anything for a job

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Anything to keep a job

Ann wasn’t too happy with the current situation ; as a matter of fact it was quite stressful not to know how much longer you would live in your house before it was foreclosed , just like so many other couples had gone through the same painful experience lately.

Her hubby Peter – the only man she had known in her life, cause she got married the last year of high school, well Peter had a full time job running errands for an auto parts company, not too well paid, but they managed to get by each month, while Ann was trying to get through junior college and do some baby sitting.

Ann was a gorgeous brunette with a nice set of boobs and a cute little ass to die for; she always got compliments wherever she went, but didn’t look at other men cause her mother had always taught her she was married for life.

Well, things weren’t going too good for Peter, auto sales were really down and auto parts stores were all downshifting, so Peter got the message he could only work part-time; as Ann was in the area one day she decided just to stop and greet her hubby at work. The boss was there, and Peter had always had problems with that man, who was a rather rude man in his 40’s and who was always boasting he could get any girl he wanted and that one day he would fuck cute Ann!!

Ann greeted the boss and figured some small talk wouldn’t hurt, maybe she could talk him into letting Peter work full time again.

Hey, cute, how are you doing? The boss asked
Oh, not too bad, really, Ann answered politely, is Peter in?
Yes, he is, he’s going to pick up some parts in a minute

At that very moment Peter showed up Oh, hi baby, how nice of you to come say hello
Ok, Peter, enough b.s. now, rush to St.Albans, Mr Fred is waiting for you, he needs the part ASAP , the boss yelled at him
Ok boss, I’m on my way Peter answered
Sorry, baby, I have to go now, see you tonight
And off he went

The boss called Ann into his office, then closed the door
And how are you guys doing?
Well, it’s a bit difficult times, as you know, Ann replied; with Peter just working full time
How can you two get by on 600 bucks a month? The boss asked? I suppose you have to work too now?
Well, that’s the problem, Ann answered, the people where I used to babysit don’t need me anymore cause the wife just got laid off herself, and so, well …
And I just thought, maybe,…
You thought you could work for me, hey cutie, well let’s see, what can you do? Maybe I can hire you part time, the boss leaned back in his armchair as he was looking Ann all over, are you good at blowjobs?
Please, Ann blushed, don’t talk to me like that, I’m married you know
To that little prick? The boss laughed
Look at this meat here, think you can handle that? he continued, pointed to the bulge in his pants
Please, stop, Ann said softly, she did not want to make the boss mad, cause she really needed some extra income
Ann was standing in front of him, with her slender figure , her nice boobs poking out and her colourful miniskirt showing great legs
You can make an extra 400 easy , just part time, the boss said
Come closer! Ann moved a step closer and stopped just a foot away from the boss’s knees
Look at this, he said, unzipping his jeans, and letting his half erect cock out; it was about 7 inches, way bigger than Peter’s fully erect 5 inch weenie
On your knees, show me what you can do!
Come on, touch it, you little slut! He was talking so firm, his words were orders, you didn’t say no to him, he was a real boss figure
Ann slowly sank to her knees, and took this cock in her hand
Don’t be shy now, slut, open your mouth big, and stick your tongue out that I see it, and look at me when you suck my cock,…. Good, that’s better, you see you can do it; now suck it, and suck it good, his cock was getting full erect now, a solid 8 inches Ann had never seen or felt anything like that; while she was sucking the boss picked up the phone to make a call
Hey Fred, how are you? Yes, Peter is on his way to you with the part, and you know, his cute wife is on her knees sucking me off, yes she needs some extra money, well times are hard you know, what? You want her too? You have a job for her? I will send her to you afterwards! By taxi? Ok if you tell me, talk to you!
Meanwhile Ann was looking at the boss who was fondling her tits through her blouse; after a few minutes the boss ordered ‘ ok now slut, let me see them boobs!
Ann stood up and opened her blouse, the boss just grabbed her tits out of her bra and squeezed them hard, pinched the nipples so hard it hurt and she got a tear in her eye “you’re hurting me” she said, but he completely ignored her
I’m the boss here, you little slut, understand? And while saying this he pulled her mini skirt down, so Ann was standing there facing him in just her string
And I bet your string is wet, he spoke
Ann just looked down, didn’t really dare to say anything to this rude man who she hoped would pay her and she would be off
At the same time he pulled her closer and with one thumb pulled down her string
Now she really didn’t know what to do or to think anymore; it is strue she was completely wet, after sucking such a nice piece of meat
The boss took her clit between finger and thumb and really pinched it hard
Oh please no you’re hurting me
Well it’s because you are so slutty so wet you can’t hide you want me in you!
Turn around, bitch
And with one quick move the boss turned her around and mounted her from the back, slamming deep into her with hard thrusts, Ann screamed with pleasure and came twice in a very short time
She had never experienced anything like that
And she was gonna get paid for this? How much better can it get? She thought

To be continued

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    My wife has been servicing her boss and my boss since we first got married. They have bot bred with her on many occasions.

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