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Just one chess game

We met in the chess app, and you live far but it’s “just a plane ride away”, as we say. We’ve been chatting for years as we make our moves in app. With the occasional emailed content here and there, perhaps. Your girls hot but she’s skinny. Your big ass cock needs a big fat juicy pussy, you say. You love bbws, you want me. 

When i first seen how hung you are my face got bright red. I never wanted some cock more. The content you’ve sent.. stroking it, chilllen with it just *plopped* out of the bottom of your shorts, as you are man-spread on the sofa, playing PlayStation on your off day. 

You’re the nerdy type. You do some kind of research something, It’s hot. You value your off time; so spending it chatting with me really makes me feel good. 

When you asked to come see me, i hesitated.. but i did it. I said yes, oh my goodness.. Never have i ever! But you want to gangbang me so bad. “Your body’s built for it” i remember you saying to me. I can’t pass up this opportunity! Not just to feel your giant cock inside of me, but maybe, perhaps. . “I can feel many hands on me at once”, I think. As i begin to dripp a little. 

“Sheesh I’m so hot, i just want to feel you here already”, i say. As i move my queen, putting you in check. I go about my day. 

Before i know it you haven’t moved, but you have messaged. You literally flew into my city and want directions to get a room. I help you out, and meet you there. My wish, was my certainly your command! I like that shit.

We get to the room, i see a chess board setup? “What is this?” I ask. “Strip chess” you reply. “Why did i wear a dress, and no bra, dam” i think. I have 2 pieces of clothing on, I’m hoping my chess skills carry me. “Fuck it” i say and *Shrug*. I sit down and open, moving my Queens pawn to occupy the center space. A few moves go by and i strike first. Swooping on your pawn. Never have i wanted a pawn so much. 

“Off with it”, i goof. As i play around a bit. You take off your shirt. You dunno this, but i have a weird thing for forearms so i check you out a lil in my mind, as you move. I tell you “Chess is a beautiful game because a pawn, can easily become a queen and win the entire game.” As we continue to move. It’s my turn to undress. I remove my dress. 

I’m topless now, just wearing my cute lil lacy chonies. Nipples hard as, my face turns red. You ask if i wanna stop? I say:  “To be honest i do” as i laugh, “but I’m no punk” i say. 

I see someone come in from the adjoining hotel room. “I thought that door was locked tf?” I ask. You know them. You set this up. It’s HAPPENING! They’re here for… *ME*

They don’t even say anything. One man takes me, kisses me passionately as he fingers me, getting me moist. You’re watching me, i see your big ass cock harden through your pants. My nipples do the same. “All these men, and i just wanna slide on his cock so bad.” I think as i glance at you, hungrily. Another man is playing with my tittys, i feel some nipple clips placed on my nips. My pussy begins to throb as another man Slides into me. I’m on top of him now, kissing another guy. The one playing with my tittys, he is mounting me from behind. I feel his cock on my back as he flicks my sore nipples from behind. 

That just makes me even hotter for your cock, to be honest. I want you, i want you so bad. But i know what you’re doing. You wanna cream pie me and THEN slide in. I already know, so I’m putting my all into it. I feel him slide into me, and slap my ass. “Fk yeah you slut, take all those big ass dicks. Checkmate your Heart? No checkmate these dicks” you say as as i see you stroking it and walking over to me. Bent over with 2 cocks in me, i feel someone pull my mouth open from behind the sofa, i look up to see a cock and balls resting on my forehead. As a man holds my mouth wide open, i see you. You slide into my mouth, and down my throat. 

I have 3 cocks in me, and one on my face. My tittys, each one grabbed by 2 more men. I’m in this whole pile of 6 men, i can’t even count right now, I’m just loving it. You tell me how much of a nerdy slut i am, as i take in this first man’s load. It’s so warm, so luscious. Fuck yeah, i feel it in me. A little drips out as he moves from under me. You slide out, and sit back down. 

He tells me to clean him up as the next man slides out of my ass, and into my creamy cunt. I suck his cock, as he takes off my nipple clips and pinches my nipples. Soothing them a bit between pinches. I feel man number 2s cock swelling up in my hot wet pussy. I slide a finger down and rub my clit moaning as he pounds me, i cum all over his short fat cock. Right then, he does too, filling my deep pussy up, with glorious cum. 

