An Unfinished Term Paper

‘I hate college,” Keith thought miserably. He had a term paper due in Intro to Space Plasma Physics tomorrow, and it was already midnight. ‘Not tomorrow anymore, and that’s what I get for making the idiot decision to major in Astrophysics,’ he grumbled to himself. ‘Three years of college so far, wasted if I don’t get this stupid paper done tonight.’ Sighing, he sat down at the computer and turned it on, waiting for it to boot. The machine was old, however, and took nearly five minutes just to start up, and during that time Keith heard his roommate, Adrian, walk into the apartment. ‘Of course, he took Aviation as his major, so he’s been out partying all night while I sat here trying to finish the homework for that stupid Optics class…’

Keith has long been jealous of his roommate, who, it seemed, never had any serious homework to do and was always out at parties hanging out with people from around school. No lonely nights for him, and no sitting up until 5am writing term papers, either. Keith cheerfully ignored that fact that he could have started writing the term paper last weekend, instead choosing to silently bash his roomie for having a good time. Engrossed in his silent litany of Adrian’s “faults” and busy waiting for the computer to boot, Keith jumped in surprise when Adrian wandered into his room.

“Bit jumpy aren’t you? You know it’s midnight…” Adrian grinned.

Keith rolled his eyes. “Hey. No, I didn’t notice.”

“Term paper again?” Keith nodded silently. Adrian laughed and walked over to him, sitting down on the floor next to Keith’s chair. “You know what your problem is?”

“I wasn’t aware I had a problem,” Keith growled, annoyed at the turn the conversation had just taken.

“Yep, it’s a big one. Know what it is?”

“Obviously not…”

“You’re too tense, that’s your problem. Of course, you’re also an idiot for taking something like Astrophysics, but mainly you’re just too tense. You should go to more parties or something.”

Keith, unhappy to hear his own thoughts repeated back to him, looked away bitterly. “I’m sorry, I’m just the geek who sits around doing homework all the time. I don’t get invited to parties.”

Adrian laughed. “You would if anyone thought you’d go. Being a geek is part of your charm you know.”

“I don’t have charm.”

“Do too.”

“Do – you know, this is just a stupid conversation. And anyway, you’re wrong, no one would ask me to go to a party.”

“Bet you I can prove you wrong.”


“I can!”

“Whatever, go for it.”

Keith was expecting to get hauled out of his chair and dragged off to a party somewhere; the term paper wasn’t going to get done anyway, so why not? He definitely wasn’t expecting for his roommate to stand up next to him, grab him by the back of the head, and pull him up into a full kiss on the mouth.

For a split second, Keith could do nothing but sit there in shock. The shock, however, wore away as Adrian continued kissing him and showed no signs of intending to stop, and Keith melted into the soft sensation of Adrian’s warm lips upon his. Pulling Adrian’s body down closer, Keith shifted to allow their chests to touch, and their bodies molded together in that sensuous embrace. Lost on the passion of that kiss, Keith allowed the misty feeling of Adrian’s lips to envelop him, forgetting about everything else. He forgot that only moments ago he had been panicking at the thought that he wasn’t going to get his term paper finished. He forgot that for the past five years of his life he had tried obliterating any feelings like this, viciously crushing any desire for the same sex, and at the same time, unwittingly crushing any desire for any sort of happiness. Now, however, nothing mattered beyond the blissful sensation of Adrian’s tender lips against his own.

Vaguely, as though from a great distance, Keith heard someone moaning and wondered in a small corner of his mind who it might be. It never occurred to him that it was himself. With a sigh of pleasure, the two of them separated, eyelashes brushing against each other as their eyes slowly opened. With their chests still pressed together, Keith could feel Adrian’s heart beating in time with his own, and a soft, wondering smile curved his lips.

Adrian smiled back, taking a few slow, deep breaths. Then he tangled his fingers in Keith’s hair and pulled Keith’s lips to his again.

Keith had time to suck in a quick breath before Adrian’s lips, now hard and burning with lust and desire, locked themselves to his. Then Adrian pulled back, for a second only, and kissed him again, showering Keith’s lips and face with rough kisses. Gasping in breaths between Adrian’s kisses, Keith began talking in a low voice.

“Take me to bed with you.”

Startled by Keith’s sudden boldness, Adrian drew back for a moment, gazing steadily at him. “Are you sure that’s what you want?”

Keith nodded, determined. He was tired of letting his fears dictate the way he ran his life. He had hurt himself with unfeeling for long enough; this outbreak of passion made him feel more alive than he’d felt in years, and now that he’d had a taste of being alive, he wasn’t about to let it go.

