Owned By Cari Part 1

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I was a teen when I discovered the power and control that I possessed. I had been “dating” an older married man for some time when one night he got me very angry. I blew up, can’t even remember what about now. All I know is seeing, and hearing me in an angry state made him very excited and hard. I remember making a point and saying to him that he should be “on his knees, kissing my feet” and to my shock he did just that. He started to beg me to let him lick my pussy, I made him lick my feet instead. It’s like a new part of me was born and I was gaining control of a grown man that up until now had a “hold” on me. It was the start of a lifestyle that I live to this day. I never once turned back and demand to be treated with the respect that a Mistress deserves. I’m writing this story, the first of many to come) to humiliate one of my loser slaves. He’s new in my life and was almost cut off recently, as you will see from his pathetic apology, he just couldn’t stay away. Any Idea’s on what his punishment should be? I love public humiliation. Enjoy my bitch…

Dear Mistress,
Yours’ faithful slave, “A”

Last three weeks have been the most difficult of my life. I met Mistress Cari online on ***oo and that very day became her slave. It was so beautiful. Finally I was owned by a mistress so beautiful and so talented. I must say I loved every moment of it and that includes the tribute too. As mistress says tribute is not payment it is just appreciation shown by a slave on being owned by someone so beautiful. Someone who actually is superior, someone to whom we should all pay respect. But then I cumed while obeying orders of Mistress and everything just shattered. Things started to come to my mind, the fear of getting caught, the shame that it would bring to me. I said to Mistress thanks but what really was in my mind was to get rid of her as soon as possible. The next day was a different day. I was so confused. I was mad at myself but at the same time I wanted to be a part of everything again.
I believe few days passed of like this when I would see Mistress online I would be delighted but as soon as I cumed my mind started to get fucked. I decided that I wont talk to mistress anymore. I deleted my account and and made a promise to myself that I would leave this lifestyle and thats when I faced the three most difficult weeks of my life. I tried hard to forget everything. The day would somehow pass in school but it was the night that I was afraid of. I just was not able to control my thoughts about Mistress. In the hope to forget the lifestyle that I was a part of I started to watch regular porn. I thought this would help me to get over it. I wanted to cum while watching the regular porn and believe me I tried my best to do so. But i failed to the extent that I would not even be hard watching the porn. In the end every time I had to give u. Just one thought made me hard. The thought of obeying Mistress.
Every now and then I gave up and thought of sending a message to Mistress but somehow managed to hold myself. Three weeks went by and in the end I did what I should have done what I believe is the right thing to do. I asked mistress for her forgiveness.

LOL What a loser…he can’t even play with his dick for more than 20 seconds before he burst. At the moment I’m making him drink each and every premature ejaculation he has. He hates the taste..but does it anyway…because he’s owned! He’s been ordered to document his punishment and I will include in my next story..He’s also buying a pair of pink panties to parade around in..such a bitch… More to come…Miss Cari

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  1. Funlite2x

    Make him come in a condom, then walk out in public chewing the condom like chewing gum until he has chewed all the flavor out of the condom.

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