They wanted her. They got her.

Her mousy blond hair swayed as she walked. He looked at her and thought to himself, ‘How Lucky am I?’ She turned around to him and said “Are you coming or what?”. He didn’t need to be told twice, as he chased after her. It was Phoebe and Ricks third date, they’d decided to go to the movies, to one of the late night sessions at the local Palace Cinema, where they played all the really scary movies at midnight. They were both huge horror buffs, so this was a pretty exciting night. They theater was playing a classic horror film, Godzilla Vs Cahoona. Rick couldn’t believe how lucky he was, there was this beautiful girl who loved horror movies and liked HIM! He was going to do anything not to screw this up.
She turned again and started walking backwards, eyes locked with his. She looked at him longingly. She thought she might love him. He was tall and dark and handsome. He had a cute little scar on his chin and gorgeous blue eyes that made her sigh. She couldn’t believe she had to come see some dumb horror movie, but she didn’t care, because he was happy. Happy to say anything to keep him happy. As she turned back around to walk towards the ticket office she tripped on a step and fell awkwardly backwards and just before she hit the step and hand caught her. A strong hand. There was a man standing over her, He’d caught her just before she had hit the ground. Her first thought was to thank the man. But she then noticed that he’d caught her chest and was feeling her breast through her top and bra. She looked up to him “Thank-you!” Rick said as he rushed over to her. “Thank you very much!” said rick. “That’s fine mate, just fine.” said this stocky man. Rick and Phoebe both heard his Australian accent. “Yes” Said Phoebe “Thank you very much”. “Not a problem lovely. I guess we were both lucky I was here” He gave her a wink and walked over to his three mates. “You enjoy your movie! Okay?” Said the stocky Australian. “We sure will! Thanks to you!” Rick replied, brushing down Phoebe clothes, making sure she was okay. “Yes….” phoebe muttered. “Thank you. Very much.” Phoebe adjusted her top and took Ricks hand as they walked the last little way up to the box office. Phoebe’s hands felt soft and smooth, but Rick could feel she was shaking. “Are you alright?” Rick asked. “Yes. I’m fine.” she said “Just shaken. I almost lost my head there.” Rick kissed her head. “As long as you’re okay. Do you still want to go to the movies?” He asked. “Of course I do! I’m not going to miss this!” She lied.

She bounced up the next few steps and ordered two student tickets to the midnight viewing of Godzilla Vs. Cahoona. Rick looked at her tiny figure. She was a sweet, beautiful girl. 5′ 5, with tight thighs and buttox and seemly perfect round breasts. Perfectly in proportion with her body.
Rick turned around to look out over the cinema foyer, they 4 men were laughing together. They seemed to be the only ones in the theater. He could hear their laughter and he heard them talking quietly amongst themselves. The short stocky one telling some Australian yarn of sorts. He looked at the stocky man just as he caught his eye, Rick wanted to look away, but the Australian just stared right back. The Australian pursed his lips and kissed at Rick then winked at him, just as Phoebe grabbed his arm. “Are you ready?” She asked. “Yep! Yes, of course. Lets go” Rick replied. They walked with their arms around each other. Rick turned his head to see they 4 Australians laughing again.

Rick and Phoebe got a 2 large cokes, popcorn and an ice-cream each. This was another thing about her he loved. This girl could eat! She would eat and still keep her amazing figure. He didn’t understand it!

The usher ripped their tickets and in they went to the movie.
They sat there alone in the theater, watching the annoying slides of restaurants in the area and the candy bar song. She held his hand and kissed it, he turned in and kissed her cheek, then her chin, her nose and then her lips. She responded by kissing him back, softly and gently. Her hands rubbed his face and his hands went to her waist.

