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A Slave’s Loyalty Tested

I had joined an online bdsm club that held meet ups for subs and Domme’s to discuss the lifestyle and find a match. It was there I met femdom Miss Gianna. We talked a bit over drinks and she told me she was looking for a sub or slave for a bdsm party she was having at her place. I had never been to a bdsm party but I was excited to give it a try. I am tall and slim, a seven inch cock that is shaved smooth and circumcised, body is average build. I told her that I feel able to handle almost any sexual fetish or fantasy. To my delight she agreed to use me and gave me directions to her home. She told me to arrive an hour or so early, before the party.

From the outside, there was no indication that the inhabitants of the house were anything but the most respectable members of the community. It was well maintained with a great looking garden. I rang the bell and was ushered in by Mistress to a beautifully appointed entrance hall, with an impressive stairway to the second floor, antique furniture, mirrors, crystal and marble. She warmly greeted me, guided me towards the living room and offered me something to drink. After a few moments of pleasantries she then lead me to a door under the stairs. As we walked I asked about other slaves coming to the party; and to my surprise she told me I would be the only slave there.

We descended to the basement, which was finished, warm and inviting. We passed through what used to be called a Rumpus Room, and then through what seemed to be a wall panel – the paneling opened and revealed a hidden room. The room was heated, dimly lit and furnished with contemporary furniture as well as with bdsm items such as a wooden plank bed in one corner. The bed had no mattress but instead had rough planks, as well as hooks with ropes looped through them. A sawhorse was set up in the middle of the room. There was a collection of restraints and sex toys on the wall hooks. On the ceiling was a large mirror and some spot lights as well as a hanging cage. Candles were lit around the bed and on the mantle across the room, and a fire burned in the fireplace. There were cameras set up at various vantage points, as well as chairs and a couch. 

Mistress walked over to a large plush chair and sat down, with one word she said; “strip”. I stood in the center of the room, just a few feet in front of her. In a couple of minutes I stood totally naked before her, the subject of her piercing stare. She stood up, walked over and began to inspect my body. Her hand glided over my chest and back as she circled me. She firmly pushed me forward to bend me over. I felt her had slap my ass hard, then slowly insert her finger. She laughed and then reached between my legs to squeeze my balls. I winced and then felt myself begin to get hard.

She guided me to stand straight and then raised my arms and placed my hands in overhead chains. My feet just barely touching the floor. She walked towards another door and opened it slowly. I heard murmurings and giggles as a group of women and men all wearing bathrobes, entered. They were talking and drinking, but eagerly walked toward me inspecting my body, fondling me, grabbing me. There were two men and three women at the party of mixed ages and they came to her house for sex parties frequently. But this time it was a little different as I was to be the live sex toy. I was not used to groups, so i was a bit concerned and anxious, but at the same time excited. Anyway I found myself very attracted to my new Mistress and wanted to make her happy.

As soon as the door from the outside room closed, the attitude of Mistress seemed to change. She said, “This is the fucking slave slut we’re gonna use today”. They all began to clap and howl. I stood with my head bowed, waiting, nervous yet excited. Two of the men from the group put my ankles in locked restraints, attached to chains that lead off to the sides of the room. I was completely exposed, and unable to move.The guests took time admiring my body, some stroking my back and ass and Mistress playing with my hard cock and pulling on my balls. She instructed everyone to take turns and enjoy.

Just then one of the men stepping up behind me and began whipping my back and ass. The first couple strokes were gentle, but he quickly increased to striking with intense force. The whipping went on for what seemed like forever and my balls and cock hanging down free between my legs, were struck from behind now and again by the lashes of the whip. I held back without screams, only uttering muffled groans. Tears brimmed in my eyes and then spilled with each wince as the lashes struck. 

Each person of the group took a turns using me, some of them sadistically, others with more finesse. The punishment went on and on, and I could hear, as if from a distance, talking and laughing, everyone egging each other on, and the sound of cameras clicking. The more it continued the more turned on I was getting from all the attention. This often happened to me in these situations: I didn’t know what they would do next, but not knowing is part of the excitement for me. 

