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The Kink Convention #1 – Making New Friends

One of my favorite past times is attending to conventions. I love interacting with people having the same interests I have, them being professional or personal ones. One of my favorite conventions to attend is a kink convention that due to the global pandemic, I had been unable to go in the last 3 years…

This time, besides going to as many seminars I could go during the three days of the convention, I decided beforehand to participate in as many of their parties I could. The parties are divided in four categories: Official Parties (drink / dancing), Play Parties (parties in which you are practicing a kink), Unofficial Parties (they are usually a mix of play and drinking parties, but are not sanctioned by the convention organizers), and Private Parties (parties where anything goes and are often limited to a handful of participants). Since the convention is in a different state from where I live, I do not know enough people, so I make sure I always go to one or more of the social meets happening in the first day. Usually, the other people going to these meets are in the same boat I am, so it is easy to make new friends to hang out during the convention.

In one of these meets, I met four people that became my pack during the convention. They were Paul, Maggy, Jackie, and Stephanie. Paul and Jackie were a couple while Maggy and Stephanie were two of their close friends. Paul was your typical high-school athlete that now in his mid 30’s has started to develop a “dad bod”, but still is considered in good shape. He was around 6′-2″, had brown hair with already a good amount of grey and white hair (more than me, although I am in my late 40’s) and had the stereotypical Southern accent from the United States. His partner, Jackie, was also in her 30’s, and was the typical high school cheerleader at the time judging by her still toned legs and body. She had a mane of strawberry blond hair and what seemed to be a nice pair of DD’s on her chest. Their friends Stephanie and Maggy could not be more different from the couple…

Maggy was a tall brunette in her late 20’s with a nice ass, round pair of D cups and a pair of piercing blue eyes talking with a Midwestern accent. She was hot, but in my opinion, the goddess of the group was Stephanie. She was a petite dark-skinned Asian (Thai) in her late 20’s. With her long straight black hair in a ponytail and her baggy clothes, she seemed too young to be in the activity, but knowing you had to be at least 21 to be there put me at ease. Underneath the baggy clothes, you could glimpse a small, well rounded ass and the peaks of small A or B-sized cups.

Well, what about me? I am a dark skinned Hispanic of 49 years, 5′-10″ tall, and obese. Looking at me, you would think I am below 250 pounds when in fact I am 320, but they are well distributed, so many people think I practice American football. I also look like 10 years younger since my black curly hair has no grey or white and only my beard has some random white hairs.

We were placed by the organizers in the same table and we hit it on right away. All the young women in the group were very attractive and easy going, so my attention right away went towards the single ones – Maggy and Stephanie – , but while talking, Paul and Jackie told me they were polyamourous, so he wont get jealous if I hit on her. We drank and talked through the meet, but we still wanted to hang out together, so we went to another of the parties at the convention where we continued drinking. As the night went on, Paul and Jackie starting making out and Maggy began becoming more and more physical with me, rubbing my thighs and whispering on my ear to spend the rest of the night together. Stephanie looked totally out of place, shooting daggers at Maggy and looking at me like asking why I was not making any move.

The reality was that although Maggy had me at total attention, she was drunk. It is understood that a drunk person cannot consent, so I did not make a move on her to avoid a legal problem. I would grab her thighs or spank her nice ass now and then, but avoided anything else. On the other hand, Stephanie seemed to be sober, so I would turn to her and tried to make her feel at ease by trying to have a conversation while Maggy sucked my ear lobes. I knew Stephanie could see my erection – and Maggy’s hand trying to reach it as well as me taking her hand away and telling her “Wait until later dear…”

The party ended and Maggy was so drunk, she could walk by herself, so I helped her getting there. It resulted that Paul and Jackie were staying in one side of the hotel, but Maggy and Stephanie were staying at the same side of the hotel than I was staying – in fact the same floor! When we got to their room, Maggy was already snoring on my shoulder and Stephanie was between mortified and wanting to laugh. My erection had at least calmed down, but I needed to do something to avoid the blue balls case that was building up!

After dropping Maggy on her bed, Stephanie started to excuse her friend’s behavior and I stopped her. After all, I explained to her, that was not my first convention and people always do excesses during that weekend. I even explained her that it would be common to walk on the hallway and hear couples having sex without even getting too close to the doors. She laughed and mentioned that Maggy’s snoring wont allow her to sleep that night, so I mentioned I had earplugs in my room and she was free to get a pair or two. She seemed surprised and I explained to her that one of my kinks is to block the senses of my subs, so I use earplugs to decrease their hearing. She wanted to know more about that, so I invited her to accompany me to my room so I could give her a demo. She was apprehensive, but I promised to be a good boy and that we could stay completely dressed during the demo. She agreed and walk with me to my room…

As expected, people were at it in their rooms. We heard at least 5 women having orgasms while walking to my room (just to the other end of the hallway), so I looked at Stephanie with my “I told you so!” look and she laughed. She looked so damn cute when laughing!

We arrived to my room and I prepared the things for the demo. I took a pair of disposable earplugs, an eye mask, a gag ball, a silk scarf, a pair of noise cancelling headphones, and a bundle of cotton rope. I explained her how I used each one while her interest peaked. I also explained her that once my sub was immobilized, their skin would become very sensitive and then I would use different things to create extreme sensations. I showed her what I call my “ice lipstick” – a toy you fill with water and freeze, ending with an ice cylinder the size of a lipstick, a feather tickler and the light flogger. She was definitively into it, so I asked her to pick the ones she wanted to try in the demo and she picked the mask, earplugs, and scarf to use to immobilize her and the flogger, ice and the tickler for the playtime. As agreed, we would stay fully clothed (only shoes would be off).