She put her hand down on the arm rest in between them and lifted it up. So that they could be next to each other without that obstruction in the way. They continued kissing and she ran her hands all over his back and chest. She shuffled in towards him further as he tongue entered his mouth. Her soft pink tongue ran all over his, flicking and licking. Rick couldn’t believe it, this was a huge jump from anything they’d done before. She took his hand from her waist a placed it over her breast. Rick opened his eyes to look at her to see if this was some crazy girl test, to see if he would actually do it! But she just stared back at him, longlingly, she wanked at him and smiled while they kissed, he smiled to as their teeth connected gently. They laughed a small kiss laugh and he kept his warm firm hand on her soft breast. She began moaning softly to herself as he played with her chest. She brought her hand down to his stomach and brought it inside his shirt. As the movie titles started rolling she started rubbing his cock through his pants.
He pulled back from the kiss “What are you doing?!” All she did was lock lips with him again and say “Shhh” under her breath as she began to kiss him with a little more force her tongue exploring his mouth as his did the same. Rick relaxed and let her do what she wanted, he knew that he didn’t have to be the good respectful guy anymore. His dick hardened in his pants and it bulged up through his jeans, she noticed that it made quite a crease in his pants. She rubbed his penis through the fabric, rubbing her hand up and down the full length of the shaft. Squeezing and fingering the head. His soft moans and sighs made her wet. She loved making guys moan and she loved making Rick sigh. Sh started unbuttoning his jeans and loosening his belt. Rick looked about himself to see if the ushers or any other patrons had arrived. Also, to have a look at the movie that was playing. Phoebe opened his jeans up and saw his silky boxers and his hard tool inside. She put her hand in side his boxers and felt what was a very large and very hard cock. She had to let out a little sigh when she felt it. But she massaged its length and rub his hard cock from base to head. She then set his little friend free and took it out of his boxers. So there he was, cock out in the middle of a movie theater, watching Godzilla Vs Cahoona.
She smiled at him and she kissed her way down his neck, over his chest and onto his stomach where she kissed the head of his dick. There was a tiny amount of pre-cum on the head of his dick , she wiped it way, she’d never been a fan of semen, but she just wiped it away and kissed his head gently. Phoebe began to lick the round head and soon took his beautiful cock into her small mouth. She used her tongue and her lips to play his cock like a instrument. To Ricks amazement she started taking all of his impressive erection into her mouth. She slid further and further down his cock till her lips touched his balls and stomach. Then all she did was move her head up and down on his cock. He could feel the back of her throat on the shaft of his dick and the very back of her tongue ,massaged the head of his dick as she bobbed up and down slowly on his rigid pole. She started slow, but increased her efforts moving faster and faster. Licking ad sucking his dick. She sucked his dick slowly letting his cock slide between her lips. While still keeping his dick in her mouth she sidled her way over his legs and positioned herself on her knees in front of him. She took his hands and placed them on her head and let him move her head up and down in his own rhythm. She used her now free hands to massage his balls and work his shaft.
“I can’t believe this!” Rick moaned ans she., with his full cock in her mouth began to lick his balls. “I think I’m going to cum” he said gently. Phoebe slowly, very slowly took her mouth up his shaft licking his shaft all the way up.
Not yet” she said
, with a gentle smile. His dick
stayed up at attention as she kissed his thighs, her hands rubbed his stomach as she licked his balls, she would take one into her mouth, roll it around her tongue and then move onto the next one. It had the desired affect, his cock slowed down, bit his pleasure remained. Rick looked down at Phoebe who had just started rubbing her pussy through her panties. She looked up into his eyes and he as watching her. “I’ve got a treat for you” Phoebe said coyly. “Another treat?” he asked shocked. Phoebe took a lick of the ice cream in Ricks armrest took, that ice cold dessert into her mouth, then grabbed his hard pecker and sucked on it feverishly. The cold rocked through him as her hands and mouth worked his shaft.
She could sense he was going to come as she attacked his hard cock. So she slowed and took her mouth off it. She took his cock in her hand and massaged it as she sat down next to him, she had once again averted his cumming, but she rubbed his happy friend and she cleared the drinks and pop corn out of the way. She lifted up the armrests to her right, she let go of his member and lay down on the seats. She kicked off her shoes and slid her dripping wet panties down her legs and like her shoes, kicked them away. Rick look down and saw this beautiful girls snatch for the first time, it was pink, soft and moist. She had a small amount of hair on her pussy that was shaped in an R, “You like?” she asked. “I love” he said. As he crawled towards her.
He kissed his way up her calves, knees and thighs stopping and he warm, wet opening. He took and breath and said “I’m not very… good it this..I haven’t… done it before” she shushed him and held his head in her hands as she slowly lowered his mouth to her opening. She smelt wonderful and she began to lick and suck at her pussy. She responded by pushing his face into her vagina. Running his face up and through her walls. “Rick” she said she she moaned and sighed. “Fuck me please.” she commanded. Rick gave her one last lick and moved up her body. He kissed her stomach and her belly button and kissed over her shirt and bra. She unbuttoned as he went letting her shirt fall over her now exposed skin, sending electricity up her body.
He poised himself over her tiny figure, she opened her legs a little wider and held his throbbing member, she pushed her head up and kissed him as she guided his thick shaft into her opening. She signed as he stretched her out. She opener her eyes a took in a deep breath as his 8 ½ inches entered her fully. She grabbed his bum and started pushing it into her. “I told you to fuck me Rick, you feel so good, just please, fuck me” she whispered. He took this opportunity and he started thrusting harder and harder into her, to stop from falling Phoebe grabbed the opposite chairs, she then used this hand hold to brace herself for the passionate fucking taking place. She was biting her lips and quivering as Rick slammed deeper and deeper into her Phoebe pulled away from Rick, and turned around, she got onto her hands and knees and invited him aboard.
Rick came towards her and slid the head of his dick into her opening from behind. She let out a little shriek as without warning he pushed into her completely. They both closed their eyes and he pushed into her and she responded by pushing back into him, Phoebe felt her climax build and build and just as she came all over his cock, she opened her eyes to see 2 Australians standing at the edge of the aisle watching them. “Rick!” she said as she turned around to cover herself up, to hide her embarrassment. Just as she heard the theater door close and lock. She turned to see if an usher had come in, but it was just the other 2 Australian men watching and smiling. “What the fuck?!” Rick said as he saw the 4 men.
“That was quite a show!” said the stocky man. “I agree” said his tall friend. “Don’t out account” a third man chimed in. “We’re sorry guys.. we won;t do it again” rick apologized as he buttons up his pants. “Not again?” Not again!” the stocky many mocks. “I was hoping you’d do it again right now.”, The 4 Australians laugh and start walking into the aisle. “Rick…I’m scared” Phoebe says as she holds him arm. “I know, I know…” rick replies. The 4 men advance on the couple. “We;re just going to go, if that’s alright with you guys “rick suggests. “Oh no,” says the stocky Australian, “No, that’s not alright with us! Boys!” At this moment the 3 other Australian men grab Rick and Phoebe, they struggle against them. “What the hell are you doing! We said we’re sorry!” rick yells. “I don’t care if you’re sorry, I don’t care at all, I don’t care that you like fucking each other in a public place. I just want my turn, that’s all.”said the Australian. “Your turn?!” Phoebe says, sobbing. “Yep” says the stocky man. “I want mine, my brother Bill wants his turn, and my mates Phil and Mick want to have a shot as well, so if you don’t mind!”
Rick’s vision burrs instantly as he is hit over the head and collapses. He wakes up some time later and sees he’s tied to the front row of the seating bank in the theater, he looks around to see Phoebe, and she’s there right infront of him, he hadn’t been asleep long because she’s still struggling with the. One of the men hits her hard across the face. “Stop it!” he says to her. Stop it of we’ll hurt you again. She stops struggling. “Don’t hurt her!” Rick pleads. “Oh” says Bill, “looks like our friends away brother” the stocky Australian walks over rick and slaps him in the face, hard. “Shut up! I’m working my magic over here” Rick quietens. Down and sits there, tears running down his face. The stocky man turns to Phoebe and says, “Now honey, you’re going to do what we ask, and you’re going to enjoy it, or your boyfriend here will get the same treatment as you and we’ll both have the same boyfriend. If you get my meaning.” Phoebe nods.
“I want to see a smile!” Phoebe smiles at them as they laugh. “The first thing we want you to do it dance for us!” phoebe, without a seconds thought stands up and dances for them, she starts by undoing her shirt and letting it fall to the ground and then, while shaking fumbles with her bra and lets it slide down her body. The 4 men stand gawking at her as rick stares at her from behind, helpless. The 4 Australian men take their clothes off and stand staring at this young tiny thing.

