Samantha Parker's Story

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Chapter Twenty Six

Burt Hilbish was holding Anna on his lap and sucking her hard little nipples. God almighty, her little tits were cute. He didn’t realize how much he’d been missing them. Burt was really turned on. His cock was throbbing. Anna kept wiggling her hot little ass on his lap. She was purring like a kitten. Anna moved her legs apart and Burt slid a hand up between them. When he contacted the silky material of her panties, he lightly stroked her pussy through their crotch. Anna said, “That feels so good. Are my panties wet? I guess they probably are. My little pussy hasn’t had any attention lately and it’s really getting wet now.”

Burt thought, God she knows how get me hot. Burt slipped a finger inside Anna’s panties and a look of surprise crossed his face. He looked up. Anna smiled and said in a soft voice, “I shaved my pussy for you Uncle Burt. I know you like it that way. Then I rubbed some nice scented lotion all around there to make it soft and sweet for you. I did something else too Uncle Burt. I don’t want you to think I’m a bad girl. I’m a little afraid to tell you.”

“You can tell me anything Anna. I won’t think you’re bad.”

“Well, when I asked you that question before. You know, about men being turned on by a certain thing. Like what I saw at school today.” Now Anna paused and looked away.

“Yes Anna, I remember what you asked me. Go on.”

“Well, it’s a little embarrassing, but I figured I knew the answer. I thought you were unhappy because you decided you were missing something. You know, like maybe something Samantha could do. I know she had a lot of experience. She told me so. She said she fucked so many guys she couldn’t remember them all. She said she’d already done everything there was to do. She said she even did it with some animals, just to see what it was like. That didn’t make any sense to me. I said, you mean like rough men who act like animals and she just laughed at me. She said there was no acting involved.” Now Burt looked at Anna a little incredulously and she suddenly realized she might be going too far

Anna said a little hastily, “You know how Samantha was, you couldn’t tell what was true and what was a lie. She probably didn’t know herself. Anyway, she said that I was a baby and didn’t know anything about sex. When she left and you got mad at me because I couldn’t tell you what a bad person she really was. I thought you must be getting what you wanted from someone else, like maybe an older woman with a big butt like Samantha’s. You know someone who would let you do it to her in her butt. Like that Allison Chambers lets the football guys do to her. I heard sometimes she lets every guy on the team fuck her, if they win a big game.”

“Where did you hear that?”

“Oh, I don’t remember, but what I really wanted to tell you was that when I was taking my bath, I got up in the tub on my hands and knees and I…well I had some of that lubricating stuff in the little plastic bottle. I took it from your bedroom. You know my little butt hole is kind of tight. So I put some of that stuff on me there and I got some inside too. I have this little dildo…”

Burt interrupted now, “My God Anna! Where did you get a dildo? What in the hell are you doing with a dildo?”

“You promised you wouldn’t get mad Uncle Burt! It’s just a little one and I’ve had it a long time. I don’t remember where I got it. Anyway, I put some of the stuff on the dildo. It took a long time and it hurt some, but I pushed it in to get used to the idea of something being in me back there. You know your cock’s real big. I mean it’s even kind of big for my pussy, but I got used to it and I like it in my little pussy now. So I thought, like I said before, you could try to put it in me there just a little bit and maybe I’d get used to it and like it too. Then maybe you’d like me again.”

Burt squeezed Anna and said, “You’re so sweet. I guess you’ve been through a lot. I’m sorry.”

Anna said, “It’s OK.” She hesitated for a moment then she asked, “Uncle Burt do you like me again?”

“Yes baby, I never stopped liking you. I was just upset. I guess I let Samantha get to me. I made the same mistake with someone else too.”

“That’s because you’re too nice Uncle Burt. People like Samantha can see that and they try to take advantage of you. Uncle Burt?”

“Yes Anna.”

“Why don’t we go into your bedroom? I want you to eat my wet little pussy.”

Anna got up from Burt’s lap. She finished slipping her dress off and hung it on the back of a chair. Now she was wearing only black panties, black stockings and black high heel shoes. She walked slowly toward the bedroom; twitching her little butt as she went. Anna looked back over her shoulder and saw her uncle get up and start to follow her. He looked like a zombie and he was staring at her hot little butt.

Anna thought yes! I have him back now! Too bad, I’m paying a big price. I’ll have to let him fuck me in the ass and it’s probably going to hurt at first. At least it won’t be as bad as what Frank did to that bitch Allison. If it weren’t for that little whore Samantha, I wouldn’t be going through this. It was her fault Uncle Burt got mad at me and started dating Allison. Well, no pain no gain. Before too long, I’ll be playing him like a violin again and the symphony is just beginning. I’m going to get that slut Allison fired and run out of town. Then I’ll concentrate on Samantha. No matter where she is, I’ll find her. When I’m taking that big hard cock up my little butt, I’ll be thinking about you Samantha, because it’s your fault.