Man number three, (who had the cock on my face) came over. He wants to see how warm my shit is, he said. He tells me “grab your ankles you filthy cumbucket” and he slides into me from behind. I squeeze my vagina on his cock, “Fuck it’s huge” i think. I can feel him in my GUTS. Hitting my g spot with every stroke, this is fukkin amazing. I come up a bit as he passionately kisses my neck and bites me hard. He tells me this isn’t some romantic shit, and shoves me back down as he slaps my big tittys hanging like utters now as I’m bent over again. 

He pounds me even harder as he invites the men over who grabbed my tittys. Tells them i have 2 available holes and about to have a third, as he cums deep in me, and shoves me down on the sofa. 

I see you, recording on my phone. I’m scared for my privacy but my mind won’t even let me think like that right now. Being on such display just makes me feel so vulnerable and so turned on at the same time. 

Men number 4 and 5 are here now, serving me.. they’re simp boys. Will do anything i want. You threw them in to balance our the bulls. You want me flip from full submitting to fully in control.  

I tell one to eat my cream filled pussy, as the other sucks on my tittys for me. I see their cocks stiffen as they make me squeal with delight. I’m wet as Fuck and full of cum, i tell the man eating me to come over and lay down. I slide on top of him and rub my clit as i feel his big cock go up in me. I look around, he’s a tall man.. the view up here is nice. 

I see you again. You’re teasing me now doing the helicopter with your cock, i motion for you to come over I’m put my hands together and beg. You just point to the last two men. I turn my attention back to them. Man number 5 puts his balls in my mouth as i ride #4. He pinches my nipples and moans loudly, pulling my hair back, making me arch my back and rub my face on #5s balls even more. He calls me a dirty fukkin fat bitch and says “take this fat load you cunt” whew “ol boy got bold!” I think as i take his load in, squeezing my pussy on his cock and inhaling a mouth full of ball. 

I tell number 5 to cum Fuck my hot hole plz , i beg. He dips his shaft down my throat real quick and then shoves it into my pussy, missionary. He doesn’t last long, but it’s ok bc i just want to be with YOU. I make eye contact with you, over his shoulders as he cums inside of me. I feel it, it’s so fukkin warm. My hot pussy is dripping full of all of these mens cum and now it’s my turn. My turn to finally get your fat ass cock. 

You put a butt plug in me, there is a tail on it. You tell me to cum to you, “crawl” you say. As you motion me over with your finger. I crawl over and you call me a good cum filled pet. You ask “did you have fun with my friends, my little pet?” Then you pull it out. There it is, in REAL LIFE the giant cock from the pics, the videos. 

You Grace me with it and tell me to come sit down. I slide my hot creamy cum filled cunt down your shaft, with my tittys in your face. Nipples hard as fk. You say this is what you wanted. This is why you came. You tell me “ahhh you slut. You like being used by all these men, don’t you. You enjoy being a cum whore for me ..don’t you my pet?” I feel you, go even deeper as you passionately kiss my neck and rub my back. 

I feel you thrust deeper and slap my ass pushing my plug deeper making me moan even louder. “Ohh my slut enjoys that.. you like that DP action. “Wag your tail slut” you say. I swirl side to side while on top of your cock, making my tail wag. You’re enjoying yourself, i hear you.. I go back to bouncing on it as you rub my clit and make me cum hard. You tell me what a beautiful slut i am when i give into my urges. Just making my orgasm multiply, and get more intense. You’re stroking my face with your other hand, you slide your finger in my mouth, and tell me what a good lil mouth i have, as you start thrusting rapidly and harder into me. 

You tell me how hot my cream pie of a pussy is and how much you love dirty sluts like me. You bite my titty as you shoot your load in my pussy. That’s the 6th load I’ve taken this last hour. “Now what?” I wonder. 

Just then you go down and lick me clean. Sucking the Fuck out of my vagina. Ahh you wanna taste their loads too. That’s sexy as Fuck, i think as i get turned on again. 

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