Adrian looked into his eyes for a minute longer, then smiled slowly, pleased by the determination and ardor that he saw there. Leaning forward to rest his chest against Keith’s again, he allowed his fingers to slide out of Keith’s hair and slowly, sensuously, down his back. He brought his lips up close to Keith’s ear and whispered softly.

“I am going to give you a night like you’ve never had before.” Keith shivered with pleasure at the sensation of those long, slender fingers trailing slowly down his back, and Adrian smiled, drawing his hands around to the front to move firmly up Keith’s chest, slowly swirling his fingertips around Keith’s nipples. Keith groaned, fully aroused, and Adrian took the opportunity to kiss him again, slipping his tongue into Keith’s open mouth. Excited by the new sensation, Keith slipped his own tongue into Adrian’s mouth. Chuckling, Adrian began sucking and teasing Keith’s tongue, swirling his own tongue around it and alternately sucking and blowing on it. Keith moaned again, and Adrian shoved their hips together, pressing his pulsing cock into Keith’s groin and moaning himself as he felt Keith’s dick grind into him.

Panting, Adrian pulled his mouth away from Keith’s again, still teasing his nipples with his fingertips. “Come on babe, let’s move this to the bedroom.”

They both stood, shivering at the sudden cold after being pressed together for so long. Unwilling to have their bodies separated for even such a short time, Keith quickly stepped forward and crushed himself back against Adrian, wrapping his arms around him. Adrian allowed his hands to wander back to the other side of Keith’s body, grasping his tight ass and Adrian pulled him into another passionate kiss, suckling on his tongue. Completely engrossed in each other, their bodies, slick with sweat, sliding up against each other’s and erections grinding together, the short trip down the hall to Adrian’s bedroom took them several minutes.

Once in the bedroom, Adrian broke off the kiss and shoved Keith away from him and onto the bed. Startled by the abrupt movement, but pleased to find himself sitting with his legs spread on the bed, he grinned mischievously up at Adrian, leaning back on one hand and using the other to stroke slowly down the length of his erection. Laughing at Keith’s brashness, Adrian stalked over, his own erect cock bouncing slightly with each step. Transfixed by the sight of that huge erection, Keith stopped paying attention long enough for Adrian to reach the bed and shove him flat onto his back.

“Oh, you’re a gorgeous little tease, aren’t you babe?” Grinning again in agreement, Keith languidly moved one hand up to tangle in Adrian’s hair, wrapping hi
s legs around him as Adrian lowered himself onto Keith’s body, kissing him again and running firm hands up and down Keith’s ches
t, flicking his nipples lightly on each pass. With each flick Adrian ground his hips into Keith’s, and the combined assault soon had Keith moaning wildly and bucking up and down beneath Adrian’s body. Thrilled with Keith’s enthusiastic response, Adrian continued this until he sensed Keith coming to the brink of an orgasm, then pulled away until Keith moved slowly back from the brink.

Keith sobbed at the sudden absence of Adrian’s body and opened his eyes, wondering what was wrong. Smiling gently, Adrian locked eyes with him and slowly lowered his mouth to Keith’s lips, lightly teasing them with his tongue as he watched Keith’s sea-green eyes flicker with pleasure. Smiling again, Adrian slowly moved down from Keith’s mouth, lapping lightly at the sweat that trickled down the groove of Keith’s chest. Pausing only to give each of Keith’s nipples a single, vicious lash with his tongue, actions that made Keith cry out and writhe in ecstasy, Adrian continued all the way down Keith’s body, stopping only when the length of Keith’s erection forced him to turn his head sideways to continue to its base.

Stopping there, Adrian slowly lipped at the base of Keith’s cock, massaging his balls slowly and gently and Keith’s erection pulsed hotly beneath his mouth. Absorbing Keith’s moans of pleasure, Adrian slowly, torturously, moved his lips up Keith’s shaft until he reached the tip of his penis, already leaking pre-cum as Keith’s entire body arched in rapture. Focused entirely on Keith’s erection now, Adrian cupped his balls in his hands and devoted his attention to Keith’s throbbing cock, taking just the tip of it into his mouth and swirling his tongue slowly around it, enjoying the salty taste of Keith’s pre-cum. Adrian bobbed his head shallowly up and down for several minutes, delighting in the taste and fell of the cock pulsating in his mouth, and smiling around it as he heard Keith whimper for more.

Happy to oblige his lover, Adrian allowed his mouth to slide down the length of Keith’s shaft, swallowing every inch of it. Keith’s whimpers quickly turned back into moans as Adrian pulled back and then slid his mouth down again, and again, picking up speed each time he repeated the action. Before long, Keith was pumping his hips in time with the pumping of Adrian’s mouth, and he felt himself quickly rising to the brink again. Adrian, feeling the tightening of Keith’s muscles and scrotum, didn’t pull away this time, instead rubbing at Keith’s balls and the base of his erection as he pumped his head up and down even faster.

