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James and Mike 2

A few weeks after my play time with James n mike and I found it really hard to get them off my mind. James and mike both have really nice cocks. I found myself constantly thinking about them. I was at work one day and got a text from james . Hey buddy what are you doing? I said juat working how bout you? James said he was just sitting there thinking about me sucking his cock. I told him thats all I been thinking about. In between texting james mike had texted me. He said he was going on a work trip over the week and into the weekend. He said it would be awesome to have pics of james and I fooling around. I said oh yeah? Thats what you want? He said the whole thing about it is james don’t know i am messaging you. I asked if it was ok and he said oh yeah james and I have an open relationship. While you two are fooling around my buddies house im staying at fuck around too. I said cool then mike sent me a pic of his cock and said wish you were here. Back and forth all day texting james really had me horny for cock. I told him i was leaving the shope early to be ready for my mouth when I get there.

My last two appointments couldnt come soon enough i was now wishing I had made them for tomorrow. Well they both walked in i cut their hair and they left. My buddy asked me why i was leaving early I fed him some bullshit. I was still in the closet with my friends and family. What I really qanted to say is I had a daddy cock to attend to but I couldnt. I got in my teuck and went to james n mikes house. Parked and walked into the back yard. The door was open and I think the lights were off. FaceTimed mike and showed him what I was doing. He said be quiet and sneek up on him i just got off FaceTime with him he showed me his cock and he’s ready. I walked in and watched him at the kitchen table he was completely naked. His cock just stood at attention. I was getting ready to say something then he stood up and walked over to the sink. I had an airpod on so james couldnt hear mike talk to me. He said he loves watching his cock wag back and forth. I mouthed me too.

I walked into the kitchen and told james to turn around. I bent over with the phone and showed mike what i was doing. He smiled and so did james but I liked James’s smile better because it came with a cock in my mouth. And I bobbed up and down on james then got down to my knees. I was gagging on his cock and coating it in that thick slimey throat spit. Mike was telling me what to do. Listening to mike tell me how to suck James’s cock was really making me horny. James’s cock was rock hard and he was just fucking my throat now. Gagging me and moaing while he was doing it was fuckin hot. He stood me up and took off all my clothes and left them in a pile in the kitchen then we walked back to the bedroom.

I was still facetiming with mike he was telling me that he was going to the hotel with his buddy and he was gonna get some action. By now my airpod was out and james could hear everything. He said make sure Mark is ready for all four of us to play. Mike said he will be. I layed james down and sucked his cock again i loved having his rock hard cock in my mouth. Sliding up and down my tongue. I showed mike what i was doing he said good boy. James said he wanted to cum he grabbed the phone from me and told mike he would talk to him later. James started to twitch and his body would shake every time i got to the tip of his cock. He told me that he was fetting really close. I figured I had a few more stroaks before I got all his cum. Boy was I ever wrong. I slid his cock over my lips and onto my tongue and back out again and then he exploded into my mouth. The feeling of his jizz hitting the roof of my moutb the back of my throat all over. James had a smile on his face and said oops I came alot. I usually don’t cum like that unless I’m getting fucked. You have an amazing mouth john.

As he recuperated I was jacking off looking at his cock slowly go soft. He said what would I like to do ? I said i wanna cum with a chuckle. He said ok and came over and gave my cock the most sensual blow job. Slurpping spitting and sucking in and then spitting more and blowing as he pulled my meat out of his mouth. I layed my head back on his bed while he sucked the soul out of me. While he was sucking me I asked if he would fuck me again he hummed on my cock yes is what I assume. He popped it out and said as soon as I’m hard again. I said let me help you and I situated us into a 69. I can’t explain how much I love feeling his cock go from soft to hard in my mouth. As soon as he was hard he had me bent over the bed.

He squirted a healthy amount of lube into his hand jerked his cock a little bit while he slid his fingers into my ass. He said my cock jumped when he fingered me. It still felt dirty to me but in a good way. It definitely made my cock hard. He spread my ass and rested the tip on my hole and asked if I really wanted it. I said yes daddy please fuck me and pushed all the way in. Ooooh daddy yes fuck me I said. He let out a sigh like he hadent fucked me before he said yeah you know how I like it. He started to pump in and out. It felt really good. His head was fatter then his shaft so it damn near made a popping noise when he pulled it out. It sounded good too the amount of lube james used made it really sloppy. There was so much oube in and in my ass it was dripping down the back side of my balls.

Bent over on all fours while james was fuckin me was so fuckin hot. I could feel it in my balls the sensation of my orgasm building up. He gripped my hips tighter and tighter I knew he was gonna cum soon . I told him i was getting close. He pushed all the way in and told me to cum with him. His cock got tight and he started to fuck faster and harder. I told him i was cumming and that when I felt his cum splash inside me. At the same time cum was dumping and pumping out of my balls onto his bed. He thrusted in all the way before he slid out. With a look of relief that fell appon his face and I’m sure mine did the same. He scooped the cum off the bed and put it in his mouth. Mmmm he said your cum tasts so good. As he reached over to share it with me. Reluctantly I tried my own cum and it wasn’t bad.

We laid there for a while talking. He talked about how he thought i was curious or maybe even bi. I asked him what made him think that and he said when I’d come in the things that we talked about and withe questions you asked we revealing. I nodded and said ok he said ibwas telling Mike about you one night after having a few drinks and mike said lets have him over. Then the rest is history as he chuckled. He told me I was good at sucking cock and my ass was tight. Two things I look for in a fuck. James said that while laughing. I leand over and said you mean this mouth and started to suck his dick again.

His cock tasted like lube a little bit but not that much just a hint really. Hr laid his head back and enjoyed every second of it. I was in heaven his cocknfelt so good in my mouth i could suck his cock and jerk off and I’d be fine with that. Bobbing up and down slurping spitting just all in all being his dirty little cock sucker. I sucked his dick for a long time ibwas really anticipating my reward but I knew he just came twice. To my surprise james said he was going to cum. As his breathing got more and more intence he gripped the back of my head and shot a couple ropes of cum straight into my mouth. Ugh his hot slimey cum splashing all over my mouth again yummy. I swallowed it all after showing him what he had given me.

I really liked sucking his dick especially after he told me i was good at it. We chatted a bit more and I said I better get going i still had to work tomorrow and so did he. It was past midnight so I got dressed and headed out. On the way home mike called and asked about tonight. I talked to him on the way home telling him everything we did. He saif he had a great night as well. I pulled into my driveway and told him i was home sonwe got off the phone. Went inside and went to sleep my ass hole was yhrobbing and tingeling all I could think about is what a good time i had.

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