Laid off and getting LAID!!!

Monday I get laid off from work. I come home and am a little depressed. I love to crossdress and drink. I pour the first of many vodka and cranberries and turn the dance music way up.
I go into my room and shave myself. I glue on my fake tits and dress up like a girl. My dildos are waiting and I am ready to receive them.
I am enjoying the moment when there is a knock at the door. I am so drunk I answer. My neighbor is standing there dumbfounded as I say “Hi baby! What can I do for you?” He stammers a bit and says “Hi.” “Would you like to cum in for a drink?” I say. He can only nod yes. A couple of drinks and awkward converesation later I tell him I want to suck his cock.
HE has no idea what I really want. I start to kiss him and caress his hard body. HE is a tall handsome man with black hair. Gorgeous brown eyes and what I learned is a huge cock.
i put my hand down his pants as I kissed him slowly. His member was rising to the occasion. I unbuttoned his pants and stared into his eyes and said I wanted him to fuck me like a little slut. I cupped his balls in one hand and licked the tip of his dick before he could say a word. He moaned and threw his head back. He then grabbed my hair and helped me fuck his mouth. After sucking his long hard cock for what seemed like forever i ripped my pants off and told him “Fuck my ass like a little slut!” I hit my knees and he obliged. Shoving his massive cock into my waiting ass. He thrusted and pulled me tight for what seemed like eternity. He pulled out and came all over my back. I hope I never have to go to work again. I like being a little slutty housewife,….

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