Mary’s Daring Proposal

Mary Martin is a beautiful short haired brunette, approximately 5ft 9in tall, 136 lbs, large breasts and a very shapely body; the kind everyone looks twice at, including other women.  The men look too, of course wishing they could “get into that.” And some of the women would like to do it too, but the majority stare at her wishing they looked like her and were able to get men’s attention like she does.

Mary, however, is not a very happy woman in her marriage as her husband Bill wants to have sex almost nightly but it is all about him.  He gets on top of her, all excited, rams his 5 in cock in a dozen times, cums and then lays beside her and shortly is snoring.  This has been going on for over three years and Mary has started looking at other men, wondering if all of them have small cocks and if they are good lovers or only like Bill.  She loves her husband, but something inside her wants more and so she fantasizes.  Sometimes she plays with her large breasts and rubs her clit and sometimes puts her fingers inside the folds and feels the moisture as it builds up heat and then she stops and feels miserable.

She went on the internet looking for porn that her girl friends said was readily available and that she should see some of the men’s cocks, that they were large and big around and that they sometimes climaxed just looking at them and that sometimes the men would put their heads between the woman’s legs and have oral intercourse and then would fuck them.  This day she decided to see what they had seen and suddenly this site came up and some guy was standing there with no clothes on and the largest prick that she could ever imagine.  He stroked himself and then a woman appeared, naked of course, and the man spread her out on the bed, spread her legs and put his face into her cunt.  After a few minutes the woman moaned and cried out and seemed to be cumming.  The man then stood up, stroked his cock and the woman took him into her mouth.  It was so huge Mary didn’t know how she ever did that, but soon he took her from behind in doggy style and pumped for many minutes until he suddenly pulled out and shot a load of cum all over her back.

After watching that site for an hour she was really aroused, but Bill had come home wanting dinner so she put that thought out of her mind and went into the kitchen.  Bill came in, told her he would hurry and shower and pour them some wine.  When he came back, he had on a short night robe, very unlike him. He poured wine for them.  After a couple of glasses, he walked up behind her, lifted her short skirt and dropped down to his knees and parted her ass cheeks.  He kissed her in there, fingered her pussy and started finger fucking her.  He stood up and dropped his robe and Mary took him into her mouth and began sucking him off.  It only took a couple of strong sucks and he exploded in her mouth.  Sorry honey, he said, but you look so beautiful I wanted to fuck you right here.  Hope you are ok.  He ate his dinner while she wrestled with her feelings.  I want to have some cock inside me that will satisfy me, she thought.

The next day, she had to stop at the grocery store for a roast and when she went to the butcher counter the man cutting meat was big, tall and very good looking. She got this hot feeling in her cunt and could not tear her eyes from him.

She heard his voice, “Can I help you miss?” and realized he was speaking to her and felt embarrassed.

“Yes,” she said, “I need a roast that’s fairly thick, about 9 to 18 inches long that would be satisfying.”

The man looked long and hard at her and said, “You mean one that would fit a roasting pan with a lid on it?”

“Yes,” she replied, suddenly realizing what she had previously said.

“Just a moment,” he said and called to another man beyond her sight.

He appeared and she stood transfixed as they could easily be twins! The first man repeated what she had originally specified.

The second man replied, “Hmmm, I like the way she describes it and yes, I guess we could fix up a roast that is probably 7in around and probably 16in long, that is if she is sure that’s what she wants.”

Mary was quite startled, but seeing the looks in their eyes, said, “Yes, that’s exactly what I want.  Do you deliver?”

“Why yes,” they both said, “we would be happy to deliver if you will give an address.”

She did so and left the store, suddenly feeling flirty and annoyed at the same time.  They had looked her up and down like she was a piece of meat and suddenly realized that she was just that.

At home later, a knock at the door revealed both men carrying a box that they brought into the kitchen.

“Ok lady,” one of them said, “we have meat in the box and we have meat outside the box, and from what you said this morning, we are thinking you need some meat that both of us can give you.”

