Adventures in Jennifer's World ch. 6

Chapter 6: Angela’s Find

Monday morning comes too fast, Angela said to herself. She never did like the commute into town to her job at the health spa, but she had an aerobics class of new client to teach, and she wasn’t about to let them down.

She arrived at the spa with an hour to spare. She went to the staff locker room to change for work. Jason, another aerobics instructor was just disrobing.

“Hi Jay,” she said as she passed him.

“Hello Angela,” he said. “How was your weekend?”

“Oh, pretty hectic. We had a house guest that turned out to be a real asshole and Eric had to throw him out.”

“Ouch! I hope everything’s OK now.”

“Yeah, it is. Jennifer helped to put things back in order.”

“Jennifer, huh? Isn’t she the one who was raped by her father? The one you told me about?”

“Yes. She is such a darling! I love her!”

“Well, you should get some credit, too. You opened your house to her after that rape.”

“Yeah, well, we couldn’t just leave her out in the cold, you know…”

“All the same, I think you are special fro helping her.”

Angela looked at Jason. He had never been this talkative with her before, and that made her wonder.

“Uh, Jason?” she said


“Let me ask you something: what’s with the convo? Normally you just say ‘Hi’, and then go on your merry way. What gives?”

Jason looked at her. “Oh. Well, I just thought I would ask, is all.”

Angela took a good look at him this time. He was about Eric’s height of 6′, but was lithe. He moved with a grace that bespoke his dancing ability. His auburn hair was medium in length, and his green eyes were deep and sensual. He had high cheekbones, and his face was symmetrical, but gorgeous. He always sported a deep tan, and she knew he never went to the tanning salon here, wanting to develop it the natural way. He was an avid rock climber, and had once asked her to go with him before she met Eric. Every time she saw Jason she had to check to see if her shorts were moist. She could feel her pussy getting moist from this conversation with him. She decided to end it and get ready.

“Oh. OK,” she finally said to him. He was looking at her strangely. She turned around and headed to her locker.

She opened her locker, then sat down to disrobe. Her thoughts went back to Jason. Now here was a beautiful man, she thought. She didn’t really want to get involved with someone at work, but this man made her consider it. The thing was he never made a move, and had always treated her professionally. She respected him for that, and for his talent. He could make people really respond to his teaching.

Angela had removed her shirt and bra. Her 38C’s bounced as they were released from their prison, and she sighed at the feeling of the cool air on her nipples as they went instantly hard. Unconsciously, her hand went to her right tit, tweaking the nipple. She stifled a ‘PEEP’ as the contact sent a wave of pleasure through her.

She stood up and removed her shorts. She felt her panties and found them soaked, and she thanked her lucky stars that they had not got her shorts wet as well. She peeled her panties off and threw them in the locker with the rest of the clothes.

She was now standing naked in front of her locker, looking at the mirror in the back of it. She considered her body. She saw her red hair, now down to the middle of her back when loose. She had it in a tight bun for work. Her almond shaped eyes were a deep, rich brown, almost black, giving the image of severe eyes. She knew that those eyes could get her just about anything she wished. She also knew she could attract or scare off anyone with them as well. She had high cheekbones that spoke of her Spanish heritage, and her lips were full and succulent, almost beestung in their appearance.

She looked at her chest. Her shoulders were firm, but slightly rounded. Her arms were muscular in the manner of a female exercise instructor, and very strong. She knew she was stronger than some of the men here. Her fingers were long and tapered, with perfectly manicured red nails on the end. Her tits were large, but perfectly proportioned to her 5’6″ frame. They were firm, with just a slight sag to them, making her tits “sweetly slung”. The areolas were large around a medium sized nipple, and they were dark. The color made it possible to see them through most shirts unless she covered them with a bra, which she usually did when out in public.

Her tummy was flat and muscular, very well toned. Her mound protruded slightly, covered by a deep red vee of pubic hair. She carefully shaved the pussy hair from around her lips, finding that more comfortable since her pussy was in a moist state a good percentage of the time. She noticed her clit hood slightly protruding from between the pussy lips, near the apex. Her legs, which she thought was her best feature, were long and tapered, flaring spectacularly at her wide hips, and beautifully muscled to give her an overall sensual look. Her tan was permanent, and she deepened it by naked sunbathing in her protected back yard.

She thought on her tanning times at the house. She licked her lips and closed her eyes, remembering times when Eric loving spread the lotion on her, sometimes not finishing because she had attacked him during it because he had made her hot with his hands on her body. She thought of how Jennifer also covered her in oils for her tan, and how she would suck her pussy while spreading the lotion.

