Savior on a Harley

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It was 9:17 when the call came in. Jessie knew even before his blue eyes read the ID who it was. The quick mid summer thunderstorm had just passed. You could just see a few stars start to reappear in the night sky. He walked from the porch to the kitchen, his boots clicking on the wood floor. A glance at the ID assured him he was right. With a smile he picked up the receiver. It felt good to be needed, even if it was by his ex wife’s sister, and not quite the way he needed to be needed, but all the same…”Hello Candice,” he said “Storm got your power out?”
“Yes, and in the middle of my favorite show.” came the soft voice over the phone, it was a voice he longed for but couldn’t have. Married the wrong sister he thought to himself. A chuckle slipped through his lips at that thought. “You find it funny that I don’t have any power?” came the voice.
“Oh no, sorry just thinking about something else.” He lied, but she already knew the (You married the wrong sister) joke. “What can I do for ya,” he said, like so many other times he’s said that.
“Could you bring over some candles, and some coffee. I still have the old percolator pot I can use on the gas stove. I called the power company and they don’t know when it will be back on. Looks like a long night. You know how I get weird about things like this,” Candice said.
“Yup,..anything else?” he asked.
“Hold on let me look” pause “Could you bring some creamer too, please?” she replied.
“Sure, just give me a few minutes to load up and I will be there. See ya in a bit” he said, then hung up the phone. Jessie grabbed his backpack and loaded up. Candles went in first, then he filled a zip lock bag with coffee and tossed that in. He opened the cabinet for creamer, “Shit” he said, there was no creamer. Well he thought to himself, I will just pick some up on the way. With everything neatly stowed away he slung the pack over his shoulder and headed for the garage. Just inside the garage door he stopped to hit the button to open the garage door. It slid open to reveal a wonderful night sky with only a few clouds left and a moon that was just a sliver of silver surrounded by stars. He saddled his steel stead. His blue eyes twinkled in the soft moon light as he slid his helmet on. He reached down on his trusty Harley and turned the gas on, twisted the accelerator twice, the with his rigid leather boot, he kicked his steel horse into life. It roared with desire for the road, as he had his own desires. Maybe tonight they would both be met.
He pulled onto the road. The air was steamy even at this hour of the night. He passed a bank clock, it read 9:42, 77 degrees. The roads were quickly drying, just a few puddles here and there. Very few people out on the streets, he quietly thought to himself, as the night whipped past him like the air itself. Just ahead was Chuck’s Quick Stop. It was an all night convenient store, a good chance he could find creamer there. Jessie parked his bike and went in. A quick stroll down the isle and he found what he came for. He walked up to the register with the coffee creamer, and as a second thought grabbed a pack of peach cigars. He placed the items on the counter. The young lady working the register asked “Anything else tonight sir?”
He thought for a moment, “A pack of Dorel 100’s, box please.” If it was going to be a long night, he didn’t want to have to leave to get her a pack of smokes latter on, and she was probably going to need them. The cashier rang up his total, he paid the bill. Back outside he stuffed the few things he bought into his backpack. Ready to go again he pointed his cycle back into the night and continued his journey. The street lines passed by like yellow flashes of time ticking away his trip, counting down the time till he would arrive. Arrive, he thought to himself, her knight in shining armor, her savior on a Harley come to rescue her in her hour of need. He wondered when Christ comes again if he would come down out of heaven on a Harley. The thought made him laugh, he often wondered strange things, mostly just to amuse himself. He could almost picture it. Christ in full leather, no helmet, long hair flowing out behind him, sitting on a Harley. It would be chromed out to the max. Gently gliding down to Earth, with angles escorting him on either side. Instead of announcing him with trumpets it would be saxophones, and all the angels would be wearing dark sunglasses. Before he knew it his overactive imagination had eaten away the time and space between the store and Candice’s house, and he was pulling into her driveway. Jessie shut his bike off, lowered the kick stand and walked up onto the deck. In the dim light he could make her out. Candice was sitting in the wicker loveseat on deck, a warm smile on her face. “Well what took you so long?” she asked.
“Had to get some creamer from the store” he said.
“I wish I had known you were going to the store” she said “I would have had you pick me up a pack of cigarettes.”
Jessie rummaged through his bag producing the pack of smokes. “I’m one step ahead of you dear” he said as he handed her the cigarettes.