With this, he walked over to Mary, pulled her to him and kissed her.  She did not shy away so he reached behind her, grabbed a handful of ass and pulled her to him.  She likes this stuff and she pulled her blouse down revealing a set of tits with nipples hard and ripe.  He sucked a nipple in and heard a moan come from her lips and lifted her skirt to find she didn’t have any panties on.  He inserted a hard finger and told the other man to get behind her and said, “Lets have ourselves some tight pussy.”  The other man came up, pulled his large stiff cock out and rubbed it between her ass cheeks while the other man had his cock out and rubbing it between her legs while she was moaning and panting and thought she would cum at any second but wanted to feel those cocks inside her before she did.

They went to the bedroom and they lay her back on the bed. One man began eating her pussy and the other shoving his cock inside her mouth and down her throat.  They kept that up for a long time and she could not wait as she had her first climax while being eaten.  In turn, the man in the rear pushed his cock head into the tight tunnel of her ass and pumped a load up inside her. The other man began to stroke himself until he was at least 18 inches and then pushed it into her pussy.  She was so tight that he had trouble getting in but after a few strokes was able to bury it in her balls deep and proceeded to give her a fucking she had dreamed of for a long time.  He pulled her legs up over his shoulders and proceeded to pound her fast and furious when she suddenly shuddered, screamed and almost passed out as she came for a long time.  The other man pulled him away and took his place, pumping his hard cock in and out until she again felt the hot cum building up and suddenly he stiffened and shot a hot load up her pussy and she let out a scream and came again as blackness overtook her and she went into a dreamworld as the climax did not stop for several minutes.

A week went past and her husband fucked her a couple of times, but as in the past, he began to cum as soon as his cock entered the hot, juicy pussy that was again craving some real cock.  She thought about calling the grocer again and seeing if they were available to service her once more and immediately felt the warmth flow within her vagina and a hot liquid moistened her up more.  She called the grocer, only to learn that both of the men were out of town for a couple of days.

Mary was startled when her husband entered the bedroom and told her that he was going out of town on business right away and would be home in a week.  He kissed her and put his hand inside her panties and told her to bend over as he needed a piece of ass immediately.  He turned her around and lay her face down across the couch and shoved his prick home and shot his load and said, thanks, honey, that will have to do me for a week and next time I will be able to make you want more.  I want more now, she almost said aloud.

Bill left and after awhile, Mary poured a glass of wine, drank it, and poured more.  After a time, she begin to feel a warm fuzzy feeling overtaking her and she paid heed to something going on inside her pussy and suddenly shuddered and felt the warm juices leak out, but without a lot of feeling.  She drank some more and decided to go see a movie but had no idea where.  She drove around town for awhile and saw a sign about a romantic movie playing just inside.  She hesitated but curiosity got the best of her and she went inside to purchase her ticket.  A man worked the counter and she saw some things that told her to get out.  There was sexy panties, plastic penis toys etc but she looked straight at the man and he handed her the ticket.

“Would you like me to escort you to a seat?” he asked.

“I’m ok,” she said as the man ogled her big breasts.

She walked into a very dark theatre and gasped as the screen was filled with a woman being fucked by several men.  These men all had large cocks and the woman was sucking them off as one of them was ramming his cock inside her pussy.

Suddenly a hand reached out and a man said to her, “Sit here miss, its too dark to find another seat.”

She sat down and the man did not loose her hand but placed it on his very hard cock.  The cock was huge and thick and long, one that Mary would never be able to get enough of.  She tried to get away but the man pulled her head down and shoved his cock into her mouth and she was suddenly turned on by this probing monster of a cock and wanted more of it.  She took a load of cum into her mouth and the man told her to take her pants off.

“Me and my friends are going to fuck you like that bunch on the screen is doing to that bitch,” he crudely told Mary.

He did not wait for her to reply as there were several hands tugging her pants and panties off and a finger played with her hole and she shivered as it penetrated at least 7 inches and began finger fucking her. She felt hands on her tits, her ass and inside her pussy and their lips all over her legs, shoulders, lips and ass and felt the first man place his huge cock head into her love tunnel.

She was fucked by 18 or 20 men and when the movie ended, the lights came on and the men all got up, pulled up their pants and left very fast, leaving her spread eagle on the seats with cum all over her.  She attempted to get up but had no energy and the man from the ticket office came in, walked up to her and thrust his cock into her mouth.

“Suck it bitch, and then I will fuck you like they did,” he said to her. Maybe some of that cum will dry up when I’m fucking you.”

He pulled her up off the seats and pushed his cock further down her throat and a huge blast of cum splattered the back of her throat as she passed out, in bliss.

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