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Girl Crush becomes FWB

Jen is 5’3” with beautiful brunette hair, firm legs, and proportioned boobs. I had just one question “Why did my husband and my brother want her?” I played it cool. We were friends too, but I started to have a girl crush.

Then, things all changed the one afternoon. I wasn’t bad looking myself. I had a firm ass with tanned legs and a decent package. 
Jen and I were hanging out at her place. We were supposed to go out for lunch, but I popped in because she takes forever getting ready. 

When I rang the door bell, I saw her amazing figure before me standing there in a short skirt. Her blouse was a v cut, which showed the beautifully revealed the sides of her breasts. Jen told me to sit on the couch, for she would be ready in a minute. 

I sat on the couch, and I couldn’t believe that I was starting to feel a little wet. I saw Jen for sexual woman she was, and I wanted her. Jen came out of her bedroom, and plopped down on the couch next to me.
 I told her that my husband wanted her, and she giggled with this beautiful smile. In this second, I moved in for a kiss, and she pulled away saying “I am not bi, and you’re my best friend.”
I responded while stroking her soft luscious legs: “Neither am I, but I want to know if you are as good as they think you are.” With that, we resumed kissing. My hands slid up her skirt and instinctively moved her panties over. I started fingering her vagina, and she put her head back and let out a slight moan. 
She pulled off my blouse, and started to kiss my neck line as she removed my bra in a single movement. I felt that she was getting wet from my stroking my fingers in and out. So, I removed her skirt and panties.

I pushed her back on the couch, and started to kiss my way up her thighs. As I approached her pussy, she spread her legs for me. I continue to finger and kiss her pussy and lick it at the same time . I felt her body start to shake, and she was moaning loudly. After several minutes, she cumed in my mouth. 
Jen paused as she grasped for air, but as I leaned back stroking her leg with my mouth, she said “My turn.”

She pulled me off of the couch, and removed my skirt. I also removed my panties, and she tapped my ass. I giggled, and she pulled me towards the bedroom. 

When we got to her bed, Jen grabbed me close and kissed my neck. She pushed me on the bed and her head was in between my legs kissing and licking my pussy. As she sucked my clit, my body rose to meet her. I started to squeal a bit, which meant that I was close to climax.

However, I held myself back because I didn’t want her to stop. I held her head, and said “Fuck me hard…” She increased the tempo and before I knew it, I came in her mouth. She licked her fingers of the residual cum, and we passionately kissed while cuddling.

As I lied in her arms, Jen said that was the best sex she ever had. I responded we should continue doing it instead of lunch dates. She agreed. Now, I know what my husband and brother wanted so badly. 

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