Surrender In Submission

Today, I am known simply as Jill Rae. What my name used to be doesn’t really matter. You see, somewhere along the way, I became quite different from the little boy I was  born, eighteen years before my life truly began. This is my story.
Looking back I can see now that it had been bound to happen sooner or later. I suppose that being eighteen and working on my first job instead of going off to some college, was later than it might have been.  However, it was soon enough to ensure that I would spend the rest of my life where I truly belong, naked, on my knees at the feet of the real men who command me to suck their cocks hard before they spread my cheeks and make me take their big rods up my ass. The bigger and stronger they are, the better hung they are, the more willing I am to submit to them.
I learned my place two years ago now, but I’d known since puberty ran over me like a freight train that I was not ever gong to be like other boys.  I’d always been well behaved and quiet, drawing little attention to myself from either adults or other kids.  Being small for my age (I’d been premature, weighing only four pounds at birth) and poorly coordinated with weak eyes that required glasses by the time that I was five, and disliked rough games, I spent most of my time alone or with Mrs. Childress, our housekeeper.  I think my father realized that I would never be the boy he had hoped for by the time I was enrolled in a preschool day care center so my mother could resume being half of a very popular lounge duo that is still playing the bigger hotels and resorts around the country.
Like I said, there was plenty of clues that indicated what I would grow up to be, but I wasn’t really aware of them until puberty left me confused and afraid of the feelings I had. I spent the remaining years of middle school and high school trying to hide what I thought was the truth about myself. And I was successful at hiding the real truth about me, although the kids at school all thought I was a sissy, and many  bullies picked on me.  I was beat up two or three times every year from the seventh grade until I graduated high school. Still, even they didn’t really know what I was, or found me repulsive enough that they didn’t explore what else they could do with me. The adults around me remained blind to what I was, even Mrs. Childress.
My job at Baldovino Warehouse was not hard physically, although I had to run around a lot, either inside the huge building or outside in the yard, delivering manifests and other paper work to the loading foremen and drivers, or picking them up.  I didn’t have to wear a suit or tie, just a tee shirt, and a comfortable pair of sneakers on the day shift. That summer was unusually warm even at night, so I had the option to wear cut off jeans a lot.
Between in-coming freight and outbound shipments, I was kept so busy the first couple of weeks that I didn’t really notice much about the crews who worked in the warehouse. While I was still on day shift, I never knew most of their names, as there was over a hundred men working.  But then, I was transferred to the graveyard shift (11:00 PM to 7:00am), I couldn’t help but notice that the crews and the foreman were bigger, tougher looking men, most of them big enough to make three of me.
I first realized this when I overheard Joe, a forklift driver tell Jocko, another driver, “Hey, man, eyeball that little sissy. He’s been wiggling that tight little ass of his all over the place. Think he wants some attention?”
“Maybe we find out at break time –  give the little cock sucker a man size lunch!”
Both of them laughed loud and nasty.  I knew they were talking about me, because I’d seen Joe stare at me every time I had to pass the section he was stacking crates in.  And at only five foot, one inch tall, weighing only a hundred and five pounds, I guess my ass could be called little (and both then and now, surprisingly tight.)
I tried not to show that I’d heard what they said, and somehow managed not to panic and run.  The feeling of panic was because two things were instantly clear to me when the first driver, I guess I can only describe him as a stud, said I was a sissy and his buddy, another big stud, said they could give me “a man size lunch.” First, they somehow guessed what I was even if I wasn’t yet.  And they would be happy to teach me what that ought to be. I knew that I had to stay away from them if I didn’t want to become what they thought I was. (It would turn out that it that it would be more than a year later before I was taught what I really was and came to accept it.)
But that night when the lunch break horn blew, I did something incredibly stupid.  I took my sack lunch and, cleverly I thought, hid out in the accounting office that was always empty at night. I had just finished my sandwich and had peeled and started to eat my banana, when three men came into the office and shut the door behind them. It was the shift foremen, Tyrone, and the two forklift drivers.
“Look at the sissy. Look at the little banana he’s got stuffed in his mouth.”
“Bet sissy would like to have a big banana in that cute little mouth of his.”
I jumped up from behind the desk I’d been sitting at and tried to run out the other door, but the two drivers grabbed me and twisted my arms up behind my back, then dragged me back over to face the foreman.
