Hubby’s Out Of Town

Last spring I took my husband to the airport where he was due to depart for a week to Tokyo.  Along the route, I began fantasizing about being alone for all that time and what I should do to make time go faster and to also enjoy the freedom for once.  I began by daydreaming about meeting some people at the local bar and having a few drinks and imagined what it would be like to have some of the guys there flirt with me and maybe dance a couple of slow dances before I went home.  My husband has mentioned to me once in awhile that he would like to see me have sex with another guy, but I was not into that and thought he did not really love me if he wanted me to do that.

I walked inside the airport with him and kissed him goodbye and turned and walked back to the exit, but suddenly had this desire to have a drink first and watch his plane depart, so I walked down the corridor to the bar and sat down at a table.  The waitress asked my order and then asked if I was traveling or waiting for someone.  I thought, why do you want to know, you seem pretty nosy, but instead I told her the truth.  She suggested I move over to the table in the corner where it is more private and I wouldn’t have everyone bumping me as they come in.  I changed tables and she brought me the drink and told me to hold up my hand if I wanted another.

I am 42 years old, 5 foot 4 inches, 130 lbs, brunette with a firm figure and large tits, and I have been hit on many times. But to have two men walk up to my table and ask if they could buy me a drink was a surprise.  The waitress walked up at that exact moment with drinks for the two men and handed it to them, giving me a little wink and smile as she turned to leave.  I told them that I was only having the one drink, but thanks anyway.  They asked if they could join my table while they drank theirs, and without waiting for an answer, sat down.  Starting up a conversation, one man  asked if I was traveling and never waited for an answer as his phone rang.  He excused himself and got up from the table, leaving his partner with me.  We casually talked and I noticed that he was very handsome, probably 6ft 2in or so, muscular and a very attractive face.  He carried on a very pleasant conversation and held up his hand for the waitress.  She brought over his drink and one for me, even thought I never asked for one; she told me it was on the house.

We talked and another round of drinks appeared and suddenly I found myself enjoying this man and then the other man reappeared.  He also had a fresh drink and signaled the waitress to bring more.  By this time I had consumed 5 drinks and was border-line woozy.  Music was playing and the one man, name of Stu, asked if I would dance with him.  I got up and staggered a bit and he reached out to steady me, holding onto my arm out to the dance floor, where he immediately drew me close and put his arm around my waist.  It felt good and we danced a very slow dance with him putting his knee between my legs slightly.  We went back to the table and I was both thirsty and dizzy and there was another round of drinks for us.

Two more men walked up and spoke to Stu and Ken.  Ones name was Sid and the other Dennis.  They did not ask, but sat down and ordered more drinks.  I began giggling and Stu told them that I had had a few too many and they all laughed and Ken put his arm down on my leg.  Stu had his arm around me and from time to time would lean over and kiss me fully on the lips and I kissed him back.  I felt Ken’s hand moving between my legs and up to my cunt but thought what the hell, it sure feels good.  Ken put a finger on my clit and massaged it and I sort of moved my hips just enough to encourage him to keep going.  Stu pulled me to him and kissed me and Ken had his finger inside my pussy and was getting me ready to cum.  I felt someone under the table spreading my legs and a mouth and tongue replaced Ken’s finger.  The tongue licked my pussy clean and I felt the first waves of womanly cum searing out of my cunt and the man between my legs licked it all out.

After consuming two more drinks, Stu and I got up to dance again and I felt something hot taking place between my legs and realized it was his very hard cock pressing against me.  I pulled him over to the table which now had been hidden from the other guests, lay back on it and pulled him down on top of me.  His cock had been freed and he entered my juicy cunt and fucked me until I screamed out in pleasure.  He held his hand over my mouth to keep me from alarming the other guests.

As I lay there, I felt Stu pull out of my cunt, leaving wet cum dripping on my legs.  I kept my eyes closed and was in a dreamy, drunk place, but felt another big cock enter me and begin pumping very fast and hard and suddenly the person stiffened and sent a load of cum inside me again.  He crawled off me and said ‘Thanks for the fuck, bitch, when I get hard again I am going to fuck you in every hole.’  He moved away and another pair of hands were pinching my tits and then he entered me and fucked me hard until I climaxed again  and told him to keep going and he did.  He fucked me for a long time and finally I came again and he sent a shot of hot cum deep inside me.

The next  morning, I awoke to Stu and Ken on either side of me.  Stu was softly snoring and Ken was sucking on my tit and I realized that was what woke me up.  His sucking had started a small fire deep in me and my pussy began to feel hot.  I pushed him over and mounted him, placing his huge rigid cock back inside me again.  I moved up and down his shaft until he grunted and sent a load of hot cum up inside me again.

I was still wanting cock so I got out of bed and walked past the two men sleeping on the floor.  I pushed the one man with my foot waking him up and he got up and followed me into the bathroom where he immediately picked me up and sat me on the sink area.  He spread my legs and inserted his 12 incher balls deep inside my slippery cunt.  He proceed to pound my pussy until I shot my wad and he then emptied his load into my waiting cunt.  He went out and was replaced by Dennis, who had not fucked me the night before.  He walked over to me and sucked my tits, playing with my ass all the time.  He turned me around and after putting his finger up my pussy, put his wet finger in my ass and pushed his prick in and fucked me soundly; I enjoyed the ass reaming.

We all met at the hotel restaurant and had breakfast before going our own ways.  I was totally starved from all the fucking we had done that night and while eating, Sid asked me about my husband Tim.  I showed him a picture of him and told him that Tim and I had not been all that sexually active for a few months.  Sid showed the picture to Dennis and they both spoke almost at once.

“I hate to tell you this Laura, but I think you should know. Dennis and I have been fucking Tim for a couple of months now.  I am sorry to say this to you but your husband has been sucking us both off for weeks and months now. In fact, two nights ago, he had rented a hotel room and we visited him. He sucked my cock while Dennis fucked him up his ass. He loves it, so dont feel guilty about fucking us yourself.  You are a fantastic piece of ass, but Tim is quite a good fuck too.”

I went back to the airport bar and the same waitress was there.  She smiled at me, brought me a drink and told me her name was Jill and that she’d heard one of the men call me Laura.

“That’s right,” I said, “but why did you keep sending all those drinks and men over to me last night?”

She laughed softly and said, “Why honey, I could see you needed a good fucking and I have also fucked those same men plus others, so I knew they would service you good. By the way, I live two blocks from here, why don’t you stop by in an hour or so and have a drink with me there?”

She poured another drink and I began feeling loose again and said, “Why not, it will be fun.”

I met Jill in an hour and we went inside.  Jill poured some more drinks and after a couple more, I began to feel good and comfortable.  Jill walked into her bedroom and came out in a very flimsy black bra and panties and she looked magnificent and hot and I drooled.  I have never been with another woman but looking at her I realized that she would taste wonderful.  I pulled my clothes down to my undies and walked over to her.  I pulled her head to mine and kissed her deeply, running my hands over her smooth hips, stomach and thighs and up to her very full tits.  I took her flimsy bra and panties off and pushed her down while spreading her legs wide and putting my face up to her twat.  I ate her out for almost an hour before she starting cumming.  She took control after that and buried her face in my pussy, completely draining every drop of pussy juice from me.

The next thing I want to try is after my husband gets home; I will invite all of those new friends over for a night of fucking and sucking.

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