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Golden Years

Once, about 15 years ago, I met an older woman. She was about 55 with beautiful silver hair. I had gone to a romantic lounge, alone. It was crowded, but I had a small table in the middle aisle. She was standing behind the bar because all seats were taken. I caught her eye and waved her over. “You’re such a dear,” she said, sitting down. “I don’t know how long I would have stayed without a seat.”

We chatted away, admired others dancing, listened to some very nice sounds from the trio.

It was difficult to keep my eyes from her gorgeous tits. And she was well aware that my eyes were ravaging every swell. I was in my late 20’s then and this seemed to please her.

Smiling, she whispered, “I see your heritage left you very well-endowed too, my dear!”

“Yes,” I smiled. “Granny always told me: ‘Drink your milk, you’ll have big titties….’

Jean laughed long and hard at this and I felt quite comfortable with her in spite of the age barrier. In fact, in my mind, there WAS no age barrier at all….

Someone asked her to dance, but she replied, “I’ve saved this dance for Dotty.” She stood up, held out her hand, and we cruised together to the dance floor. Many other women were dancing together also, an intended snub to some real jerks prowling the ranks.

Jean held me very close, pressing her luscious globes against my nipples. By the time we were back at the table, my pussy was more than just damp!

Finally, Jean said, “Look, why spend money here? We can drink free – with privacy – at my home. It’s very close.”

“That sounds wonderful!” I said. “It’s too crowed here, and I can hardly hear you.”

The house was a rambling, 12-room Victorian style mansion, perched on a slight hill. Neighbor homes were at least 150 feet away to either side. Must have been built about 1910 or so, and it was beautiful!

She poured us both another Burgundy and started the tour. There were 5 bedrooms on the second floor. All had nude portraits of someone in the family, or a very dear friend…and all were beautiful women with ample tits. She was, of course, slightly eccentric, although quite wealthy evidently…and her taste in art (and artists) was splendid!

“When I married my husband,” she began. “We talked about sexual pleasure quite a bit. He said this: ‘Indulge my sexual hungers and my entire estate will be yours alone.’ He was in poor health, but still a raging satyr in bed. So I learned to please him any way he desired. I grew to love every one of his unique pleasures. Women, men, groups, fetishes…he opened so many mental doors.”

She moved to one of the paintings and ran her fingers over the belly of the woman in the portrait. God, it was so erotic to watch her hands move gently over that delectable, erotic form!

From room to room we moved. Finally, we looked at a particular painting she said was her favorite. There, large on the wall, was a portrait of her – standing like a regal queen, nude with a sensual smile and a glint of mischief in her large brown eyes. Her hand rested against a sensuous tapered thigh, her thumb very close to her pussy. My mind reasoned that when the painting session was over, her fingers probably found a wet home in her cunt…or perhaps an expert tongue made its way to drenched channel.

Jean moved to the stereo and played an Andy Williams love song, took me in her arms and held me close again. She moved her globes over my nipples, her hands caressing my thighs. I let both hands roam over her lovely ass, delighting at the softness and sensual moves to my groin. God, she was SO sexy, so desirable! Her nipples felt like erotic spears, piercing into my body. My oozing cum was definitely soaking my panty-seat. Now I wished I had not worn them!

She pulled me to the bed and kissed me, long and deep, urgently probing into my warm mouth. I sucked her tongue like a cock. She was setting me on fire! “Are you sure I’m not too old for you?” Jean questioned. My answer came in a long wet lick down her deep cleavage. “Jean,” I whispered, “You have more sensuality in your fingertips than most women will ever learn! You are, indeed, Mature Pussy!”

She stood up slowly, provocatively and removed her blouse. Her nipples were huge! Dark-brown, erect, pointy…just the way I liked them. I could imagine her hubby’s cock sliding through the deep valley! Then she bent her head and sucked on her right nipple. I thought my cunt would explode…and she hadn’t even touched me! Her skirt slid easily down to her feet. Her waist was very small, swelling into nice, rotund hips and a scrumptious ass! My mind screamed to plunge my tongue deep into her beautiful asshole!

Her pussy was shaved, protruding, lips puffy and very pink! She pulled her lips apart and asked, “Would you like a taste?” My tongue leapt out of its socket and snaked into her cunt like a cock. I licked, sucked – devoured every drop of her pussy cream. It was tangy, but sweet…not bitter at all! I have known no pussy since that was that wet! I moved my whole face around in those abundant juices, smelling her cunt scents that covered my nose, cheeks, eyebrows…even my hair! I ran both ears over that drenched channel, wanting to crawl inside and lick all the way to her womb. God, I was so turned on, I could not breath!

Jean undressed me and tasted my shaved pussy, cum now flowing and spurting to the velvet tongue. My cunt was a cauldron of creamy juices. “Oh, sweet dear!” she cried out. “You’re a squirter, just like me! And nothing tastes better than a shaved cunt. We will bathe in each other’s cum!” THAT was pure truth!