Her breasts are perfect and they don’t sag at all, her tiny pink nipples stand to attention in the cold theater. Their dicks grow hard watching her, Phoebe stares in amazement at the array of cocks before her. Each mans dick is bigger than the next. All of them are bigger than Ricks, she swallows hard as she sees what is awaiting her. As she dances, the 4 men rub their cocks, if they were big before now they’re massive. “Get on your knees” one of them commands. She obliges.

He walks forward, rubbing his dick with his hands, his 10 inches growing harder and harder. “Open your mouth. Now.” she does what she’s told. The dirty, big, great cock comes towards her. He wastes no time with her as he shoves his full length into her mouth straight in, all the way down her throat. She gags on the cock and coughs over it. The man laughs, grabs her head and starts fucking it, hard. She gags a little at first, but she soons gets used to the brutality and opens her throat up. To her surprise her pussy is responding to this brutal attack and she has the overwhelming desire to start rubbing her clit. She can’t believe, it, but she also can;t control it and this man grabs her chin and the back of her head and rams into her open the mouth she rubs her dripping vagina. Moaning into the heft of cock in her throat. He pulls his dick out to give her some air, she chokes in some air. And she says to his friends “Hey boys, come on she’s a live one,have a crack!” as he pushes his cock back into her mouth and humps in wildly . He rips her mouth off his dick and pushes her to the ground as one of his mates comes over.

