The Hypnotic Revenge II

Kate climbed the stairs to find me stood in the hallway, I greeted her and said I think my sister was in the shower, I walked into my room asking her how college was prompting her to follow me in to answer my question. She didn’t follow me in but dismissed my question with a quick “its okay”. I called to her “have you seen this?” she entered the room and I pointed to the television. Another episode of the hypnotism program was on. “I could hypnotise you, I did it to Sarah” “Whatever” she said, “I can, honestly, I’ll show you if you want” Kate had been out the previous night with my sister, so she was also a bit worse for wear. I carried out the same actions on Kate as I did with Sarah.

It didn’t work on Kate the first time, so I tried again. You’re falling deeper into a trance… she was gone. She actually fell to the floor. She lay there silently, without moving. I thought she was faking so I told her to stand up and put her hands on her head. She did so, her head still bowing to the floor, her position lifted her C-cup breasts which pushed out in front of her. I told her to touch the floor. Her trousers gripped her perfectly formed ass showing every contour. I couldn’t resist I had to have her now!

I told her that every time I said the phrase “purple dishwasher” she would return to the trance and not remember anything whilst hypnotised. I said to go to Sarah’s room and wake up. She left my room. I started to grow excited, my mind racing thinking of what I would do with the two of them. I composed myself and made my way to Sarah’s room.

I knocked on the door and entered, Sarah was still wrapped in a towel, Kate sat on her bed. They both looked at me and I said my new favourite phrase. Sarah’s eyes glazed over and Kate’s head dropped. I told Kate to stand up and take off all of her clothes. I sat down enjoying the show. She finally stepped out of her panties and I was able to admire her body. She was about 5″6′ and had a fantastic body, slim, rounded tits with an ass that was screaming out to be fucked. I had to have her now.

I told Sarah to lay on the bed with her legs hanging over the edge. I pulled the towel off her. I pushed Kates face into Sarahs cunt and told her to eat it, she lapped at her clit and flaps burying her nose to my sisters snatch. Sarah moaned and wriggled, she held each side of Kates face pushing her tongue deeper into her hole. She wrapped her legs behind Kates head opening her piss flaps further. Sarah’s apparent enjoyment of this made me think that Kate knew exactly what she was doing and was actually a rug muncher herself.

Watching this made me grow so hard I struggled to get my cock out quick enough. I searched the surrounding tabletops for a lubricant. I found moisturising cream which I squeezed onto the base of Kates back. I placed the tip of my cock against Kates ass hole. The moisturiser ran along her back and down her bum crack. The moisturiser surrounded my bell end. I circled her ass hole and took aim, I plunged into her ass which was tight as hell! Kate let out a deep sigh and arched her back, I pulled on her hair as she moved away. I began to thrust.

Sarah looked like she was close to climax so I told her to manoeuvre her body so that her head was now off the bed and between Kates legs in a 69 position, she moved and I pushed Kates face into Sarahs cunt once again who began to eat Kate out. I felt Kate shudder when Sarahs tongue found Kates clit. I got back into my rhythm thrusting into and out of Kates ass. It felt so good, my balls where hitting my sister in the face whilst my cock was being forced as far up her best friends ass as it would reach.

I knelt onto the bed with my knees either side of Sarahs face, pushing Kates pussy out of reach of her mouth. I squatted down over my sisters face and ordered her to lick my ass hole. She circled my starfish and tickled my hole and then began to tongue fuck me. I pulled my sisters hand over Kates pussy and told her to fist her. As Sarah began to insert her fingers into Kates cunt she began to buck, my cock in her ass and my sisters fingers in her snatch was too much. It felt awesome, I rode the vigorous struggle until I felt myself ready to explode. I shot my load into Kates ass, I pulled out and admired the still gaping hole my cock had made, I leaned Kate back so her ass was hovering over Sarahs mouth I told her to lick out my cum and hold it in her mouth. Sarah lapped at the ass hole as my spaff was being rejected. I pulled Kate around to Sarahs face so she could share my cum that had just dripped from her own ass. They kissed passionately as cum ran from the sides of their mouths, I held their tits as they kissed. I couldn’t resist one last humiliation… I told the girls to continue kissing then wake up when they heard the bedroom door close.

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  1. Wondering_Wolf

    I want more to this story, It’s great

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  2. jonesey

    fucking hot

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