutes.

“okay Sarah, you fucking skank. Your boy toy is ready.” She removed the panties from your face. Sarah straddled you and lowered herself onto your bound frame. She grabbed the knobs on the back of the chair and got herself comfortable and her ass now sticking out ready for me. Meg ever the helper pushed a foot rest in front of the rocking chair I knelt on the stool and grabbed her hips and let Meg guide me to a nice spread ass.

“Ready for your second cock Bimbo?” Meg asked as she guided me into her friends asshole. Sarah let out a little squeal as I pushed in balls deep with no lube. I grabbed Sarah’s hips and began hard, deep thrusts at the same time you pushed up into her.

“oh my fucking god you guys” She squealed as we pumped her deep and hard. “holy fuckin’ shit” she cheered as she moved her hips to our motion.

Meg walked over to the side of the chair and grabbed Sarah’s pony tail and pulled her head down to the dildo. Suck my purple rubber cock you whore!” Meg demanded. Sarah obliged and began sucking on the strap on. “yes that’s it, eat it, you whore, suck mama’s fake cock. Taste my lovers asshole” Meg was face fucking her friend as we kept pounding this “friendly” blonde babe.

“When they are done Meg you can fuck me with that big purple dick” Sarah gasp.

“Oh I’m gunna bitch, You bet, but for now I am gunna keep choking you with it.”

“fuck me Meg” I say squeezing one of her tits. Both you and I had a hand on one of Meg’s luscious knockers. “you are the queen of nasty” She smiled, slapped my face and told me not to forget it.

“Oh god Sarah. I’m coming” You yell.

“Not yet, please not yet I am so close” Sarah begged. You hoped she would come fast as you were seconds from exploding inside her. “Yes, yes yeeeeeeHaw!!!” Sarah screamed as she came. You cried out as loud milliseconds after her. Filling her hungry hole with come.

She kept grinding for another minute before I pulled out and she stood up, your come trickling from her. Meg knelt down and began sucking on the bald cum dripping pussy.

Sarah turned and told me to lay down on the floor. She then began riding me. Pushing on my shoulders as she had a great cowgirl ride making me cum deep into her pussy too.

“Ahhh yyes cream pie number two” Sarah bragged. Meg walked over and pushed her friend on the floor, knelt and started sucking my cum from her friend. Bringing Sarah to another orgasm. After Meg was done cleaning out Sarah she knelt between her friends legs and slid the purple dick inside a well used pussy. As we watched the two girls fuck, I untied you. I was on my knees looking up at you knowing you wanted more. I started deep throating you getting you nice and hard again. You even run a hand through my hair.

I directed you to kneel behind Meg who was still fucking Sarah like crazy. You push Meg forward more and slide your dick into her. She moaned in delight as you grabbed her still wet hair with both hands and fucked her like a panting dog.

“Meg honey, how’s that feel?” I asked as she smiled a big wide smile. Meg stopped riding Sarah and turned and laid on her back and guided you back in. She was in seventh heaven as you made her come loud and hard. The strap on bouncing with each thrust.

I put Sarah on her hands and knees over Meg and began fucking her from behind. All the while the girls licked each others clits and were both coming again before long.

After the two of them calmed down we both pulled out and Sarah rolled onto her back. The girls were laying so they were face to face kissing as we switched places.

But you had other ideas. As I began fucking Meg again you stuck your dick in my mouth. It was so hot. I could taste both women and your come. Sarah knelt over Meg’s face and let Meg eat her pussy as I continued my deep dicking hottie Meg and you face fucking me.

I lost control. I came so hard. Harder than before. Not long after I pulled out, Sarah returned the favor and sucked Meg’s pussy clean.

You were the last to go. You filled my mouth with hot sticky come. Sarah and Meg both got to their knees and I shared your come with both of them. Letting each of them run a tongue through my mouth.

“Never came in a guys mouth before. I like it.” You smiled and sat on couch. Sarah in her naked, sweaty glory, sat next to you and put her head on your shoulder and started playing with your semi-hard dick as Meg and I snuggled on the floor.

You and Sarah left to shower together as Meg and I took off for her place. Can’t decide which of us got the sluttier blonde.

A bisexual man who has no taboos. No hang ups and an open mind.

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