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James and mike

I was at work and I got a text. Didn’t pay it any attention when I finally got to looking at it I saw it was a text from James. I instantly thought about his cock. I haven’t had it in a while and had been craving it. It didnt load up right away but when it did it was a picture of it. My mouth started instantly watering and I could feel my cock wake up. He said just thinking about you in the message. I told him I certainly am thinking about you now. He said he and Mike and been saving up for their little cock sucker. I said oh really … well you both know I like that. I haven’t been fucked or sucked a nice cock since I seen you two. He texted what are you doing? I told him I’m at work he said after?? I replied back with hopefully getting a mouth full of cock and a huge amount of cum. He texted and said you know the address just come by after work.

The rest of the day was filled with anticipation and butterflies in my stomach. Just thinking about the picture in my phone was driving me crazy. 530 couldn’t come soon enough my mouth was watering and I couldn’t really hide my boner. It was 4 and I told my boss I had to pick my mother up for her Dr’s appointment so I have to leave early. He said that’s fine and I got my things al left. I texted James and told him I was off early. He replied with a big smile emoji. He said Mike wouldn’t be home til 7 he had to work late so it would just be you and I. I am only about 5 minutes away want me to pick something up he said no just get here really looking forward to seeing you.

As I pulled up he had the front shades open and he was in it tight little boy panties and I could see hit huge buldge. I walked in and started to get naked with him. Well at least down to my boxer breifs. He rubbery cock over my underwear and I rubbed his at the same time. Only difference is I slid my hand into his underwear. Wrapped my hand around hit already Rick hard cock and tugged on it a little bit. He looked at me and said aren’t you eager. I smiled back and said I couldn’t stop thinking about this all day. He said he liked that I came over and got right to business he said he wanted to talk first but he didn’t want to stop me being that he tourchered me all day at work. I got down to my kneed and pulled his cock and balls out of his underwear.

I slurpped it all the way in as he caressed the back of my head. I guided him with my mouth back onto the rocking chair. I used it to help his cock fuck my mouth hands free. The feeling of his cock slide over my tongue and to the back of my throat was intense. I was drooling all over his cock it was pooling up above his cock on his abdomen. Coating his balls in my slimey thick spit. All around my mouth was coated as well. I was so into it I didn’t even notice he was recording me on his phone and sending them to Mike. He reluctantly pulled my mouth off him and told me he didn’t want to cum yet that he wanted to wait for Mike.

I got up and went to the couch to check my phone. I had a snap from Mike saying he couldn’t wait to fuck me while I was sucking James. Then a few more snaps of him flashing his semi hard cock and flopping it around. James showed me what he had said back to him … he’s lucky I’m not there … I wanna fuck him so bad …. make him choke …. play with his ass before I get there.

James offered me a beer and went to the cooler outside on the patio. Coolest ones are on the bottom James I said. He said he knew. When he bent over his balls and cock just swayed back and forth. It’s a nice view I said. He looked at me as he handed me my beer and said I missed a spot then used his deck to clean it off.

We sat there chatting for a bit while we waited for Mike. He said I almost forgot and ran to the back of the house came back to the living room with a towel lube and a medium sized dildo. I gulped and said what are you gonna do with that? He said we are gonna warm you up for Mike. He should be home in about 20 minutes he said and he asked me to warm you up for when he gets here. James layed the towel on the couch and bent over onto all 4s on the couch. He said I really like you this way. He opened up the lube and poured some into his palm. He rubbed in in-between my ass cheeks and payed extra attention to my ass hole. He started to finger me with one then two then three fingers in me. He said he liked this alot I said I could tell because he was rock hard. He kept checking his phone and said Mike was almost home. I smiled as he was drilling me with it.

When her herd the garage open up we quickly stopped situated the chair to face the door and I started to suck his cock again. This time with more spit really sloppy. I loved to feel his body twitch as my tongue flicked over his sensitive parts of his cock. I heard the door open and Mike saying well hello there. Hey Mike James said I tried to say Mike but couldn’t with a mouthful. James said this little cock sucker is ready. I herd Mike get undressed and felt him position himself behind me. He rested his cock in between my cheeks and slid it up and down occasionally pressing on my hole. James was guiding my mouth onto his cock up and down from the tip all the way down to the base. I felt him pour more lube onto me then he shoved his huge cock all the way in. I moaned out in sheer pleasure I felt my cock ooze out some pretty cum. I reached back and scooped it up off the tip. James saw what I was doing and grabbed my arm and licked it off.

They were both having their way with me almost taking advantage of me but I didn’t care I loved it. Mike would push all the way in and leave it I could feel it twitch inside me. James would do the same until I’d choke and spit up onto his cock only making me clean it up. I pulled away from James and asked them where they were gonna cum they both said they wanted to fill my mouth and face with cum. I agreed and said sounds like the plan then.

Mike said he was close and James said he’s been holding as tight as he could. Mike and James both pulled out and stood over me. I had my mouth open and was waiting for my treat. I pulled Mike’s hand away from his cock and sucked it for him. I told him I love the feeling of cock exploding in my mouth. He said OK and let me suck it. I gripped around his huge balls and slid his cock up and down on my tongue. He said here it comes and I closed my mouth on his dick and felt one shot after another splash into my mouth. Almost simultaneously James was ready so I pulled Mike out and put James in just in the nic of time maybe two stroaks and he was blasting off too. While I was taking James Mike let two more shots onto my face and James pulled out and did the same. I swallowed what was in my mouth and cleaned up my face.

I looked at Mike and James and said man I was really craving that. They both smiled and said your turn. Mike grabbed the dildo and shoved it in my ass. James swallowed my dick. I was getting fuck and sucked at the same time. I couldn’t hold back for long when Mike put his mouth on my cock with James. I never had this happen before. Two guys sharing my cock with a dildo up my ass. I told em both I didn’t know how long I could last with the it was like they both sucked harder and Mike started to ram that dildo hard in and out in my ass. Next think I knew James was on my balls Mike was sucking on the tip like a sucker. I was getting so close James could tell because he told Mike he’s gonna cum. Before I knew it I was cumming. Mike caught it all and shared it with James. The dildo eventually slid out of my ass and we all layed there.

Mike James and I just layed there naked like it was our first time cumming. Lube was still covering my ass and we all had some bit of cum on our faces. We all chatted for a bit I got dressed and eventually went home. I texted them both and said let’s not wait so long next time.

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