Angela’s hand had found her clit as she reminisced on the past with her two favorite people. She pulled back the hood, exposing her clit to the air. She shivered from the feeling. She could feel her nipples grow even harder. Her middle finger rubbed her exposed clit, making her buck from the contact. She extended the massage by inserting two fingers into her pussy, then coating her clit with her juice, then doing it again. Her other hand started to massage her left tit. She turned around and leaned against the lockers for support. Her lust was growing.

All of a sudden, she felt a hand on her shoulder. Surprised, she looked over and saw Jason standing there. She immediately turned red.

“Jason! I-I-” she stammered, shrinking back a bit.

“Ssh, it’s all right!” he said. “When I saw what you were doing I hung the maintenance sign out and locked the door. I figure we have a half hour before those doors need to be open again.”

“I-I’m sorry, Jason. I didn’t mean to embarrass you with-“

“Hey, it’s OK, Angela. You’re not the first one I caught doing this before work. You are the prettiest though.” Jason stepped back and appraised her. Angela was standing, trying to cover herself with her hands, but that only made her look more desirable and sexy.

Angela looked at Jason. She noticed that he had a hard on, and from the looks of it, it looked like a monster! His shorts were straining a bit, and she knew he was wearing a supporter, as he looked ready for work. Indeed, when she saw his face, she saw the slightest twinge of pain around his eyes.

Angela’s lust had progressed to the point that she had to have release. She was going to use her hand, but now a more desirable alternative was staring at her right in the face! She made a fast decision.

Angela walked over to Jason and placed her hand directly on the bump in his pants. “I think you need to let that monster out before you suffocate it,” she said in a sultry, sexy voice.

Jason needed no prodding. He smiled and pulled down his shorts, then carefully peeled the supporter off, sighing at the relief Angela looked at his cock and gagged a little. He was fully erect, and it had to be a good eleven inches in length! She put her hand around it and found that she could not touch her fingers together. She was right; it WAS a monster!

“Why Jason, your cock is beautiful!”
she exclaimed, licking her lips. She could also feel her pussy juice flow.

“It is big, isn’t it?” he said. “It is a pride to me, but it is also m
y lament. I tend to scare away a lot of women. They tell me it is too big. The only people that seem to be interested are the porn producers, and I am not too keen on that industry.”

“Too big, my ass!” Angela said, now starting to stroke it. “They don’t know what they’re missing. Is this why you don’t have a girlfriend?”


“Now that’s a real shame!” Angela brought down her head, and placed the tip of his cock in her mouth. She started to lick the head whole pumping the shaft.

“UUUNNNGGHH!” Jason said.

Angela put her free hand in her pussy, rubbing her clit and lips. She spread her legs a little more. She then positioned herself, relaxed her throat, and started to put more of his huge cock in her mouth.

Jason closed his eyes and lifted his head. He grabbed the back of Angela’s head for support. Angela continued to slowly get more and more of his cock into her mouth until her lips touched the base. She could feel his meat in her throat, slightly pressing against her voice box. She pulled back all the way and dived all the way again.

This was too much for Jason, as his knees buckled. Angela followed him down to the floor, never releasing him from her mouth. She pulled his dick out of her throat and started to fuck his cock with her mouth, stroking the shaft with her hand. Her other hand came out of her snatch and cupped his giant ball sac. Jason grunted and started to buck. She could feel him build up to an orgasm, but she did not want his cum in her mouth…this time. She wanted him in her cunt, pounding her senseless!

Angela released his cock, then crawled over him until her pussy was at his face.

“Eat me,” she said.

Jason stuck out his tongue and Angela got another surprise. His tongue was extremely long! This man was built to please a woman, and women were scared of him?

Jason lapped at Angela’s honey pot, licking up the juice that was covering it. Angela shivered, licking her lips, and playing with her tits. Jason found the clit and pressed it with his tongue, sending another round of shivers through her.

“Ooh, yess!” she screamed. “Lick me up, Jason! Put that tongue in my twat!”

Jason complied, and put his tongue into Angela’s pussy hole. Angela looked down at him in surprise and lust as he worked it in and out of her. She could not believe the feeling. It was like she had a nice sized cock in her!

Jason continued this for a while, bringing his hands up and replacing Angela’s hands on her tits. He expertly tweaked the nipples, causing Angela to spasm with a renewed lust that made her crazy. She knew she couldn’t stand much more of this, so she disengaged from his wonderful mouth and placed her pussy over his massive cock. She saw a glistening of precum on the tip.