He pushes her onto her hands, lifts her up by her butt and pushes his wet dick into her open hole. She screams as he enters
her but it’s muffled by a
new cock. The cock fills her mouth, it’s much bigger than the last and he struggles to get it past her throat, she breaths deeply through her nose as this huge man pushed his dick further and further into her mouth. Her pussy is being ripped open from behind by this massive shlong. As the biggest dick she’s ever had comes at her tonsils. Soon the two men are balls deep inside this young girl. And they are pushing in deeper. “Hey Bill!” one of the men says. “Come fuck her ass” . When phoebe hears this she starts squirming away. “No, no no baby, don’t move” Bill the tall Australian walks over to Phoebe she looks at his tool briefly while the other two hammer into her. She pushed the man away from her mouth. “Don’ t do my ass please!” Phoebe pleads. “We told you to behave darling” the stocky Australian says. “Your boy is mine”. Phoebe goes to scream but the tall man pushed his dick into her mouth, it’s not as big as the man who was just inside her was, but its long and it goes very deep, very quick. “Suck my dick good lady” says the tall man, “you want to be as lubbed as possible.” Phoebe wets his dick as much as she can, licking and sucking and frothing over his cock. “Enough” he says as he pulls out of her mouth They man behind phoebe is started rubbing her clit while he fucks her causing her to have an explosive orgasm. “I think she just came!” He cries loudly and proudly! The tall man walks behind and stand over her back. “can you help me out mate?”

The tall man asks his friend. They boys change position, the man fucking her pussy goes to get another expert head job as the man that was inside her mouth lies underneath phoebe and thrusts his huge cock into her pussy. Just as she gets used to this new cock in her pussy the tall man pushes the head of his dick into her as. Phoebe screams out loud as the 3rd man puts his dick into her mouth again. “This girls a anal virgin boys! She tight as!” the tall man yells as they they whoop and cheer. “You’re tight as love” the tall man says to her as he pushed his 9 inches into her virgin arse. As phoebe is filled up, the stock man walks over to Rick who is sitting pantless, cock hard as a rock watching his new girlfriend being taken by these men. “You like it?” the stocky man says. He grabs Rick and pushed him onto the ground next to Phoebe.
“Look at this boys!!” The stocky man says as he opens up ricks mouth. The stocky man puts all 11 inches of his dick into ricks mouth straight away.

He goes all the way in as Rick couch and moans and gags on the huge cock. Phebe watches in terror as her boyfriend is face fucked by another man. She snapps out of it as the tall man says “I’m going to come! Let me in her mouth!” the two men swap positions and the tall man puts the dick that was just in her ass right in her mouth. She takes her blood and her ass and he moves his cock in and out of her mouth. She struggles to move away from the explosion but he just grabs her ears, he holds her hair and jerks off the last few times before he pulls his cock out and sprays cum on her face and then finishes his load in her mouth. He keeps his dick in there as she rolls his cock around in her mouth. It’s at this point the man puts his dick in her arse. A much bigger dick than before and she cries and he fills her. He rams her arse a very different way to the other, he puts it in a little way, then takes it out, opens up her arse cheeks and then pushed it all the way in again. Hoe does this faster and faster and he meets the rhythm of this huge friend fucking her pussy.

The stocky Australian still screwing the mouth of the gagging boyfriend says “I’ve got an idea, bring this lady over here! I want her to suck his cock while we take turns ramming her and filling her up” The men change their positions and move her over. The men takes turns putting it in her pussy and her arse. The stocky man goes first and pumps her harder than she’s ever been pumped before. Phoebe starts pushing back into him, heightening her pleasure and his. “I;m going to come” says the stocky man, “So am I” says rick. Phoebe goes to take her mouth away but rick holds it in place as he cums hard down her throat. She pulls away and looks at him disgusted. Cum dripping from her lips. “We have two live ones boys!” says the tall man. None of the boys stop for a moment they all take positions inside phoebe and fuck her senseless. They rocket together filling her holes as she moans and screams, cuming once and then twice and then 4 and 5 times screaming for her captors to fuck her harder.
“FFUUUUCK ME!! HARD!!! PLEASE! GOD FUCK ME!” RICK DOESN’T KNOW HOW TO TRULY! FUCK A GIRL!” This sends the men over the wall and the man screwing her arse cumms hard and deep in side as as she shudders and cums again. Rick then takes his position behind her and fucks her loose arse. The 2 other men one under her and oner face fucking her go for broke with rick working in rhythm plunging one hole then the other then the other. “I’m going to come” the two men say as they assault this young girl. But rick keeps going hard. The 4 men finish off my jerking off over the two kids screwing each other. They pack up get their clothes on and leave the theater and the couple behind.

Rick and Phoebe fuck each other all the way through the movie, until the credits roll where she straddles him and bounces up and down on his dick, her sweet tits bouncing too. They look into each other eyes and cum together. She falls on him and they kiss tasting the cum. They get changed and walk out of the theater. Back home, where new adventures await.

Till next time.

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