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The New Neighbor

It was the third time in a week that someone had stolen my morning newspaper. I get up early and enjoy drinking coffee and reading the paper, so being deprived of that enjoyment really pissed me off. I knew that the paper had been stolen, because the jerk didn’t have the decency to even throw away the plastic wrapper, but just took the paper out and tossed the cellophane on the ground.

As I was leaving for work, I noticed the new neighbor to the right of me. All I knew of her was that she was a single woman who looked somewhere in her early 40’s. She was outside setting up the water sprinkler, so I went over and extended my hand. “Hello,” I said, “my name is Doug, I live next door.” She took my hand and looked into my eyes and for a second I detected something that I just couldn’t put my finger on. What was it? “Hi, I’m Sara,” she said. “Welcome to the neighborhood,” I said, then “listen, I’m having a problem. I notice your light is on early in the morning, so you must be an early riser like me. I wonder if you’ve seen anything suspicious? My newspaper seems to get stolen quite regularly. Sara turned towards the sprinkler and bent down, “No, I haven’t seen anything, anything at all,” she said. “Oh well, thanks. Have a nice day,” I said as I headed for my car.

A couple of days later, I was up a little earlier than expected and decided to do a little investigating. I crept outside in the darkness of the early morning and hid behind a bush. I noticed the paper was in the driveway. After about 10 minutes, I noticed some movement coming from the side of Sara’s house. I watched as a figure dressed in sweat clothes moved towards my newspaper and bent over and picked it up. They slid it from the plastic wrapper and dropped it on the ground, then turned to leave. I sprang.

I grabbed the culprit by the right arm and swung them around to face me. “I got you, you thief,” I said sternly. I was shocked to see that it was Sara. “You, you’ve….been stealing my paper?” I stammered. “No, I was just getting it for you before the thief came,” she said haltingly. “Like hell,” I yelled, “that’s why you took it out of the wrapper? You’re not only a thief but a liar.” And I grabbed her left arm. “Take your hands off me,” she screamed. But I was pissed now. “You know what happens to thief’s and liars,” I said, and I spun her around and holding her firmly by her upper arm, I reached into the back of her sweatpants and yanked them down to her ankles. Her panties came with them. “They are treated like little children,” I yelled and my hand delivered a flurry of hard swats to her naked cheeks. Sara leapt in the air and let out a startled cry. “STOP!!,” she screamed as her bottom tried to escape the onslaught. As she moved forward, I was right with her, and continued the spanking to her bottom. She stumbled as she tried to run, because her ankles were caught in the sweatpants. I had to lift her and propel her by hand swats to the door of her house. Looking back on the experience, it was rather exciting as I spanked her butt from the yard to her kitchen.

She lost her panties and sweatpants on the backdoor stoop, as we entered into the brightly lit kitchen. I used my foot to push the door shut. She was starting to cry now, and I noticed that her bottom cheeks were getting a healthy red glow. Bringing her to the table I bent her over and looked around for something that I could use. Low and behold, lying right on the table was a leather handled spanking paddle. It was oblong with holes drilled in it. “Isn’t this convenient,” I said. “Seems you were expecting me.” Amid her shrill cries to stop, I lifted the paddle in the air and brought it down to give her bottom cheeks a blistering she wouldn’t forget. It didn’t take long for the heat to get to Sara’s mind and she erupted in screams and cries that are typical of a naughty girl getting spanked. I held her firmly bent over with her wrists pinned to the small of her back. She kicked frantically and offered me a most enjoyable presentation of her split pussy pouch. Her twat was full and the lips thick and shaved. Her little cunt mouth parted in a silent scream and the glistening pink of her inner twat showed with the little bud of her clit clearly visible.

Her buns were indeed scalded and she was shrieking and telling everyone in the neighborhood, who cared to know, that she was getting her ass blistered. I put down the paddle and noticed on the table a jar of cayenne pepper. I was raging now, and couldn’t resist. I think deep down, I knew that she wanted what she was receiving, as her pussy seemed to be dripping, but I was so excited my self I couldn’t have stopped if I wanted. I managed to get the top off the pepper jar and dipping my finger in I got a good amount of the cayenne and headed to her slit. I ran my cayenne-coated finger up and down her gash and pushed it in her hole and covered her clitoris. Then I stood her up and spun her around to face me.

“You had that coming Sara,” I lectured, “not only stealing, but lying as well.” Tears were rolling down her cheeks. Suddenly, her eyes got very wide and her mind began to register the heat in her snatch. “SHIT SHIT,” she screamed, “OH GOD MY PUSSY, IT’S ON FIRE, YOWWWWWWWIIIEEEEEEE IT BURRRRNNNNNSSSSSS.” And she began to dance around the kitchen howling. I grabbed her wrists and held them over her head, to keep her from her naughty twat. She was in a frightful way.

“OOOOHHHH PLEASE PLEASE, HELP ME, MY CUNT’S BURNING, UUUGGGGGAAAAAAAAAAOOHHHH MY TWWWWAAAATTTTTTT, PLEASSSSEEEEEEE!!!,” she howled. The cayenne pepper seemed to be doing its job, and I could see the effect it was having on her little slice and clit.

“WANT ME TO PUT THE FIRE OUT,” I yelled over her cries. “YESSSSSSSSS!!!!! I’M SOOOORRRRRY, PLEASEEEEE!!!,” she begged. I lifted her onto the table so that her legs were at the edge and told her, “SPREAD THAT SNATCH GIRL,” and her fingers flew to her lips and she tugged them apart, opening her gash as wide as it would go. Her inner cunt mouth was glowing. I unzipped my pants and drew out my cock and taking hold of it I let go with a strong stream of pee. I directed the pee to her open slit and began to hose down her flaming twat. Sara used her fingers to try and wash away the pepper from her most intimate part. I had a good stream, which lasted a good while and washed her pussy till the burn had subsided.

As the last few drops fell from my cock, Sara came off the table and fell to her knees. She took hold of my cock and wrapped her lips around its head. Her tongue flicked over the head and licked away the last drops of pee and began to bath my cock till it was hard and rigid. She was indeed a very accomplished cock sucker and licked up and down my shaft and sucked my balls. In no time at all, she had me ready to explode. “Open wide,” I ordered and she opened her mouth for my load. The cum filled her mouth and she eagerly drank.

When I was spent, I lifted her up and wrapped my arm around her and placed my palms on her still very red ass cheeks. She jumped with the touch and moaned. “Nice to meet you neighbor,” I said.

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