“You better listen real good to what I’m gonna tell you, sissy boy. We ain’t gonna have no little sissy shit like you running around here ‘less you of some use to real men. Joe tells me you been wiggling your ass at him and Jocko all night long.  Little sissies like you got to learn to respect your betters, boy.  You gonna learn your first lesson now, boy. And after you learn what your sissy mouth is good for, you gonna keep your mouth shut about the lesson if you don’t want to be found in a dumpster in some alley! You got that, boy?”
I didn’t try to act like I didn’t know what the foreman meant.  If I had any doubt at all about it, Tyrone’s next words made still clearer what they planned to do to me.. “Joe, you and Jocko, strip this sissy naked. We go’n spank his ass ‘til he begs to suck!”
What I’d been afraid of for years, what I had often had nightmares about that woke me sweating and shaking and my hand sticky and the sheet wet from cum, was about to actually happen to me. These men were going to punish me, and make me suck them off while they fucked my ass! They were going to gang bang me because they knew I was a little dick sissy!
Joe and Jocko lost no time in stripping me naked then, my arms twisted up behind my back, Joe on my left and Jocko on my right, they jerked me to my bare feet and bent me over so that my bare ass faced the foreman.  “Okay. Keep a good hold on him no matter how much he  dances. Every time I lay my belt over the sissy’s ass you guys feel the bitch up any way you want. Take turns hand spanking the tight little cheeks of this pig’s ass!”
I don’t know how long it took before I begged for mercy, how many lashes of the foreman’s heavy belt, how many full power spanks Joe and Jocko gave me, how long I’d been bawling like the little girl I once saw wet her panties in the school yard. But Tyrone made it clear there wasn’t going to be any mercy until I surrendered and begged to suck their cocks and be their butt bitch.  I tried to hold out, but in my heart I knew they would make me do what I was told to do. I’d known since I’d first heard Joe call me a sissy that I wouldn’t be able to hide anymore, that I was going to be taught what I thought, in the dreams I had, was really my place.
I couldn’t take the whipping and spanking they gave me.  I was crying so hard I could barely babble the words they wanted to hear,  “Please, Sir, please don’t whip me anymore…I’ll do whatever you say…Please…”
“You ready to suck cock, you ready to beg to be pig fucked, bitch? You ready to take what you got comin and keep your little sissy mouth shut about it?  You ready to be our butt bitch, to drop your pant’s when ever we tell you to? Let’s hear you beg, pig, beg!”
“Oh, Sir, I…I beg…I beg to suck cock…I beg to be pig fucked…I beg…I beg to be your little sissy butt bitch from now on! Please…please, please let me serve you. I won’t never tell nobody nothin’ you don’t tell me to tell them. Please, please teach me how to suck, how to fuck, how to please you.  Make me a good slave pig sissy butt bitch!”
The foreman told Joe and Jocko to put me on my knees, and they all stood over me. They all dropped their pants and I saw that none of them wore underpants. All of them had big cocks, already partially stiff from the pleasure they’d had in punishing me.  Tyrone said, “Okay. Joe, you’ll do the bitch first, then Jocko, then I’ll let the sissy  suck me off.”
Joe grabbed a fistful of my hair and jerked my head back, rubbing his tool over my face and lips, and ordering    me to “Kiss it, sissy!. Kiss it and lick it, pig!”
I obeyed. I kissed and licked his cock, tasting a man for the first time in my life, and watched him grow larger and harder until he growled, “Open your mouth, sissy, and learn what a real man tastes like. Suck!”
His hard rod was at least ten inches long and three inches across but without hesitation, I obeyed, opening my mouth and closing my lips around his pole. He held me by my ears while he face fucked me, forcing me to take more and more of his dick until I felt the head of it pushing against the back of my throat and he came in my mouth and, ignoring that I was trying to gag, forced me to swallow his cum.  Joe pulled out of my mouth, but Jocko didn’t give me more than a breath before he make me kiss and lick his cock and forced my mouth open, making me accept and suck his cock that was even a little larger than Joe’s.
Watching me suck the drivers had turned Tyrone on. I thought I would die when I saw how large he had grown.  Even before he made me lick it, it was a good twelve inches long and very thick. He talked to me the whole time he made me suck, telling me how to use my tongue to give him more pleasure, how to breathe so I could suck longer, how I had a great mouth for a little sissy butt bitch. He made me suck for at least as long as Joe and Jocko put together. When he came in my mouth I thought I would drown.  I swallowed as fast as I could, but he kept flooding me with more semen until it ran down my chin and splashed over my bare chest and some on my stiff little penis that had grown harder than it had ever been in my    life before the three men made me suck.
