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Anal Sex for Beginers

Anal sex preparation for neubys
it needs proper preparation so it is enjoyable
not painful. We will need a water based
cream, a bowl of soapy water, a bowl of
clear water, paper towels.
We will start with one finger in both of us up
to 4 fingers.
Before inserting we must wash our
hands, dry them then liberally apply
the cream. We will insert at the same
time and continue for a few minutes.
Then remove and clean and apply
more cream. Once 4 fingers work
pleasurably I will wash my dick and
lather it liberally with the cream and I
will start fucking you slowly. Usually I
play with your nipples at the same
time to enhance the feeling. You will
have an orgasm as your anal rim and
nipples are erogenous zones.

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