2 Way Tutoring

J.T, is the allstar W.R. for the football team, hes the man around town hed also a lady killer they always come back because of his 10 inch cock.

Jasmine was his tutor a virgin at everything and one of the biggest nerds n school, she was waiting outside the lockeroom when Mike told her J.t. was the only guy left she peeked in there, she couldnt see anything because there was lockers everywhere and steam everywhere, then Jasmine listened she was hereing moaning and a smacking noise she made her way slowly to the showers their backs were to her, it was th captain of the girls volley ball team, jasmine figures they came in the back door, they were going at it so ruff, she found herself feeling her tan latina stonache, while watching she found her self unfstening her bra and dropping it to the floor then took her shirt off and fondeled her large ample tight firm tits, she always wondered what he looked like he was fine as hell, she then took one hand and fondeled her tigh virgin pussy she then noticed lida leaving, and jt still there in the showers , he was looking dead at her…

ask for more and ill tell you were he stuck it

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