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First time with James and Mike

I am a barber i have alot of clients from all walks of life. I have one client named James gay white guy tall medium build. I have sucked guys cocks but still love woman. I have always loved the feeling of a nice cock in my mouth. I don’t know theres something about it. Anyway every time he comes in we always have a good conversation. The thing of it is is that every time we ende up talking about something Risqué. I always get hard thinking about what his cock is like. Or what he tastes like. He’s about 6’2 6’4 like i said medium build dark hair and no facial hair.

So now that thats out of the way Let’s get to the good stuff. My boss had left early and I had 2 more clients. I finished up one of them and when ibwas getting paid for the first one james walks in. I say thanks to the one client shake his hand and he leaves. Greet James and walk back to my station. He said just the usual so I put the cape on him and start cutting. I have never told him about my thoughts. So as far as i know he has no clue. We were talking about some sports when he stopped and totally changed the subject. He told be a story about him and his husband going to this gay bar in town and how he always gets hit on by the little sissy boys with daddy issues. I laughed a little bit and asked whats wrong with that. Stumbling over my words trying not to be obvious. He saidbits cool in all but those kind of dudes usually have small cocks. I laughed and asked well what does your husband have. He said oh he’s not small in anyway shape or form. Ok I said so he makes you happy he said oh yeah.

The conversation went on like that I finished the haircut and we sat there talking. He said he was waiting for his husband theyvwere going to the bars a few blocks away. Then he said you should join us for dinner. I said cool and we just walked down to the bar. Walking in and there was like 4 or 5 tables open. This guy walks in and james waves him over i assume id was his husband. He walks over and james says Mike this is my barber John. We shake hands and say hello nice to meet you Yada Yada yada. We have a few beers some food and chit chat over our food. Mike asks me questions about work and where im from. I do the same while we all were talking mike gets up and goes to the bathroom. I don’t know if it was the beer or what but I felt like I had to tell james what I really thought about him. I turned to him and said i don’t know if it the beers or what but I can’t stop thinking about what you said. He had a clueless look on his face and said what did I say? I said the daddy issue boys. Hebsaid oh yeah and smiled. I told him i had daddy issues only thing is my cock isn’t small. He said oh yeah ? Well what are we gonna do about this? I don’t know I said. Mike walks back to the table and james leans over and quietly says something to him. I couldnt hear it over everyone else talking in the bar. I can only assume he told him what I just told him.

We finish up and Mike offered to drop me off at my truck. On the way back it was quiet for what seemed to be an eternity. Then mike says hey John wanna come back to our place and hang out? Sure why not I don’t have anything to do. He drops me at my truck and I follow them back to their house. When we get there we walk back to their back yard. It was nice tall privacy fence green green grass and a hot tub. I felt like i knew what I was there for. So when they were showing me around when we got to the hot tub I said is this were the magic happens? Mike laughed and said thats were it starts. James hit him on the arm and said stop it. I don’t think he was serious though. We had some more beers and then next thing i knew mike n James walked in the house. Ibwas out there by myself didnt know what to think.

Mike n James cam out in some shorts I think they were headed to the hot tub. They both get in and james says wanna join us? I said I don’t have any shorts he said thats fine just wear your boxers. Ok I said got down to my boxers and started walking over. The hole in the front of my boxers wasn’t buttoned I sure they seen my cock. Wasn’t paying attention to it then I stepped into the hot tub. Mike said well well well thats big. James says yeah i thought you were kidding when you said you had a big cock. They both sat on either side of me close like real close. I felt mikes hand sliding up and down my leg and james sliding his hand up my boxers. James was the first to grab my cock he said oh my god mike feel this thing. I got hard instantly set my beer down and reached for theirs. To my surprise they both took off their shorts. grabbed both of them they had to both have least 8 inches. I said well boys whats next.

Mike stood up and put his cock on my lips. He said your move then james stood up and did the same. So there ibwas with two rock hard cocks on my face. I looked up at James and shoved his cock in while I stroaked his husband’s cock. Yum he tasted so good and his cock just fit my kouth perfectly. I popped him out and did the same to Mike. His knees buckled a little bit james laughed and said good isn’t he? Bobbin up and down on both of them they were both really enjoing my mouth. I couldnt believe what I was doing. When I was sucking one the other was guiding my mouth and head pushing and pulling me on and off. Mike asked james if he could fuck me. James replied sure as long as he could too. James got out and walked into the house while i was sucking mikes cock he was talking dirty to me yeah boy suck that cock mmmmm just like that. He make me choke on it. Shove it all the way to the back of my throat and make me gag. He had a huge smile on his face like he knew something I didn’t. I herd tha back door open and james say come on in.