I asked her to put her hands in front of her and as sensually as I could, I tied up her hands with the scarf. I could notice her breathing while I stood behind her, so I got close to her ear and almost whispered if the tightness was alright for her. Stephanie had to suppress a sigh before answering, so I knew she was getting more than excited by this play. I then put the blindfold and told to trust me on this while moving hair away from the blindfold ties. This time, she could not hold a moan, and I just told her to let all out.

I carried her to the bed and dropped her softly on it. She was very light, maybe 100 – 110 pounds at most, but her legs were well toned. She had to be either a gymnast or some other type of athlete. The earplugs were next, but before I placed them inside her ears, I explained to her what I would do next. I would take a random toy from her selection and pass it over her exposed skin – arms, neck, calves, feet, thighs, hand, and face. While doing that, I pass the tip of my fingers over each area, enjoying how her skin reacted and her low moaning. I also reminded her her safe words in case she wanted me to stop or slow down. Then I put the earplugs and tested how much she could see or hear. I turned her body to face up and get off the bed to admire my handiwork. Right there on my bed was a beautiful petite Asian woman half my age, blindfolded, and partially immobilized that I know was completely wet and waiting for me to take advantage of her. My cock woke up, and my erection was pressing my jeans with a vengeance, but I am a man of my word… I calmed down and got ready to make this Asian babe have a fully clothed orgasm!

The first thing I did was to lower the temperature of the room by a couple of degrees. That would make her skin to be a lot more sensitive to the ice and the flogger. I then took the tickler from the night table, and climbed the bed next to Stephanie. As soon she felt my presence next to her, she let out a short yelp that made me smile, so I took her and turned to the side. As soon i touched her, she let out a moan, so I got closer to her ear and said loud enough for her to hear that we were starting as I passed the tickler over her neck and behind her ear. God, she moaned all the time I passed the cheap feather thing! I had to muster all the control in my body to avoid undressing her right away and make her mine right then!

After torturing her with the tickler over her arms, neck, and face, I grabbed the flogger to continue our session. Her breathing was shallower and even though the room was at a cold 65 degrees, I could see a light layer of perspiration on her skin. I smiled, because I knew the flogger would be a better experience with humid skin. This was a very light flogger with silicone strands and it was designed to tickle more than to sting. I got close enough from behind so my erection just brushed her small ass and her reaction told me she felt it. She kind of startled and got away from it, but when she realized I was just brushing her with it, she went back to the original position. As soon she did that, I brushed her thighs and legs with the silicone flogger. She started moaning louder than before and her skin turned to a constant stream of goosebumps. Her hands were clasped together and her mouth was agape. Her breathing was shallower and faster, a signal her orgasm was closer. Recognizing that, I flogged her legs a couple of times making her scream in pleasure. I smiled and got closer to her from behind, pressing my erection on her ass while flogging her legs and arms while making my best impression of Emperor Palpatine while telling her “Good, good, let it take you to the edge, enjoy the sensations, let your orgasm flow through you…” She was basically humping my erection while moaning, crying, and shouting some shit in Thai. I had to ask her if she wanted me to stop and she shook her head. Then I asked if she wanted me to continue (all this time I was brushing the flogger on her skin) and she motioned with her head in the affirmative. I planted a soft kiss on her neck before the final step in our demo…

I had the ice lipstick on my hand, but this was going to be epic, so I passed one of my arms under her and grabbed her tied hands. Right away, she took my hand in hers and thanks to our size difference, I was able to basically move carry her like that. I pressed her back on my chest an her tight ass on my bulge and without a pause, began a slow trail of melting ice on her now sweaty skin.

That was glorious! The moment the ice touched her neck, she began cumming! Her ass grinded against my erection, making me getting close to the edge. I focused on her and continued passing the melting ice over her arms and legs. She was cumming hard and constant, so I took the earplug next to my face and whispered in the deepest voice I had to let it all out. I rubbed the ice over her inner thighs and that was all she could take. Her back arched hard, her ass almost impaled on my cock and her hands grasped mine as a vice. Her body was shaking and her feet were tense and I could see some wetness in her crotch. I stopped the toy use and started to caress her face and neck, whispering to her ear “Good, good my dear… good…” Her skin was glistening with a mix of sweat and water, so I told her to keep her eyes closed while I removed the binds. I took off the blindfold, the scarf, and the earplug. Her breathing was coming back to normal, but she was still grabbing my hand. I separated a little bit from her body, just enough to avoid nutting my pants and kissed the gape of her neck while caressing her face with my fingers. She was murmuring something in Thai with her eyes closed, so I simply stayed cuddling her until she came back to her senses…

I do not know how long we were in that cuddling position, but when Stephanie turned around to face me she had that fresh sex glow women get after an orgasm. She noticed my bulge and went to my zipper to release my erection but I stopped her hand. She was perplexed about it, but I told her I would prefer a whole session because if she touched it right away, I would nut in a second. She smiled and kissed me softly on my lips thanking me for the experience. After a while, I looked at the alarm clock on the nightstand and it was almost 5 of the morning. Stephanie kind of got scared about the time and what could happen with Maggy if she woke up while she was not in the room, so she went to the restroom to freshen up while I turned up the thermostat to a more normal 70 degrees.

I walked Stephanie back to her room, and when we were at her room door, I laughed, because she never took the earplugs. When I told her, she just smiled and said something about being able to sleep now even if there was a nuclear bomb explosion. We opened the door and Maggy was still on her bed, sleeping loudly. Stephanie and I kissed and I told her I would like to see them for breakfast at the hotel cafeteria. We agreed to be there at 10 am and that I would text her when I left my room for the cafeteria.

Walking back to my room, my erection came back while I thought about the things I would do to my new friend during the next couple of days…

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