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My first time – gay story

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I’m from Germany and two years ago I spent my holiday in Hurghada, Egypt. Egypt is a very conventient destination, just under six hours by plane it is a cheap and comfortable way to escape the German autumn and stay at a place where the hotels are plenty and cheap, the red sea warm, meals and drinks are all inclusive.

While I was there I got a little bit bored in the evenings and logged into Grindr to look for opportunities. The problem in Egypt is that the security is very tight. It is nearly impossible to enter a different hotel or allow guests into your hotel. The security in the lobby won’t let you enter unless you have a wristband of the right color and your passport to proof that you are a guest. So this fact made it a little bit difficult to meet somebody online who has more to offer than a chat.

But I was lucky, I got in touch with a local young (20yrs) guy who had an apartment close by and was willing to meet and host. So we made out a meeting point and I left the hotel for a walk. I left the roads by the sea and entered the less touristic living areas of Hurghada. Hurghada is not a large city so it was not even far away from my hotel but I had the feeling that I stuck out. Probably did, I was certainly the only tourist walking the area at this time. At the agreed corner I saw a guy. I approached and made myself known to him. Luckily he was indeed waiting for me since I only knew him by the picture of his erected cock. We could barely talk to each other but he asked me to wait at the corner for five minutes and then follow him. So I took out my phone and pretended to make a call while he walked down the road and vanished in an apartment house.

After some very short minutes I put the phone away and followed hin. This was probably more obvious than going together but it was his neighborhood. The door to the house was open and I went up the stairs slowly. At the third floor one door was slightly ajar and when I reached it the guy opened it and let me enter. He was wearing grey sport trousers that were already showing some bulge. So I expected that there won’t be much of a foreplay. He let me into his room and asked my to take place on the couch. He sat down on his bed and told me that he had to make an urgent call but put a generous glas with vodka in front of me. So I was sitting there, watching TV (Jane Austin, not exactly my choice) and was downing the vodka while he was having a call. This call took a lot longer than expected and honestly I started to get pissed. I considered to simply get up and leave but I was horny and – by the time – a little drunk. So I got up, kneeled in front of him and pulled down his trousers a bit. His half-erected cock popped out and I started to lick and suck it. He got hard immediately and seemed struggling to end the call but I guess it is one of the situations you can’t really explain on a phone. I continued to suck his now hard cock and barely noticed when he ended the call.

But suddenly he got up, pulled me up as well, turned me around and pulled down my trousers in a hasty motion. He moved me to the couch, made me kneel on it and suddenly I could feel the tip of his hard cock pressing against my hole. I lifted my right leg slightly and his cock, slick with my spittle started to slid into me. He immediately pushed himself into me and started to fuck me with hard thrusts that became more and more urgent. I only then realized that he never bothered to use a condom and that I had his bare cock inside me.

I kind of started to move away and tried to get up but he was holding me down. It might have been my feeble resistance that tipped him but he started grunting and then I could feel him cumming inside me. I stopped trying to get up and let him enjoy it and finish. He calmed down and his let his cock inside me till it started to soften. He then pulled out and between my leg I could see his cock and a drop of semen falling down. Well, I got up, put on my trousers and left. We met again another two times before my holiday ended

source : 1. my first time gay story


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