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Tied and Tortured Mom

Ryan Driscoll was an average 18-year-old Teenage Boy, He was a straight A Student, and was active in sports, and has a great relationship with his mom Sylvia Driscoll, She was 63-years-old, Ryan was 5’9, short brown hair, hazel eyes, Sylvia was 5’9, shoulder length long blonde hair, blue eyes, They live in a house in a shaded, gated, tree-line neighborhood in a small town called Carterton, Ryan attended Carterton High School.

Sylvia’s Husband, he was Ryan’s father had walked out on them, when Ryan was 1-year-old, Sylvia had to work as a Bank teller at a local bank to make ends meat for herself and for her newborn son, Ryan was the captain of the boy’s high school Basketball, Football, Volleyball, and Rugby Teams, He was first Oboe in the High School Band, and Student Body President, Until he started having feelings for his own mom, sometimes he would watch every move she would make in the house, he would watch the way her body moved and curved.

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