Angela shoved four fingers into her snatch and pulled them out wet with her pussy juice. She then lubricated Jason’s cock with that juice by slowly stroking it. This made Jason grunt with lust. Then she grabbed that wonderful hunk of meat and guided it to the opening of her pussy.

“I am going to enjoy this!” she said. Jason could only nod as he watched her insert his cock into her pussy and slowly sink herself on it, easing it into her.

Jason looked at her face. She had a look of pure lust and concentration as she impaled herself on him. He turned his attention to his cock and had to put his head back as well. She was tight!

Angels continued to push down on that pole until his cock bumped against her cervix. She looked down and noticed she had an inch or so left until she had him fully in her. She took a couple of deep breaths, set herself, then dropped.

Their worlds exploded as Jason’s cock pushed past her cervix and into her uterus. She had never been filled like this before, and it felt so erotic! Jason felt like a vise had been placed on his dick. She pulled back up all the way, then slammed down all the way. Jason saw stars as his head enter her uterus again.

Angela went insane with lust. She lifted herself and dropped on to this man’s wonderful love pole over and over again. She just could not get enough of this cock!

All of a sudden, she felt his hands on her hips, and he stood up, not letting her off his cock. Angela was amazed at the strength that this man possessed! He held her suspended, impaled on his cock,

“My turn,” he said lustily.

Angela felt his hands tightened on her waist. He then started lifting and dropping her onto him, sending waves and waves of insane pleasure coursing through her. He maneuvered her so that each stroke would brush her clit against his coarse pubic hair. She put her hands around his neck for support. Her tits lightly slapped with each downward stroke. She leaned her head back and moaned loudly.

Jason continued to lift and drop Angela on his cock. The smooth, firm muscles of his body tightened for this effort. He was bucking his hips upward with each downward stroke, shoving that monster harder into her. Angela couldn’t see straight She lived only for that cock mercilessly pounding her cunt into oblivion!

Suddenly, Jason tensed, and then shoved his cock into Angela so hard that it made her scream.

“OH, SHIT!” he yelled. “I’M GONNA CUM HARD!’

Angela was beyond words. That last push hurt her some, but it sent a wave of pure lust through her that words could not describe. She gripped his neck tighter, wrapped her legs around him, and came with him. Her body racked with spasms as his sperm totally coated her insides and out her pussy. Her juices mingled with his sperm and made her pussy so slick that his cock was pounding her at a furious pace.

Jason staggered, then regained his balance. He kept hammering Angela until the spasms of his orgasm subsided. This took about five minutes. He looked at Angela. Her eyes were half closed, and her tongue hung out one side of her mouth.

He took Angela off his now lowering member, and laid her on the bench. Her skin was mottled red, and there were handprints at her waist. Her body kept spasming for a good ten minutes after that. Once they subsided, she started to laugh.

“Oh, my God, Jason,” she exclaimed once she was able to speak again, “You know how to thoroughly fuck a woman!”

Jason smiled. He was a little afraid that Angela would say “never again”, meaning that he had hurt her and she did not want to repeat the experience. This had happened too many times before.

“You have GOT to come over some night!” she continued. “I think I know someone that you could really hit it off with!”

This was new! “Well…”
“Look. I just had the most explosive orgasm on a cock in a while and I want another crack at it!”

Jason just looked at her incredulously.

“No, I mean it. I really do have someone I want you to meet. I think Eric would like to meet you too.”

Jason decided to chance it…again.

“OK. When?” he finally asked.

“This Friday night.”

“OK. It’s a date, then.”

“It’s a date. Now go open that door and let the other employees in after you dress. I am heading to the showers to clean up. Go on!”

Jason laughed and started to dress after wiping himself down. He knew he would have to take a shower as well. He smelled of sex, and knew that if he didn’t wash, everyone would know. Angela got up and staggered to the showers, walking bow-legged.

“Pornos, eat your heart out!” she yelled to no one in particular. She turned on the water and stepped under it. As she washed herself, she thought of how to tell Eric that she found someone for Jennifer. She also thought about this Friday, and what could happen. Incredibly, she started to get wet again!

“All in good time, my sweet, pounded pussy,” she said as she applied the soap to her clit and shivered, “all in good time!

So Angela’s encounter in the locker room produced a possibility
other than pure sex. Will Jason and Jennifer hit it off? Maybe. Find out in the next chapter of the Adventures in Jennifer’s World!

If you liked this story, email me. I app
reciate your comments.

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    My boyfriend is the same, huge cock and all! I love it when he fuck me hard. Can’t wait for more!

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