Keith came hard, shooting a thick load into Adrian’s mouth. Swallowing it all and licking up what little escaped onto his lips, Adrian continued pumping at Keith’s cock until all of his spurts had subsided. Saving the cum from those last spurts in his mouth, Adrian slid back up Keith’s body, parting his lips with his tongue and letting him get a small mouthful of himself, which they passed back and forth with their tongues before finally swallowing it all.

Sighing with pleasure, Keith’s body went lax, until Adrian lowered his body back onto his and Keith realized that Adrian still had a massive erection. Laughing softly at the look of surprise on Keith’s face, Adrian murmured into his ear again. “I promised you a night like you’d never forget… That blow job certainly wasn’t all you’re getting from me tonight.” Keith gasped as Adrian brought his fingers down to rub slowly at Keith’s opening, and Adrian smiled at him again. “Time for some fun of a rougher sort, babe.”

Sliding off of Keith, Adrian reached over to the end table next to the bed and pulled a bottle of lotion out of the top drawer. He lathered the lotion onto his stiff cock as Keith watched, open-mouthed, and then he indicated that Keith should roll over. “On all fours, babe.” Keith complied quickly, and Adrian, with lotion still slathered all over his hands and fingers, began rubbing around Keith’s opening with his fingers. After Keith relaxed a little bit, Adrian slid one well-lubricated finger up into his tight opening, smiling at Keith’s grunt and at the tightness of the hole. Adrian quickly slid a second finger into the hole to join the first, pressing them in and out and spreading them slightly to loosen up the opening. At first, Keith was merely uncomfortable and a bit sore at the intrusion; then Adrian’s fingers bumped up against his prostate. Gasping and jerking at the sudden shock of pleasure, Keith’s muscles tightened up with excitement and he pressed himself farther onto Adrian’s fingers. Adrian grinned at Keith’s eagerness and slipped his fingers out.

Keith looked over his shoulder to glare at Adrian, but his frustration was short-lived as Adrian replaced his fingers with the tip of his cock, pressing it slowly inside. Keith shuddered with satisfaction as Adrian pumped his tip in and out of Keith’s opening, allowing some pre-cum to build up there. After doing this for a few moments, Adrian suddenly thrust his hips forward, letting the pre-cum lubricate the way as he slammed his entire cock deep into Keith’s ass. Keith cried out sharply in pain, and Adrian paused for a moment before continuing so that Keith could adjust. A moment was all he gave, however, and he quickly pulled out all the way to the tip again and then, like before, slammed his shaft into Keith, gripping Keith’s hips and jerking them back on his cock. Keith’s cry this time was mingled with pleasure as he noted the sensation of that burning, quivering shaft sliding through him and pounding in. Grinning at the pleasure in Keith’s voice, Adrian began thrusting rhythmically, unable to contain his own shouts of ecstasy as he pounded in. By this point, Keith was beyond feeling any pain, and he shouted in time with Adrian, gripping the headboard of the bed tightly and trying to shove himself back onto Adrian’s dick each time Adrian thrusted forward and jerked on his hips.

Keith’s own cock was fully erect again, bouncing each time Adrian’s massive tool slammed into him. Adrian took one hand off of Keith’s hips, where bruises in the form of fingerprints were starting to form, and closed his fist around Keith’s cock, jacking it off in time with his own plunging dick. Blood rushing in their ears, the two could barely hear their own ecstatic shouts as Adrian fucked Keith as hard as he could. Keith was the first to cum, shooting his load all over Adrian’s pillows. The tightening of the muscles in his ass when he came set Adrian off, and he shot his load deep into Keith’s as they both collapsed onto the bed, their heads resting on the cum-covered pillows.

Wrapping one leg around Keith, Adrian laid there with his cock still deep inside Keith’s ass, with cum leaking out around it and dribbling slowly onto the bedspread. Keith sighed, wriggling backwards as close as he could to Adrian, his hair sticking to his face as his own cum smeared across it. He hadn’t even gotten his breath back yet, but he already wished Adrian were hard again so that he could start ramming him again. Adrian, guessing where Keith’s thoughts lay, smiled and nibbled on his earlobe, reaching around him and teasing Keith’s nipples with his fingers. “Don’t worry babe,” he whispered, as his lips curved up into a soft smile. “We’ll do this again real soon.”

Sighing contentedly, Keith relaxed against him, letting the fogginess of sleep overtake him. ‘I never did do that term paper…”

To be continued…

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