My first master

I love serving plain and simple. My first master who I loved never questioned my loyalty. My job with him was simple; I was there for his satisfaction. He taught me that I should be willing to do almost anything for him and I did. But my trust went a far way. I knew he would not put me in harm’s way and would not have me do anything that might harm myself.

My first test might be considered easy for some. Master had ordered me to dress as a woman. He carefully purchased the clothing of my size, from the bra to the dress all the way to wig and makeup. Now at this time I was attracted to him but not yet had any type of sex with him. We were for all intent just close friends, and I looked up to him.

I got to his place and we talked when he said he would like to see me naked. ‘why’ I asked.

‘Because I do’ was his answer and off to the bedroom we went. I stripped naked and he told me how beautiful I was as he ran his fingers of my arm and down around to my back then over my buttocks. It was a huge turn on and I let out a slight sigh. Then he stripped naked and told me to look at his cock closely. I got down on my knees and took a good look as this was the first time I ever had such a chance. ‘Hold it’ he encouraged. I softly took hold of it and could feel the power of his muscle. Then without being told or asked I started to suck on it. Master liked that! His hand fell upon my head and as he grew hard his hips slowly moved back and forth until I was taking his entire cock in my mouth.

Master knew what he wanted and was going to take it from me as he pulled away from me and ordered me to stand. ‘You’re a good cocksucker’ he said as a complement. He ordered me to lie on the bed face down and began running his hand gently all over my back and ass. He soon added some warm oil and began massaging me. His hands moved my legs apart as he rubbed between my butt cheeks and my balls. It felt great as my ass pushed upward as his hand moved over my butt hole then slowly he would push his finger slightly in and out of my hole. My cock grew hard and master would run his hand under me to run my hard cock then back to my hole.

Soon master’s finger was moving deep in and out of my butt hole and it was turning me on. Then master started to put in a dildo in and out of my hole all the while my ass pushing upward to take it deeper without me realizing it.

Master almost had me asleep when he crawled on top of me and placed his hard cock into my virgin ass for the first time. Like the dildo I pushed up to meet his thrust and master liked it. As master began to fuck my ass I began to change without me knowing. I began wanting to please master. ‘You like this don’t you?’ master asked

‘Oh yes’ I whispered back. Then master had me raise my ass up and keep my head down as he took hold of my hips and began to drive his hard cock into my willing ass. To me it felt great on two fronts, one the pleasure of being made love to was immense and the second I was making him happy. I loved the feel of his warm hands on my hips and the feel of his legs against mine.

‘You really like sex don’t you’

‘I wish I could have sex all day long’ I replied ‘any sex’ I affirmed

‘You’re a whore then’ master playfully taunted

‘Yes but only with you’ I said wanting to grab my own cock and beat it.

‘You’re my whore that makes me your master’ he said as he was ready to blow, thrusting his hard cock violently into my ass as I could feel the heat from his cock getting hotter.

‘Yes master I am you whore’ I cried in a moment of ecstasy. Then he exploded his load onto my back. I could feel the warmth of his seed as it ran slowly down my sides and some even along my thigh. I was about to raise my head when master pushed it down again and reached between my legs and took hold of my hard cock and began pumping it like one would milk a cow. He then reinserted the dildo and turned on the vibrate mode. I wasn’t completely hard when I started to cum. I let out a large moan as master moved the vibrator all around the inside of my ass. Then he hit a spot and I shot out another amount of cum.

‘You are a whore look how much you came’ master said as he pulled the vibrator out of my hole. After I changed his sheets on his bed while he showered master came out of the bathroom where I was about to change. ‘Not so fast’ he stopped me as I was reaching for my pants. ‘as my whore I have something for you to wear’ excitedly I was thinking a collar or a chain for around my neck, but then he brought out some women’s clothing. ‘Put these on’ he ordered. Thinking it was some type of joke I did. This is where I found out something about myself. As I slipped the thigh highs on a strange feeling came over me, an erotic feeling like no other. My cock began to get hard all over again. And as I stood there wearing a bra and panties and garter with the stocking, my ass opened without thought or will on my part.

“I see your ass wants more’ master said as he walked around behind me and wrapped his arms around me, pressing his crotch against my ass. At that moment in time I came to realize I wanted sex all the time and it didn’t matter from who I just wanted to be fucked like a real whore I was becoming.

‘I want more yes, like I said I could have sex all day’ master made me keep what I had on and dress with my normal clothing over it. Then we went out for a bite to eat. I had a different view of life with each step we took. I could see every man’s cock threw his pants and I wanted them all. As we sat down to eat I crossed my legs like a woman would and master noticed. Master started to treat me like a woman, opening doors for me gently pushing me thru the doors with his hand on my ass as he did so.

While walking we came where there were not any people around. ‘You like wearing woman’s clothing don’t you?’ he asked

‘Yes I feel so horny now with them on’ I replied honestly

‘Then we have to take you all the way’ he replied. We got back to his house and master told me to go up stairs and finish changing in to a woman with the rest of the clothing. Since master was a business man he was always on the phone so him on the phone did not alarm me to what was to come.

I walked down the stairs fully dressed and was amazed how easy I found it to walk in stilettos. The dress was tight fitting and showed the bra that made me look like I had small breasts. It had been over three hours since we had sex and I was ready to go now. Master was still on the phone and was thrilled by what he saw. As I snuggled up beside him and my hand rubbed his crotch master hung up the phone. ‘You want to go again?’ he asked

‘Oh ya’ I replied

‘You really are a whore aren’t you?’

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