Her tongue roved everywhere…from throbbing clit to steaming ass. Her tongue plunged into the tight sphincter and twirled inside, touching every inch of my ass-walls. “Your pussy and ass taste like ambrosia,” she said in a husky voice. Jean rolled me over on my tummy, raised my legs up and out, and spread my ass cheeks for more of her plunging tongue. Little spurts were covering her face and hair.

It was so erotic to see my thick spume in her lovely silver hair. My ass was squirming all over the bed from her tongue thrusts. She must have penetrated at least 4″. God, she fucked my ass just like a throbbing dick! She was an expert at tongue-fucking assholes! She could twist her tongue in such a way that it touched every millimeter of ultra-sensitive canal. God, I had never felt anything like it!

Jean put me on my knees, then knelt behind me and sucked my 1″ clit; lapped again through the furrow back to my ass. My pussy exploded in her mouth, filling it full with my white-hot cream. She eased up and kissed me deeply, letting my cum flow into my mouth. “I wanted to share your honeyed taste, darling! If you’re like me, you catch your cum in your hand when you squirt, then drink it like wine!” Jean was the most erotic, sensual woman I had ever known….

We fucked in 69 for a very long time and I drank every drop of her cum. “I have a surprise, sweetie,” she said, moving to the dresser. Out came a 10″ strap-vibe, complete with internal cock. She smeared my cum all over the head, then ran 2 fingers in my ass. She eased the long cock very gently into the channel, then gradually increased the speed and depth. The vibe was humming on high, oscillating in my ass and making me squirt a juicy load of cum again. There was no end to this, I thought. Tonight, I will cum forever!

“Someday,” Jean whispered, “You’ll get my bi-friend’s cock in your beautiful ass. He can cum gallons! And I will suck every drop from your sweet little pucker!”

I don’t know how I kept from fainting at the thought….

Together, we came about 10 times apiece. I knew I was multiple, but had never been aroused so much before!

We were lying together, nestled in each other’s arms, occasionally kissing and…just loving each other. I felt an urge between my legs. “Got to pee,” I said over my shoulder, padding away to the bathroom. I sat on the stool and let the warm shower gush to the water.

Jean knelt before me, pushing my legs up and spreading them apart. I slumped back against the tank. My pee was really gushing now. She took my clit in her mouth and bit it gently, just enough to make me tingle again. This was so new to me! Jean covered my pussy with her mouth as my golden pee kept gushing. This new passion, this rapture was fantastic!

I held her head and my fingers brushed her cheek while she drank my pee. It cascaded down her neck, flowing like a river between her magnificent tits. “Oh, darling!” she soothed. “You are so luscious! I want to drink all your juices!”

Her mouth sucked my pee hole like a possessed demon! I could not help but contract several times, interrupting the flow. Jean understood this, and eased back to let me start again. My poor bladder must have held 10 gallons!

I kept touching her face, running my fingers over her mouth, urging her to lick and suck some more. I could not get enough! And I also had an urge to bury my face in her pussy when she peed!

She eased a small hand-vibe into my ass again…and my head hit the ceiling. Jean seemed to know every button to push to make me have endless cums. Later, she told me that eating pussy while peeing was her greatest turn-on: To suck and lick a peeing woman to the heights of erotic ecstasy.

Finally, my pee ended and she licked my cunt softly, gently like a mother cat. All my erotic senses glowed, radiated into every corner. In spite of being spent, I knew it would not be long before I was blazing again.

Jean put me in the tub. “Spread you pussy lips for me, darling,” she said sweetly. I opened very wide and her warm, golden pee gushed into my cunt. I could never dream of such a delight! My pussy was ready to explode again. She squeezed her lips so that her pee would come out in random spurts instead of a steady stream.

Her pee crawled up my belly to my tits, then closer and closer. I opened my mouth and let the exquisite liquid gush until my mouth was full. Then I swallowed hard and opened again. Her pee was delicious! In times past, I would have cringed from doing this. But on this night, I found a wonderful freedom…and inhibitions were lost forever! The ultimate sexual delight!

Jean rolled me on my back, spread my cheeks and let her pee flow into my asshole. Another delirious pleasure! My mind found twirling lights and shapes, streaking comets spinning in random orbits like hedonistic banshees! ‘God,’ I thought, ‘How could I have missed all this beautiful stimulating pleasure?’ The past could not be re-lived, but the future would be superb!

We saw each other for many years, each time something new, more thrilling than before. Double-headed cocks. We’d suck the length until our pussies touched. So many erotic toys!

And yes, her bi male friend shot gallons of his cum deep in my ass while he sucked his friend. That was an incredible turn-on, to watch a man suck cock! Jean ate my pussy while he fucked me.

Then he put a funnel in my asshole and peed into the opening, filling my ass with a luscious golden shower!

From Jean and the men, I learned about the realm of total uninhibited love and sex. Finally, Jean moved to Kansas, breaking my heart. Hopefully, we will connect again very soon….

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