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James and mike 3

So its been a few weeks since I saw Mike or James. We texted a lot but haven’t seen them lately. We were all in a group text and they liked to send cock pics occasionally. Every time they would send one I instantly got hard and extremely horny. I told em to stop because its not fair to see but not be able to taste. James texted me on the side and told me he wanted to walk in on me and mike naked and fucking around. He said mike don’t know about it. It was his birthday coming up and he wanted to give me to him as a gift.

So the week went on and I herd nothing from either of them no dick pics at all was kindof curious but yeah nothing. I started to text james when he walked into the shop. He said hay dude got any openings. Sure I can gwt you right in i said. I was by myself at the shop and it was a slow day. I got a steal hard on right now. James said i can see that and gave it a little rub. Cutting his hair we were talking about what he wanted me to do. I told him that we were the only ones here. He said well well well how did that happen. My boss had left early and you are my last one today I suppose. He said cool mike is taking a nap on the coutch after this i want you to go wake him up with your mouth. I got you i said with still a rock hard cock in my pants. I said and what are you gonna do? He said watch for a while through the open window then come and join in.

I finished him up and followed him to the bathroom he said what was I doing and I replied I wanna taste you its been a while and I can wait any longer. I bent over and pulled his shorts down and put his cock into my mouth. He wasnt rock hard but i loved feeling him get bigger and harder in my mouth. I started to push him down my throat and gag a little bit. He pulled his meat out and said he wanted to save that for later. I pushed his pants up but not before i seen a bit of precum so I sucked hit tip and cleaned it out. Told him I couldn’t wait til later. He smiled and said him either. We walked back upstairs and chatted a bit telling me what he wanted me to do. He said after it gets dark pull up and park down the street then walk up to the house sneek in and suck him til he’s awake. Then ill walk in and catch you two and the real fun will begin.

The anticipation was killing me. It was only about 20 minutes til it got dark but fuck I wanted mikes cock so bad. On the way over there I played with my cock because it was so hard not to. I pulled up down the street like james asked me and I texted him. Told him i was here. He said great mike is passed out on the couch. Leave your phone in your car and sneek in. I couldnt wait to take mikes cock my mouth was watering. I knew he was gonna get the wettest sloppiest head from me right now. I walked in and there he was sleeping upright kn the couch. He had some gym shorts on and nothing else. I got down in between his legs and pulled his shorts just over his cock. Grabbed it by the bace of it and inserted it into my mouth. I just left it there in my mouth drooling all over it. Every now and then I would look up to see if he was awake yet.

With every Bob up and down he seemed to be getting harder and harder i stopped for a bit to catch my breath and look to see where james was. I saw him in the window and her flashed his phone at me with a thumbs up and a nod he was loving the view. I got back to mikes meat it wasn’t before long and he was rock hard but still sleeping. James came in and was right there coaching me. Pushing my head down. Telling me softer harder more spit he loves a sloppy blowjob. And man I tell you it was sloppy my cheeks chin basically the bottom of my face was covered in my spit.

James pulled his shorts off and started to play with it. Slapping me on my face with it rubbing it on my face and all out jerking off. He said this is fuckin hot watching me suck mikes cock. I kept kn slurpping and gagging getting louder and louder actually trying to wake him up. Next thing i know I felt hit hand on the nack of my head. He said this is the best way to wake up. I just kept going bobbing uo and down slowly. Getting to the tip and drooling out all my spit onto his cock. I kept eye contact with him as I slowly swallowed his cock.

James leaned and placed his cock onto mikes mouth as he started to suck James his cock started to pulsate and get rock hard. Mike popped him out and said why don’t you fuck our little toys brains out my stomach filled with excitement of knowing ibwas gknna get fucked good again. Instarted sucking harder and harder. Mike said i think he likes it because he’s really working my meat over. James went and grabbed the lube walked back into the living room. Walked up behind me and pulled my shorts and underwear off. He put some lube onto his finger and rubbed it on my ass hole. That made my cock twitch. Neither of them seen it but I felt it. He put one then two fingers in my ass then came the third. He said your tight again lets put this third finger in and loosen you up a bit. He was fucking me hard with 3 of his fingers. I had a mouth full of cock but was still moaning out loud. Mike started to shake and his balls were getting tight i knew he was about to fill me mouth.

False alarm mike said as he pulled out. We are gonna cum together. James in your ass and me in your mouth mike said. Thats when james shoved his cock deep into my ass and then mike pushed my mouth onto his cock. My nose was engulfed in his pubes and my lips were wrapped around the bace of his cock. They were fuckin me simultaneously one in while the other was out and vice versa. My asshole was tingling and my mouth was drooling copious amounts of saliva all over mikes cock and balls. He said ahhhh I love a really sloppy blow job keep it up boy us daddys are close.

James gripped my hips and thrusted deep into my ass. Mike put both hands on my head and pushed my head down onto his cock. All of a sudden mike and james jerked and emptied their cum into my throat and deep into my ass. Mike pulled out and most of the cum went with his cock. I slurpped it all up and sucked his cock clean as well. He twitched when i was sucking all the rest of the cum out of the tip. He said whoa there thats more like it. James pulled out and I could feel a decent amount of cum drip down my balls.

They both got up and were standing there with their cocks losing hardness and their empty balls. They said what do you want i said i wanted to suck you guys both and jack of with lube until I cum. I just love being in the middle of two cocks. James poured the rest of the bottle all over my meat and balls and started to rub it in. His hand was warm and the lube made everything tingle. Mike put his flaccid penis into my mouth and james pushed his next to it. I started to jack off and the feeling of having two cocks in and around my mouth was way too much to handle i coildnt even try to hold back next thing i knew i was cumming all over myself. Being cheered on by mike n james was the icing on the top so to speek. We layed there for a bit the mike said how bout a dip in the hot tub?

We all agreed that this was the besy idea ever and we all went out james filled the cooler and we all went out to the hot tub and enjoyed the rest of the night

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