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Lockdown Affair with Sister-in-Law

Since the lockdown things have been pretty quiet at home. I’ve not seen my sister-in-law for a while. However out of the blue my wife tells me she is going to stay over for a few days since she’s having a rough time with her husband. Naturally this got me excited, I have a real soft spot for her, she looks amazing, brown skin, petitie body with an amazing ass and perfect small but pert tits. She came over, looking her usual amazing self and stayed in the spare room.

The next morning my wife had already left work and I headed downstairs to make my breakfast, when my sister-in-law came running down, saying she needed to urgently show me something in the spare bedroom. I headed up and as soon as I entered, she grabbed my hand and looked in to my eyes, with a glint of mischief. I knew what she was thinking. She told me how desperate she was to fuck me and told me of the sexual tension she had felt for years, she knew I felt the same. We started to passionately kiss, really deep French kissing, my hands all over her amazing body/

We continued to kiss passionately, I was so hard and turned on. She then pushed her hands in to my pants, grabbing my long hard cock. This urged her to quickly take off my pants and start a passionate deep, wet blow job. It was amazing, my wife has always been reluctant to give head but not her sister. She licked my balls, and went so deep, I was ready to pop. She went deep and hard, I was ready to cum but resisted since I was keen to make things last

I threw her on the bed and ripped off her pants, I couldn’t contain my excitement, ripping off her panties. She grabbed me and pushed my head towards her pussy, she knew I gave good head, sisters do talk. My tongue felt her wet dripping pussy, so moist and horny. I worked her pussy, thrusting my tongue and hearing her moan with pleasure. She urged me to go deeper and harder with my tongue, I could feel her body trembling and suddenly she exploded, I kept my tongue on her clit and felt the pulsations as she came hard.

Falling back on the bed, she was desperate for more, I jumped on top, I slow inserted by hard wet dick, inside her moist pussy. We fucked so hard, holding each other so tightly while I fucked her harder and harder, she moaned and begged for more, asking me to come inside her.
Her legs up in the air, holding that amazing body I continued to fuck that pussy so hard. It was too much, I exploded with power and pleasure, holding her tight as her pussy filled with my cum. This was more than I had ever imagined. We both took a breath ready for more.

She quickly got me hard again with that amazing mouth, pushing me on the bed with force. Loved how she rode me so hard, while rubbing her pussy at the same time. She was shaking with pleasure, fucking me harder and harder. This continued for a while, she then grabbed me close, passionately fucking and kissing me, we both felt ourselves getting ready to cum and on queue I exploded so hard, while she came hard on my dick, I could feel her pussy throbbing on my dick as she orgasmed, even more powerfully than the first time.

Both spent, we cuddled and talked, planning how we will continue to fuck behind our partners back. This then followed a day of fucking and pleasuring each other, the best day of my life. That evening my wife desperate to fuck. I couldn’t say no, fucking 2 sisters on the same day was my dream. We fucked loudly, knowing my sister-in-law would hear and hopefully make her desperate for more the next day.

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