When the foreman ordered me to lick him clean, I obeyed, again without hesitation. While I was slurping up every drop of Tyrone’s cum, he heard the warning bell signaling that the lunch break was over and recalling everybody to their work stations. “Joe, Jocko, get back out on the floor anybody misses you and starts getting nosey. I’ll be out in a couple of minutes.”
Tyrone pulled me to my feet and put his hands around my throat. “I’ll tell you this one time, pig.  If I have to repeat any of it, you will wish you were dead, hours, maybe even days before you are. Are you listening to me, bitch?”
“Yes…Yes, Sir. You won’t never have to tell me again anything you tell me now…I…I won’t forget, Sir!”
“When this shift is over, Joe, Jocko, and me are gonna finish what we started here. You will come with us, and you will suck and fuck when, where, how, and who I tell you to, understand?”
“Yes, Sir! When the shift is over, I have to go with you, Joe and Jocko, to finish what you started here.  I have to go with you to suck and fuck when, where, how and who you tell me to, Sir!”
“ That’s a good bitch. You can put those real short cut-offs back on, but no underwear and no socks.”
When the shift change came, the three of them were waiting by the employee time clock for me.  The foreman asked me where my car was? I told him, “Sir,  I don’t know how to drive. I have to take the bus to and from work.”
“Good. Nobody’s gonna wonder why your car’s still in the parking’ lot. Anybody expecting’ you home?”
“No, Sir. I live alone in a little studio apartment down-town.  The landlord won’t even let me keep a pet.”
When we got to the parking lot, the three men decided that Joe was to bring the car he and Jocko had, and Jocko would drive the foreman’s car with Tyrone and me in the back seat.
When we got into his car,Tyrone told me to kick off my shoes, and wiggle out of my shorts. Then he pulled me over to him, pushed my head down into his lap and ordered me to suck his cock. I obeyed. All the way to his place, I had to kiss, lick, and suck, until I thought I would explode each time I felt his large, rough, hand spank the bare cheeks of my ass.
At his house, he put his cock back in his pants and had Jocko drive into the garage and close the garage doors, before he ordered me out of the car, barefoot and bare assed and took me inside through the kitchen that opened into the garage.  A few minute later, Joe joined the party, as they called it, and the orgy was very quickly on.
They took turns making me suck them hard then fucking my ass, riding me bareback without protection of any kind.  Tyrone broke me in to being a butt bitch.  After he lubed my butt hole with KY jelly he started to work his telephone pole into my ass. When he first mounted me, it hurt so much I thought he would tear me open. It took him close to a half hour of riding me, with Joe and Jocko making me suck their dicks until they came and took a break before my asshole gave up resisting him and his rod slid into my anal cannel. Soon, he made me take all of his, big wonderful cock deep in my virgin ass, as I squealed like the little piggy butt bitch he was training me to be. When the drivers took over, I obeyed and served them willingly.
It was around two in the afternoon that Tyrone reminded his pals that we had to go to work again that night. He told them to get on home and not to be late to work.  He would keep me at the house and bring me in with him. When Joe and Jocko left, Tyrone took me into the shower with him, washed me thoroughly and rubbed an ointment on my sore ass as my butt hole had been really stretched, but had not actually been torn so there was no bleeding.
As he dried me off, he asked, “Tell me, Sissy, do you know how to cook, vacuum, dust, do laundry and all that kind of shit?”
“Yes, Sir.”
“Good. ‘Cause you gonna stay here and be my housekeeper. You won’t have any rent to pay. Course the money you’re paid at Baldovino’s, or anywhere else, you will give to me, get it? You disobey me or annoy me in any way, you get spanked or whipped.  You gonna be my sissy maid slave! Understand?”
I suppose that any real man, even if they were smaller than Tyrone, and even other sissies like I was then, would have tried to fight about it. The truth is, I didn’t even think of it then, or in the months that would follow. From the moment that Tyrone mounted and rode me bareback, I had surrendered in a greater submission to him than I ever suspected I could give anyone, even in the dreams I so often had. I knew I would obey his rules and serve his pleasure in any way that he desired and demanded of me.  He had taken me, and he owned me.
As his submissive and obedient sissy bitch, it did not occur to me that, when he saw a chance to make a profit on me, he would sell me on a slave block to the highest bidder. I will tell you how that came about, and about the couple who bought me,  in the next part of my story.

If you found this story worth reading, please leave a comment. It will help me to write better stories in the future. And let me know the kind of stories you like best.  I want to write the stories that you find exciting.

Thank you,
Tom Spanks

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