Cheerleader Mindy 5

The captain of the cheerleader squad had a gorgeous body but she was prevented from admitting it to herself. Such were the affects of the hypnotic suggestions that she had received from her arch-rival, Amber. Under Amber’s not-so-tender influences, Mindy had come to believe herself to be insignificant and inferior. She thought herself to be plain and unattractive. But more than that, she craved approval from the men around her, and that approval usually came in the form of a mouth full of cum because Mindy, the one-time virgin had been transformed into a cock sucker with an almost insatiable need for male cum.

Still, even if Mindy didn’t think so, she was beautiful and that meant there were plenty of men who were willing to give her what she needed and what she craved. And yet, there were some men who were more resistant to Mindy’s charms.

Lance Day was in the school drama club. Lance Day had the lead in the school play, and Lance Day was totally gay.

Everyone in school knew that, and yet when Mindy ran into the guy while crossing campus, she suddenly found herself consumed by her deep seeded need to be approved. She was worthless. She knew that, but she was also horny as hell. She needed Lance’s validation. She needed him to approve of her. She knew that getting Lance to give her what she needed was a tall order, and that task was made all the more immense by the complete and total inferiority she felt in herself and yet, she knew she had to try.

Mindy knew she wasn’t the first girl to try and turn Lance around. Rumor was that at least two of his leading ladies ha tried unsuccessfully to get Lance interested in girls and rumor was that they had failed miserably. Still, Mindy had to try.

She followed Lance to the school auditorium and she followed him through the auditorium side door. It was dark back stage and while Lance knew his way around the place, Mindy had to pick her way through the props and junk back stage.

Finally though, she caught up to Lance in a well lit room. “Michael, is that you,” the youthful actor asked and then his face fell as he saw Mindy standing in the doorway instead. “Oh, it’s you,” he said. “You shouldn’t be here.”

Mindy really had no plan of attack as she glided into the room. She smiled at the young man. “Hi,” she said shyly. “It’s only me, but I had a question for you.”

“A question for me?” Lance asked. “What is it?”

“I was just wondering what it felt like to have a cock in your mouth,” Mindy asked as she sidled up to the actor. “Do you love to suck on it? Do you love to stroke it? Do you love the feel of it when it comes in your mouth, and do you love the feel of the cum as it oozes down your throat?”

From the man’s look, Mindy knew that her questions had caught him off guard and as she stroked her hand over the front of his pants, she could feel his cock hardening up so she hit him with even more questions.

“Do you like sucking on any particular cock or will any stiff, rod do? Do you like your cocks big and hard and full of cum. Do you wish that the girls on campus all had big, hard cocks for you to suck on? Is that what you want, big, hard cocks?”

The guy groaned as his cock reached its nearly fully erect state.

“Do you like having your cock sucked?” Mindy asked. “Sure you do. All guys love having their cock sucked, so I guess my real question is this: does it matter who’s doing the sucking? Does it matter whether it’s a man or a woman?”

Even as she was saying this, Mindy worked a hand inside the boy’s jeans and as she asked that final question, she slid her hand inside Lance’s underwear and stroked his fully erect cock.

“That’s what I thought,” purred Mindy as she continued to pull on the boy’s cock. “You just like having your cock sucked.”

The boy just groaned as Mindy continued to squeeze and pull on his cock.

“Yeah, that’s right,” Mindy purred as she pulled the boys pants down, “all you want is to get your cock sucked.”

The young man groaned again but it was true. He did want his cock sucked and he watched in amazement as the girl dropped to her knees. He couldn’t believe it. He was going to get his cock sucked by a girl and he actually wanted it to happen.

Mindy moaned to herself as she slid her mouth down on that cock. Her hand fondled his balls. She loved sucking cock.

Lance moaned again as Mindy continued to work over his cock. He couldn’t believe it. A girl was actually sucking on his cock and he actually liked it. He liked it a lot.

Mindy pulled her mouth off of that cock and she jacked it as she looked up at the boy. “I’ll bet you liked that,” she told him. “In fact, I know you did, but tell me, if you’re gay, have you ever fucked a guy in the ass?”

“N-n-not yet,” the boy stammered.

“And I’ll take it you haven’t fucked a girl in the ass either.”

The boy shook his head.

“Well then, maybe we can help each other out. I know I’m not a boy but I want you to fuck me in the ass. I know it’ll be your first time doing that and I want you to know, it’ll be my first time, too. Will you do that? Will you fuck me in the ass?”

The boy just nodded and then girl giggled, and before the boy knew what was happening, the girl was on her hands and knees and she was wiggling her ass in front of him. She looked back over her shoulder at the boy. “Come on,” she pleaded. “Give it to me. Fuck my ass hard.”

What was happening to her, Mindy wondered. Did she really want this, or did it really matter what she wanted. She was completely inept. All she was good for was getting fucked in the ass.

The boy put a hand on the small of Mindy’s back even as his other hand led his virgin cock to her virgin hole. Mindy felt the pressure as Lance tried to press his cock against her resistant hole and then she felt the pressure ease as the cock slipped away from its mark. How worthless could a girl get, she wondered. Even my ass isn’t good enough to take a cock.

But Lance quickly had his cock back between Mindy’s cheeks and this time, he would not be denied. Mindy could feel her ass begin to open for that intrusive member and then finally, the head of that cock was in her butt.

“Oh yeah,” Lance moaned, “this is what I want,” and he shoved his cock hard, moaning as he felt even more of his cock invade Mindy’s tight, little ass.

Mindy’s eyes flew open and she gasped as she felt the boy move further into her butt, and then she moaned again as Lance pushed even more of his cock into Mindy’s ass. This what I’ve become, Mindy thought. I’m a butt fuck slut. All I’m good for is taking a cock up my ass.

Lance moaned again as he began to fuck that ass. Shit, he thought, that girl was tight, so fucking tight. She was almost good enough to make him swear off boys altogether, but he still craved the feeling of a dick in his ass.

Mindy was sobbing. It hurt. It hurt. It really hurt, but she knew she deserved this. This was all she was good for anyway.

Lance was moaning loudly. He could feel the cum welling up inside him. He wanted to hold it back. He wanted to make it last, but he knew he couldn’t.

Mindy knew it, to. “Please,” she sobbed, “please stop.”

Stop, Lance thought. Not now. Not when we’re so close.

“Please stop,” Mindy moaned. “I want you to … I want you to .. to cum … oh shit, to cum in my mouth.”

Lance moaned even as he pulled his cock from Mindy’s butt. “If this is what you want,” he cried, “then come and get it.”

Mindy was on her knees again, facing that cock fresh from her butt. Suddenly, she realized she was going to have to suck a cock that moments before had just been in her ass, but in her current state of mind, that was just fine with her. All she was good for was sucking on shit-covered cocks.

Lance moaned as Mindy’s mouth attacked his cock with gusto and then he
moaned again as his cock deposited a fresh stream of cum in the girl’s mouth.

Mindy savored the taste of the boy’s cum even as she swallowed it down and w
ent back for more.

Lance couldn’t help himself. He just kept grunting as his cock shot more and more of his seed into the girl’s voracious mouth. Man, he thought, she seems to have an almost endless need for cum.

Mindy’s need was endless. She relished every last drop of the young man’s cum but even as she swallowed the last of it down, she knew she needed more. Amber’s hypnotic commands had made her forever horny and she craved cum. She was an insignificant, little slut who craved cum. She didn’t know where her next fix would come from, but she knew she had to have it. This was her destiny.

to be continued

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