Once they were in the bedroom, Burt took Anna into his arms and began to kiss her. His hands moved down her back and came to rest over her little butt. Burt gently massaged Anna there, while moving his lips down her neck to her tits and sucked on their nipples again. Then he picked Anna up and laid her on the bed. Burt quickly got undressed and got onto the bed. He bent down and began kissing Anna’s thighs just where her creamy white skin spilled out of the tops of her black stockings. Burt moved up to kiss Anna’s flat little stomach and moved down to the waistband of her panties. The scent of the lotion she’d rubbed into the area of her pussy was delicious. Burt grasped the waistband of Anna’s panties and slipped them down and off. Her hairless pussy lips were glistening with moisture. Anna’s body shuddered and she cried out in pleasure as Burt lightly brushed his lips over her moist little slit. Burt continued to place light kisses all around Anna’s smooth little pussy.

She finally cried out, “Oh God Uncle Burt please quit teasing me. You’re making me crazy.”

Burt moved down lower in the bed and took Anna’s legs, pushing them up and back. Now he spread her legs and her pussy lips parted slightly, revealing her swollen little clit. When Burt brushed his tongue over Anna’s clit, she moaned and arched her back, pushing her pussy upward. Burt brought his lips down to encircle Anna’s clit. Soon, he was sucking on it and running his tongue all over and around it. Anna cried out, “Oh God! Yes! Yes!” Burt moved his hands up to lightly brush his fingertips over Anna’s erect nipples. Suddenly Anna let out a long high-pitched wail and her body stiffened, as she reached her release. Burt said, “That was a quick one.”

Anna replied a bit breathlessly, “I really needed it. It’s been a long time.”

“Sorry baby. I won’t neglect you from now on.”

Burt moved up beside Anna and pulled her into his arms. He kissed her neck and let his hands drift down to begin massaging her little butt again. Anna was thinking, well I can’t back out. I have to give him something to remember. She took a deep breath and said, “Do you want to try it, you know, what we talked about before.”

“Are you sure Anna?”

“Yes I’m sure. Just go slow.”

“Don’t worry baby. I will.’

Burt took some pillows and
placed them in the center of the bed. Anna positioned herself so that her butt was elevated over them. She felt Burt
get up from the bed. She looked over and saw him getting out the container of Astroglide. She turned her face back down and gritted her teeth. In a few minutes, Burt was applying the lubricant to Anna’s tight puckered little anus. She stiffened a little as he applied some pressure there and his finger sank in. When he had Anna prepared, he put the lubricant on the head of his stiff cock. Anticipating sinking his shaft into Anna’s sexy little ass got Burt wildly aroused.

Burt said, in a slightly trembling voice, “You can help a little now Anna. Do you know what I mean?”

Anna brought her hands back and up, spreading her little butt cheeks. She said, “Be careful. Don’t hurt me Uncle Burt.”

Burt brought the head of his cock to bear on Anna’s crinkled little butt hole. He applied more pressure and the tight outer elastic ring began to expand around the head of his cock. As he pushed in a little further, Anna let out a little muffled scream. Burt stopped and Anna said, her breath coming in short ragged gasps, “No don’t stop! Go on do it quick!”

Burt thrust forward and Anna cried out, but the head of his cock was now nested in her little ass. Anna said, “Wait.’ She shifted her butt and grasped the cheeks again spreading them wide. Then she said, “OK go ahead. I’m ready.” From that point on, it went easier and soon Burt’s cock was fully inserted. In a while, Burt cautiously withdrew a little and then thrust back in. Then finally, Burt was able to move his cock more freely in and out of Anna’s little ass and all too soon, he shot his load.

When Anna felt Burt’s hot cum shooting into her ass, she thought that wasn’t too bad for the first time. Toward the last, it was beginning to feel good. Burt moved up beside Anna again. She moved off the pillows and Burt held her close. He said, “That was really great for me.”

Anna said, “I’m so glad. I like to do things to make you happy.” Now Anna decided it was time to make sure her uncle stayed away from Allison. She said, “Uncle Burt will you start coming home every evening now? When I’m here alone and I have to go to bed by myself I’m afraid. I want to sleep in your bed with you. I have bad dreams every night because of what Samantha said about having her dad rape me. She told me things she’d have him do to me that were so bad I can’t talk about them.” Now Anna worked up some tears.

Burt said, “Don’t worry about those things baby. I don’t have any reason to stay away from you anymore.

Anna smiled and thought Yes! The symphony begins!

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