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Daniel the Great

I later learnt that Daniel was 53 years old when I was 19. It was in 1978, I remembered my first fuck with him very clearly like yesterday. We were introduced at a function I had attend and he had invited me to meet his daughter who was then a good dress designer. I agreed and agreed to visit the following day. When I arrived at his home, he told me it was a trick to get me there and asked to fuck me. I told him I already had a boyfriend and was sexually satisfied also that in fact my boyfriend and I had fucked that morning.

I dismissed his request and told him to let his daughter call me for an appointment to take my measurement. As I finished writing my phone number and glanced at Daniel sitting and watching me closely. He was as old as my dad, short and heavy built but had mischief in his eyes and his bold request made me take a second look. I thought why the hell not, fuck him. I sat down and asked him if he had a condom as a hint that I was considering his request.

Daniel was a retired and quietly wealthy man and was not the type to be an indiscreet lover. He offered me a glass of Coca-Cola and he came to sit next to me on the sofa. He started to talk about what he was thinking about when he glanced over and saw me the previous day, that he felt a stirring in his pants and thought why her and kept looking around the party for me. He walked over to my group and when he heard me speaking, he said he felt his dick swelling. I simply listened while he started to caress my thigh before gently lifted one of my legs and placed it on his lap which meant his hands can rub my legs up to the top of my thighs. When we had established touch, he pulled me closer for a kiss. I could smell his tobacco pipe smell on his breath and it was mellow and his kiss was sensual and confident. He was playing with my breast through my blouse all through the kiss and I felt my nipples hardening. He felt this too and kissing my neck and gradually settled on my breast where he kissed all round my breast but avoided the nipples. He had pulled aside my pant and had his middle finger sliding in and out, in and out of my wet cunt.

I then asked him to suck my nipples as I was horny and wanted to get on to the fucking. He told me that the waiting makes the moment wilder. He helped me remove my top and found I was not wearing a bra at all and so he started with a kiss and progressed to sucking on my nipples and would look at me to see the enjoyment on my face. I was very ready to be fucked but I was a bit shy to feel for his cock but I could feel it hard against my thigh. I wanted him to fuck my little cunt so much that I eased myself over his legs having dropped my pants in the process and I was astride his cock.

That was when I honestly realised that cocks came in different sizes and that my only cock so far was my boyfriend’s and it was not enough practice for Daniel’s cock. The cock just would not slide in as it was too big and I tried to bluff it out and force it in but no my hole was not wide enough.

Daniel laughed and asked if I truly got fucked that morning or was, I just making it up, so I told him that my boyfriend Tito and I have been fucking regularly but that I had only ever fucked with Tito.

He then led me to the bedroom and helped me take off my skirt and continued to kiss me all over before licking and sucking my cunt which was a new experience and I told him I had never sucked a cock so he allowed me to kiss and suck on the head of his cock and it was then that I realised how thick his cock was. He then kissed and sucked on my nipples before he lubricated his cock head and forced it into my cunt. I believe that I screamed at the fat muscles stretching my young pussy with his old hard massive cock. To show him that I understand he had to be brutal I wrapped my legs around him to say it’s okay.

Once his thick cock was inside deep inside me, he began to move his muscle in and out of my tight cunt and he kept on whispering for me to relax and store the memory of the experience for future enjoyment. He fucked my pussy for what seems like forever and then he let it slip out of my wet cunt. When he was going to reintroduce it into my pussy, I froze expecting it to hurt like the first time but it glided into place without the hurting but I felt the thickness and weight of his cock in my pussy. We fucked and fucked and every now and again he would let it slide out and enjoy sucking on my nipples before putting it back into my young hole. I had orgasmed many times and when he finally came, he spat his cum inside my cunt watching me as he did. I was pleased he persisted in getting that thick hard cock inside me as the pleasure of the experience was better than I had expected and feeling his cum moment and his face close to mine.

I got up and dressed thinking, I want this old guy to keep fucking me but I cannot be seen giving up a young 21-year-old for an old man.  So, Daniel and I continued to fuck regularly for a couple of years and Tito gave me the push after 6 months, when he discovered I was fucking an older man also.

I finally met his daughter after several months of playing hide the sausage with Daniel and she made me my graduation dress which Daniel agreed to pay for.

Fucking an experienced man like Daniel, taught me a lot about what good sex means. I enjoyed the pace, obviously his cock size made my eyes water initially but I loved it and the playing with my breast and sucking at my nipples remains great memory over 45 years on.

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