Birthday Gifts

Birthday Gifts

It was a week later after the fair. Tina and Lori calls me at home,it was about 9:30.They asked me if I`d like to come over. Loris tells me that they have a fun suprise for me. So I had nothing I was doing,and it sounded interesting.So I agreed. I told them I`d be there in an half hour.

When I arrived at their townhouse apartment.I rang the doorbell,Tina opened the door and greeted me with a big hug and a short passinate kiss( I was very delighted) Then Lori popped around the door and she also gave me a hug and a short passionate kiss. After Lori pulled away from my lips I could see both were just wearing T-shirts and no pants( so I assumed, just panties or so) Their kisses had already started making my cock swell inside my pants. Not to mention the naughty thoughts running thru my mind,about what the girls had planned. So as they led me inside,Lori slips up behind me. Tina was in front of me,she was smiling very big( almost an devilish grin like) Tina then tells me to close my eyes as tight as I could.As I closed my eyes I felt Lori slip something around my head covering my eyes,after she tied it very snug.Tina asked me to open my eyes and tell if I could see anything.I tried very hard to see any light at all,which I told them “no I cann`t see anything ,not a trace of light” they both replied” very good”

I felt one of them take my hand and led me upstairs I could her them talking and knew one had openned a door.I was led into the room and was place on my back,on a bed No sooner I was laid back I felt my pants being taken down and then I felt them off my ankles. I knew by this time I had a full raging hard on(this was really turning me on). I felt someone rubbing on my boxers,feeling on my hard cock. I laid there I knew they could see it and the smile I had on my face.Then to my suprise, I felt someone putting like cotton into my ears, then they put like ear muffs over my ears. I thought ,Ok this hasn`t ever happened to me ,but as horny as they had me I was game.

I felt someone sliding their hand inside my boxers ,slowly stroking my hard shaft from the tip to the base.It felt so good I felt it twich a little. Then after a few minutes I felt my boxers sliding down my legs and off. So now all I had on was my T-shirt. Then I felt someone climb on to the bed and came up to my chest and slowly sitting down.I could smell the scent of a sweet pussy and its jucies. Just at that moment I felt a warm tongue circling around the head of my cock and I felt the one on my chest slide forward so that my mouth was now right against her pussy. It smelt so sweet and so good I had to open my lips allowing my tongue, to start licking across those warm slippery pussy lips.(I didnt know which one it was,but it tasted sweet) I felt a mouth slip over the tip of my throbbing cock and started sucking its way down my thick shaft. I licked the pussy at my mouth faster as the mouth on my cock went faster. this lasted for about ten minutes then they stopped.

Then I felt them change places it seemed.I couldn`t see anything and I really couldnt hear what was being said,all I heard was muffed voices. I felt another climb onto the bed,getting into place right where the other had been. As I felt the warmth of the body on my chest,and felt the body sliding up closer to my mouth.I could smell something with a strawberry scent,then suddenly I felt soft pubic hairs touching my nose(unlike the ones before that felt a little stiffer). then as she slipped a nudge closer I could feel very soft warm wet pussy lips againt my mouth. As I moved my head just a tad and started to slip my tongue out of my mouth I tasted sweet starwberry tasting pussy juices all over my lips. I started licking around my lips but I was also slicking thru her pussy lips.It must have felt very good to her,cause she pushed into my face harder and started grinding her lips across my mouth. Then I felt something very warm and softly taking the head of my cock into someones mouth ,it sorta felt a lil bit different,cause the mouth went all the way down my cock before it closed tightly around it.(Lori and Tina had always took just the tip in first,then slowly sliding down my shaft).But after a second the mouth ,that now had captured my hard cock was slowly sliding up to the tip,keeping it in and slowly back down to the base. As I contiuned to lick the sweet strawberry juices from the pussy grinding on my mouth and face now. It felt like another person got onto the bed at my head.(but I wasn`t sure,and wasn`t able to see) then I felt two hands take hold of the underneath and back of my head and started controling my head movements as I was licking around this sweet pussy and a very swollen soft clit. My head was being controled and my cock was feeling very good,and this lasted for about 25 more minutes(seemed longer)

Then I felt the two pull away and once again change places. I felt another soft bare ass getting sat down on my chest. And at the same time I felt two very soft warn hands stroking my very hard throbbing cock. (I didn`t know how much longer they planned to torture me like this,seemed just as it was getting good enough for my load to start building to cum. they would change out) But I noticed the weight on the bed by my head didn`t change when the two swapped, so now I was certaint that there was another person on the bed. I wasn`t alarmed, it had to be another female cause she had very soft touch and slim longer fingers from the feel on my head. So I figured this was their big suprise.

