His Arrival Part II..That afternoon

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Part II: That afternoon
I woke him up at noon as instructed, but it took him a half hour to get out of bed. I know how tired he is, so i try let him get up at his own pace. But if i let him sleep too long i know he’d get mad. So while im waiting for him to rise, i make him a pot of coffee. I pour myself some orange juice and head for the deck. Its a beautiful day out. Huge storms had just passed the night before and the sky was as blue as could be, not a cloud in site. He finally gets up and i pour him his coffee, we smile at each other and he gives me a kiss, and says morning baby. I ask him if he’d like to join me on the deck. He gathers his shorts and is soon sitting next to me. We love this time together on the deck. Its so quiet except for the wilderness. We listen to many different birds singing and very much enjoy our 100 or so hummingbirds. I feel the cat wrapping around my leg. Stoner is soft and joins me in a cup of capaccino and whiskey sometimes. Hense the name Stoner.
He starts getting his usual phone calls from his buddies he doesnt talk to all week. They catch up on union garb. And he returns calls that he missed in the week. Inbetween calls we talk about the stuff that needs to be done before he leaves in 2 days. I say to him, why dont you take a day off and just relax, we can get this stuff done tomorrow. He returns a few more calls, and by now im drinking OJ and Whiskey, (great breakfast) and hes sipping a beer. I look down and see my nipples sticking out through my t-shirt. He reaches over and tweaks my nipples. Hes always playing with my tits, whether we’re at home or in the truck. I look at him and smile, he gives me cold chills. And loves doing it. He loves running his fingers up and down my arms and watch the goose bumps rise.

I pull his chair closer to me, with his help and lay my hand down between his legs. And gently play with the blonde hair on his legs. He has nice legs…very strong. Sexy!! I let my fingers trace over his cock. and he smiles at me. He’s still talking on the phone and i hear him say, yes me too, i think momma’s ready for round 2. He hangs up the phone and says are you ready i need a shower and you do too!

Once in the shower we do our routine washing first. It saves on water plus lets us get to each other quicker. I always have my back to him when im rinsing my hair. I love to lean against him and feel his naked body against mine. The cream rinse coming out of my hair flows down between us and makes our bodys just slide against each other,,,,,his dick feels good rubbing against my butt. He reaches around to caress my breasts and i could just melt into him. One hand reaches down to feel my slick pussy, and he starts rubbing my clit. OOOOhhh it felt so great! I slowly turn around and kiss him on his lips, our tongues probing each others mouths. I reach down to caress his cock. I hear him moan, and i bend down and take it into my mouth all the way in. I feel it twitch and start to grow inside my mouth. I love his dick so much, i love the way it feels inside my mouth, and i love to hear his crys for more. I reach for his balls and slowly glide my tongue down his shaft and start licking them, he loves me licking his balls and sucking them into my mouth. I hear him moan again, and whisper ohhhh yesssss….my hand gently strokes his cock while im sucking his balls, his hand joins mine, and my tongue slowly slides back up to the tip of his dick. My mouth circles the head and gently licks the pee hole. By this time my pussy is feeling needy. I slip my hand between my legs and feel how slimy ive become sucking his dick. Im getting really turned on by his cock, and i start fingering my pussy. Inserting first one then two fingers, he see’s how hot im getting and joins my hand. He sticks 2 fingers in and starts fucking my pussy. Then he pulls them out and slicks them all over my ass-hole, inserting one finger, and returning 2 fingers to my pussy. My mouth goes deeper down on his hard cock. His cock is deep inside my throat, slowly pumping back and forth. I can feel him throbbing. Slowly he pulls me away from his cock and turns me around. I spread eagle and grab the walls of the shower the best i can. He slaps his cock against my pussy and slides it all the way in. OOOOOhhh goddddd that felt good i moan, i turn my head to look at him and turn back and he starts pumping my pussy slowly. I can hear him saying yesssssssssss and enjoying the feeling of his dick buried deep inside my pussy. He starts to pump alittle faster and our breathing gets deeper, he can hear me giving my approval as i tell him to fuck me harder. He rams his cock deeper and harder inside me, i can feel my orgasm starting to build. I cry out harder baby, harder and hes ramming his dick into me so hard, i cry out ohhhhhhh myyyy godddddddd….yessssssss yesssssssssss, and my body is shaking i have to rub my pussy to calm it down. His cock is still inside me, but i pull away, my legs are tired. He takes a deep breath and leans against the back of the shower while i sit down. My legs trembling, he always does that to me!!….I lean forward and suck his cock into my mouth. I sure do miss it during the week. I hear him take a deep breath and move closer to me, his cock still fully hard he presses it against my lips. I can taste my juices still on him. I grab his cock with my hand and slowly start licking my cum off of him. MMM it was sweet, just the way he said it was. I stood up and bent over with his cock still inside my mouth. I slapped my ass cheek once and he got the message that it needed some attention. He rubbed it gently then smacked it hard, my mouth went deeper down on his cock. He slapped me again and again until i was red. My butt was tingling. He reached down my back and inserted 3 fingers into my pussy, and one into my butt. His fingers were driving in slow but hard, once all the way in he would wiggle them around, then slide them back out. He fucked me this way for a couple minutes till finally i couldnt stand it anymore and started sucking his cock harder, he let go of my pussy and grabbed my head and started pumping my mouth. His head leaned back as i peaked up at him. I love to see him enjoying himself. And hearing him moan. He says suck it baby, and takes that deep breath that drives me wild. I start suckinghis cock harder, and massaging his balls up to meet my mouth, his hands are holding my head firmly in place as he starts to drive deeper inside mymouth. I start to gag hes fucking my mouth so hard, and take a second to come up for air. His cock starts fucking my tits while i take another breath. I love him fucking my tits but i want to feel him cumm all over my mouth and tits. I take his dick back into my mouth and start fingering myself. I insert 2 fingers as i suck his dick deeper into my mouth. He’s saying ohhh yess suck me baby, suck my dick,,,,and holding my head in place and fucking it faster. Shorter strokes this time, my hand squeezing his balls, my fingers probing my pussy faster and faster, His strokes getting shorter and shorter, his breathing eratic, i grab the bass and squeeze and stroke him upward and feel the first shots of cumm hit my tongue, He’s moaning loudly oooooohhhh goddddddd yessssssssssssss and my pussy is exploding all over my fingers as i cumm with him. My hand still stroking his cum out of his cock onto my neck and chin. I lick the tip and gently stroke him. My back is broken by now and i stand up and give him a kiss on the lips. We once again thank each other as we climb out of the shower. He takes deep breaths as he dries his hair with a towel, and says baby,,,,your gonna kill me!

We didnt get much done that day, decided to go back out to the deck, and crank up the stereo, him with his beer and whiskey me and my joints and whiskey. We decided to go to bed early that night. I decided to give him a break because he was still very tired, so we just snuggled all nite.

Part III to come !

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