The Divorce, chapter 2

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The search for a new apartment took less time than I thought it would. I spent the weekend recovering from Friday night when I found my wife fucking another man and then fucking a bar maids brains out a few hours later. I took the weekend to collect my thoughts and started my search Monday after work. The second place I found seemed perfect, close to work, and all sorts of shops I need on a regular basis.
The woman superintendent was a Spanish cutie. She has short brown hair with a J-lo type butt. Big brown eyes and c cup breasts, she was proud of her booty too wearing tight jeans which laced up in the back and a red tank top with powder blue bra straps sticking out. All the way up in the elevator all I could think was “I have got to get me some of that” she had a sassy little walk and a deep accent that just oozed a come get me vibes. The only reason I thought twice the wedding ring. Her name was Esmeralda Estrada and I found that she smelt like berries.
We made small talk as she showed me the apartment. She pointed out the large living room and bedroom, asked me why I needed a new apartment and I told her it was because my marriage is ending, she just shook her head and said that was too bad, I said it wasn’t because it was time to move on. She said she was married as well but every once and a while she felt the need to dabble in new beds. “A little extramarital sex never hurts, as long as you don’t get caught” she smiled devilishly at me.
“Well she got caught, so we are dividing the furniture and going our separate ways.”
“She is crazy good lookin’ guy like you” she said as she went to the door and stood there waiting for me to get done looking around. She was getting more irresistible by the minute as I walked up to her “soooo Esmeralda”
“call me Mel everyone does”
“so Mel lets do some paperwork” I sais playing with the keys in her hand ” I will take it baby”
“okay baby lets go up to my apartment slash office and you can fill out me and some paperwork” she stepped forward and played with my belt ” I ain’t wearing panties” she said smiling at me”
I looked in her smouldering brown eyes and smiled “I guess you are about to dabble in some naughty behavior?”
“Ci senior I will need first last rent and some hot oral action.”
I followed her to the elevator and we got on and headed for the ninth floor to her apartment. We stood beside her in the elevator watching the numbers change as I undid the string on her jeans and opened up the back enough to see she wasn’t lying… no panties. “So Mel how often do you screw new tenants?”
“Every couple months, my husband is a limp dick so I can only hold on for so long before I need cock”
“cool” I said as the door opened and I followed her out, holding her jeans so they did not fall down. She unlocked her door and we stepped inside and I let go of the jeans as she threw down the keys and clip board. She stepped out of her sandals and the jeans and walked across the room pulling her shirt off and undoing her bra. She turned and walked backwards as I followed her staring at her shaved pussy and big nipples. She stopped and waited for me to catch up and started stripping my clothes off kneeling down and taking my shoes off and pulling down my pants, as my cock sprang out flicking her nose, she did not hesitate and began deep throating me with fervor.
“Ah fuck yeah baby devour that penis” she stopped sucking and jerked it as she looked up at me and smiled
“you like my hot mouth stud? You wanna cum in it? You wanna cum all over me?”
“Yes fuck yes, I am going to come on your face then eat your pussy”
She smiled hungrily and began sucking me again and it did not take long for her tongue fucking and ball fondling to cause that great sensation and I came down her throat in hot gobs of white sex. She cleaned me off and stood up and took my hand and walked me to the couch and she sat down and began playing with her hot shaved engorged clit it was big and stood out as she leaned her head back and moaned. “Suck my clit, lick and suck my engorged clit boy!” I did not need to be told twice I dropped to my knees and as she kept her slit spread I licked her hot wet clit. I hooked her legs over my shoulders as I snick two fingers into her pussy. The other hand I kneaded her big tits. “OOOOOh fuck yeah Mr. Add a third finger!” so I did I added a third finger and began piston them in and out of her sopping wet cunt. She could not keep her orgasm quiet as she came all over my fingers and tongue. I pulled out my fingers and licked her sweet come off all them, and then cleaned up her pussy too.
Before she could catch her breath I rolled her onto her knees on the edge of the couch her head buried in her arms on the back of the couch, now ready to go again I rammed my cock into her greasy pussy, and slapped both hands onto her ass and began hammering her hard from behind. As the couch creaked and skidded as I bucked her hard she continued the dirt talk “ahh yeah fuck me like that my pussy like it rough, ah that’s it then come on my back!” It was so hot as she reached under and played with my balls as I reached under and grabbed her tits and rubbed her nipples. “You are so wet I am going to love this building”
“yes you will gringo and I will make sure you do” her last hand slipped off the back and her head was banging into the wall as she asked me to come soon. I grabbed her hair and told her not till she came again.
So I held her hair tight as she got pounded to another orgasm, satisfied she came I pulled out and let her slip to her knees on the floor still bent over her face in the cushion. With my cock sopping wet from her come I knelt behind her and slid my cock into her ass. I slapped my hands back on her ass and pounded again as she cried in pain.
“Your ass is so hot I have to come in it!!”
“”oh my god this isn’t fair I never had anal before!”
“Well just relax or it will hurt worse as I pound on ya” I got to a crouching position and grabbed the back of the couch and just went fast and furious as her head was driven deeper into the couch as she screamed in pain. Finally I was ready and I pulled out and slipped my cock between her ass cheeks coating them with pussy juice and anal goo as I shot my second hot load all over her back.
I got up and sat on the couch as she stood up and walked into the bathroom to towel off her back. She walked into the bedroom next and came backout smoking a cigar. “I come I smoke a Cuban, I love the euphoria” she said leaning against the door jam “first and last months rent due the day you move in” she blew smoke in the air and smiled.

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