Mike pulls his cock out and helps me to the house. We get in and walk into the living room. Mike forces me to start sucking james I feel him start to play with my ass. In my mind I couldnt stop thinking about how this was gonna end. I’ve never been fucked before and hoped if he was going to he would be gentle with me. James was telling me that there’s now way you never sucked a cock before your way to good at it. I wanna cum over and over this feels so good. I had to admit his cock did feel great in my mouth and looked even better with it coated in my spit. All of a sudden I felt mike pour a bunch of lube down my ass. He started to rub from my balls to my ass hole. Sliding a finger in while james was fucking my face. James said you like that John. I mumbled yes with a mouth full. I herd mike start to kube his cock up while he was playing with my ass. Then he rested his cock on my hole and started to push. It was crazy to think that this was happening james in my mouth and mike pressing his cock into my ass. I started to moan and breath heavy. Mike slid more of it in and before i knew it his balls were rubbing against mine. It felt so good james pulled out and stood behind mike rubbing his back and helping him push his cock into me. Jame reached under and rubbed both mike and my balls. He told mike he could tell he was getting close because his balls were tight. The feeling of james rubbing mike and my balls damn near put me over the edge. I held i back and told James if he kept rubbing my balls I was gonna cum.

James was helping both of us paying extra attention to me being that I was close to loosing my load. Mikes cock juat kept hitting the spot and it was driving me nuts. I told James he was fuckin me really good and I dint know how much longer I was gonna be able to take it. James told mike to fuck me harder he gripped my hip and started to pound me. James go underneath me and put my cock into his mouth. Sliding it in and out while Mike was fuckin my brains out. I was holding back but I couldnt anymore. I started to cum. I screamed out i was cumming oh my god I’m cumming. I don’t knwo how much I let out but I know james swallowed twice. I was still getting pounded when he thrusted in deep and started to cum. Filling my ass with his cum he yelled out that he was cumming . Calling me his little cum slut take this cum. I loved it. I stumbled to all fours to catch my breath. My ass hole was tingling and oozing out mikes seed. James rubbed and played with Mikes balls n cock. Talking to him asking if we could keep him. Him being me. My stomach was full of butterflies i knew james was going to do something.

He brought me an ice cold beer and said you look thirsty. I said thanks and drank the whole bottle. I was thirsty. I looked right down to his cock and instantly wanted it in my mouth. I leaned in with my nmtongue out and slurpped it into my mouth. He looked at me and said oh now its my turn to fuck you no and pulled it back. He walked me over to the table and bent me over. He poured lube in his hand and jerked it. Spread the rest on my ass hole and slid right in. Balls deep! I yelped he said yeah take it boy he thrusted in good n hard smacked my ass and squeezed. I turned to look where Mike was he was on a dining room chair rubbing his cock like he wanted more. I was begging james to cum … please daddy cum in my ass he smacked me on the ass again and told mike to shut me up. Mike stood up and shoved his cock in my mouth again. It tasted like lube like he just pulled off a condom or something. I didnt like the taste but loved the feeling. I squeeled in pleasure and cooked mikes cock down my throat. Coughing up a little bit onto his cock. With he made me clean up. James got more intence with fuckin me inknew he was gonna fill me with cum. He pulled it out and came over to my face and started jerking off. Saying it was hot to see his husbands cock in my mouth. All of a sudden he let out a sigh of relief as he covered my face and mikes cock with his super load. I slurpped it off mikes cock the he started to shake moaning he was cummin. Being that he came like 15 20 minutes ago it wasn’t much but tasted good. 1 or 2 decent shots hit the roof of my mouth. As I finished off cleaning them up.

We all caught our breath as we sat at the table. James looked at me and said now John this morning when you woke up did you even think that by the end of the night you would have done what you just did. I said not one one bit but to be honest i been wanting to suck your cock since we forst met. So your bisexual he says to me. I think long and hard about that and say yes I am bisexual. He said cool and would you like to play more with Mike and i ? I said very much yes you guys amhave really nice cocks and I like older guys anyway you know daddy issues. All three of us laughed at it. James brought me out some shorts since mine were ripped and we all headed back out to the hot tub. We all sat in the hot tub talking laughing and having a good time.

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