Finally, when everyone had their turn punishing me, I was lead to the wood bed, and restrained spread eagle on my back. Again ropes on my arms and legs were pulled very tight, and even before they had me completely restrained, I could feel my hands and feet becoming numb. My balls were tied off and stretched painfully toward the end of the bed, and a strap was put around my forehead and fastened tightly to the base of the bed. I could not move at all, no matter how much I struggled and stayed in this position for what seemed like an eternity. I lay there totally naked and vulnerable and began to fear of what was to come.

Mistress stood at the foot of the wood bed as two of the women approached from the side with large lit candles. I felt a sharp burning sensation as the hot wax was dripped onto my chest. At first it did not hurt too much, but the candle was clearly brought closer and closer to my body, and the wax became hotter and hotter. I tried to struggle, but literally could not move my body more than an inch or two. They dropped the wax everywhere, and the pain was exquisite. The wax on the head of my cock hurt quite a bit, but I found the most painful spot was when wax was dripped on the inside of my thighs. I could feel the wax splash, and often felt burning in more than one place with each drop. The little bit I could move was agony too: the planks beneath my body were rough and splintered, and my ass still sore from the whip, I felt every grain of the wood rubbing against it.

Finally the wax stopped with a good portion of my body dotted with gobs of dried wax. One of the women stood over me on the bed and I was told to open my mouth. A stream of hot piss from one of the females splashed on my face and into my mouth. I tried to swallow what I could, choking and spitting up more than what went down. Soon everyone was standing on the planks around me, all pissing on my face and body. It was evident from my hard, throbbing cock that I was very excited at this point. Mistress took notice of it and sprayed my cock  thoroughly with a desensitizer to keep me hard and preventing me from coming. I was so horny I was begging to cum, but Mistress would not allow it. Instead she directed the party guests to take turns riding and punishing my cock and balls for their pleasure. The women and the men, one by one each rode me until my cock was sore, throbbing and begging to cum. 

After a few minutes of fascination with my predicament, a couple of the men untied me and lead me over to a saw horse. As I walked I left a trail of foot prints of piss on the floor from being soaked earlier. They restrained me over the sawhorse, my legs pulled apart, my knees pulled forward, my wrists stretched out. One of the men took his place behind me and I felt a cold slick feeling of lube on my hole. I knew what was coming next. I felt him slowly slide his cock into my ass as the others watched and howled as he began fucking me. One of the women stood in front of me And said “Open your mouth”, and I complied, expecting another cock down my throat. Instead, she turned and her ass was shoved in my face, and I was told to eat out her hole. It was evident that she had not showered since her recently and I cleaned her hole inside and out while the other man fucked me. Each person took turns making me rim them and others I sucked cocks and pussies. Load after load of cum was shot in my mouth and the fucking grew easier and more pleasurable as each man and woman with strap on’s, used my ass. 

Finally, they were done, and I was left tied to the sawhorse, sore, covered in cum and humiliated. The guests now looking to rest retreated to the couch and chairs, pouring more drinks, talking and sighing contentedly. Mistress approached me holding a crop in one hand. I expected I was due to be released, Instead, she grabbed my hair and yanked my head back. Then she said, “Did you enjoy that, slave?”

“Yes Miss” I answered immediately.

She laughed mischievously. “You enjoyed that? You like getting fucked by men? You like eating asses and drinking piss? You are a dirty slut, aren’t you!?” I was unsure how to respond. She dropped the crop on the floor and grabbed my balls, squeezing and twisting them hard. I moaned loudly. You want to cum?” She asked me. Before I could answer she squeezed my balls hard again and gave them a hit. I cried out; “Please Miss, don’t”. She hit them again and again, the pain was sharp and I was breathless at this point. She untied me and told me to stand up. My knees were weak and I was sweaty and shaking. 

I asked to shower but she refused saying she liked the way I looked.

You will find your clothes in that chest she said pointing to the corner of the room. I finished dressing and she lead me back upstairs and outside the front door she reached down inside my pants and massaged my cock. Beg me for it she said. I begged and quickly became hard and within no time could feel my hot cum in my crotch and running down my legs. She pulled out her hand and I looked down to see the front of my pants soaked with my cum. Then she smiled and gave me a hug, sent me on my way and said: Nice job boy. Thanks.

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