So at this time ,I felt the hands that were controling my head slip back under in place once again. Then I heard a voice saying something I couldn`t make out. but I felt the warm bare ass on my chest slide closer and closer til I felt another soft warm slippery pussy against my mouth and lips. As I could smell that this one just smelt like a younger girl (like a cheerleader I had eaten out after a football game in high school) I felt some very warm lips slipping over the tip of my hard cock slowly slippin around the ridge of my cock head. I had never felt either one of them do this and it was like someone was guiding the head that was sucking my cock. I still had two hands behind my head controling how far in my face was and how far back it was and the speed it was moving. As the warm tight mouth and lips around my cock went harder and faster. I could feel, that my cock was starting to pulsate some as the mouth would tighten up harder with each time it slipped across the head of it. as it got to feeling better I was now pushing up and down as if I was fucking some tight pussy with my cock and the head was trying to stay with my rythum. With this I could hear what seemed like to voices giggling, but wasn`t for sure whos it was. All I knew was that I was starting to feel a very big load of hot cum building inside my balls as the sweet pussy was grinding harder and harder on my mouth and tongue.And of course that warm tight mouth, which my hard cock was fucking as it was sucking harder on me.

Just as I was thinking ,I`m almost getting that feeling of wanting to cum. I feel the hands controling my head, slip off the ear muffs now I can hear some sweet moans filling the room and I heard Tina saying “keep going up and down that cock as tight as you can hold your lips” then the voice at my ears(which was Lori) says “babe does this feel really good ” I replied with almost a weak whimper” Oh yesssss God this feels so good…” then I paused and asked “what are you two doing to me” lori then replies “If I go ahead and show you,Will you promise not to be angry?” I replied after a thought..saying ” long as you don`t tell me that this isn`t a female sucking my cock”.. She laughs and I hear other laughs as Lori removes the blindfold.

As my eyes focues to the change of light I see two other females one on my chest and the other one with my cock still inside her mouth. I`m so fucking excited and turned on, I`m just enjoying having four girls. Tina now tells the one that was sucking my
hard cock to stop. she has her to strad
dle me and keeping her self up over the tip of my cock. Tina starts helping the younger girl slip down onto the tip of my cock. As she starts to lower herself down I felt like the head was being squeezed into something so tight I thought it wasn`t gonna go,then I felt the head of my cock pop inside this thight fucking pussy. It was so tight but felt so fucking good I felt a lil jism seep out of my cock head. I then open my eyes and I asked ” damn she`s so fucking tight, what is she a virgin?” Lori leans down a whispers into my ear ” Yes baby,she is…. these are Tina`s younger twin sisters, They just turned 18 today. And Tina wanted you to be their birthday gift.

So after hearing this my cock was really throbbing.I was gonna be their first fuck. Then I saw Tina stretch across the bed to my ear and tells me ” Hey baby, My sisters are really virgins and I want you to be the first man to fill their young tight pussies up with hot cum” I heard Tina coaching her sister Michelle to let my cock make its way up inside her .whith that I raised upward making it slid a lil farther in her thight pussy. then I felt her other sister Shelley slide back up against my mouth with her pussy and Lori was telling her how to rub her pussy harder against my mouth as I was starting to run my tongue up thru her lips and up around her clit. I felt Michelle push harder down on my cock,now as I raised up again both sending my cock all the way in her very tight pussy.I could feel her pussy start to clench around it as she started riding it harder and harder as she was moaning loudly but sounded so fucking good.

Seemed like it was just a few minutes inside Michelles tight pussy I felt my laod start to really build up.I felt my cock start throbbing and pulsating as Michelle went faster and was raising up just keeping the tip inside her pussy and then quickly sending it back all the way in.She kept doing this faster and faster til I wasn`t able to lick Shelley`s pussy , cause I was moaning out loud myself. Shelley musta sensed that we both were getting worked up,Cause she started really grinding and fucking my face, I started tasting sweeter juices coming out her slippery wet pussy.Then I felt Michelles pussy tighten up around my hard cock.just barely allowing it to keep sliding in freely.I knew both girls was ready to cum. And just as I raised up hard against her pussy she started cumming all over my cock which was now burried deep inside her tight pussy and this made me loose control and I started shooting wad after wad of hot cum up into her pussy.Shelley had been fucking my face so hard that as soon as I realized it she had soaked my face and neck with her pussy juices.

Atfer we all laid there on the bed Lori and Tina started playing and sucking on my cock until I was able to fuck shelley…. Tina said I had to fill shelley up to before I was able to leave. So I did…I laid shelley on her back and they controled how hard we fucked how deep I went until they was so worked up they was begging me to shoot my load of cum in shelley. So after fucking Shelley hard and fast for about 40 minutes I made her start cumming and I filled her tight pussy up with my cum.

After we laid and rested again Tina and Lori told me I`d have to come back another night to fuck them

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