“My savior” she said. “No wait, my savior on a Harley.”
Funny he thought to himself, just how much we think alike. He sat down next to her on the loveseat and pulled a candle out of his bag and lit it. It gave off a little light but it was more than he needed to find the rest of the stuff in his bag. He gave her the coffee and the creamer. She took the candle and headed into the house to make coffee. Jessie made himself comfortable on the wicker loveseat. Sliding an ashtray closer to him he lit up a cigar. There was something magical about the first draw off a cigar he thought, although it was probably just nicotine. He looked up at the night sky, it looked like it was clouding up again.
Candice returned with two cups of coffee, and the honor of getting hit with the first raindrops of a new storm moving in. Jessie grabbed his bag, cigar, cup of coffee, and they went into the house. Inside Jessie lit two more candles and placed them at either end of the coffee table. Then he plopped down on the couch. Candice sat next to him, placing a pillow in her lap, she always did that, he wondered why. Jessie was about to ask, when there came a flash of lightning, and a crash of thunder. Candice jumped, and in the process spilt coffee down her shirt and pants. “Fuck!” she said.
“Is that an offer” he asked?
“No” she said. “I’ll be back, it’s time for me to put my jammies on anyway” she said. She left and went to her bedroom to change. A few moments latter she yelled that her candle had gone out. Jessie grabbed one off the coffee table and went back to her room. He opened the door to find her rummaging through some clothes on the floor, naked!? It was all he could take. He wrapped his arms around her and kissed her. She tried to say don’t you knock, but it never escaped her lips. She kissed him back, there mouths entwined in passion. He placed one arm on her butt caressing it, the other was holding her in the small of the back. They gently fell onto the bed. Jessie pulled her hair out of the way to kiss her neck and nibble on her ear lobe. Giving gentle kisses he worked his way to her breast. They were petite but firm, not saggy even after two kids. He fondled one with his hand, gently rubbing the nipple between his thumb and fore finger. The other he traced circles around the nipple with his tongue, slowly bringing life and pleasure back to it. Her nipples weren’t the only things getting hard, but he knew if he was to do this right he would have to put his desires aside, for now. He switched his oral pleasuring to the other nipple, and slid his hand to her inner thigh. His tongue flicked across her nipple as his hand gently patted and rubbed her bushy mound. Slowly he worked a finger just inside the upper portion. Cautiously he rubbed circles around her clit. A small moan escaped her parted
lips. It had been a while since she
had the pleasures of a man with her. He abandoned her nipple and kissed down her chest, to her belly, her naval, and finally her vagina. The smell and taste of her drove him wild. He gave way from all forms of etiquette and buried his face into her hairy bush. His tongue sliding up and down her slit, pausing at her clit to suck and nibble upon it. The pace picked up as he slid a finger into her wanting pussy. Fucking her with his finger as he sucked upon her clit he brought her to her first orgasm of the night. As she rested for a moment Jessie pulled off his shirt, kicked off his boots, and dropped his pants. His erect cock was aching with desire over the full length of it. Almost seven inches long, and thick, it was begging for that special touch only the inside of a woman could give. Going back down to her pussy he gave her a few more licks to make sure she was wet on the outside. Then grabbing a hold of his manhood he rubbed it up and down the length of her slit a few times, lubricating the head of his shaft. Cautiously he slid into her warmth. She felt so good around him. He kissed her lips and nibbled on her neck as he ground his dick into her. He put an arm under her and held her close as he fondled her breast with the other. Their bodies one, moving in harmonious motion. Switching positions, he held her legs up to penetrate her deeper. She slipped a hand in between her legs to rub her clit as he fucked her deeply. He wrapped his hands around her legs, feet dangling in the air, and was pulling her towards him as he thrusted. She clenched at the bed sheets as she came again. She stopped, and thinking she meant to rest he pulled out of her. Before he knew what she was doing she had taken off for the kitchen. Grabbing the candle he went after her. When he found her, she was bent over the table smearing Crisco on her ass. Nothing needed to be said. He reached into the can and pulled out a handful of Crisco. Smearing it onto his cock he then slowly worked a finger into her beautiful back door. As his one hand fingered her ass his other played with her pussy. Soon she was ready and he saddled up behind her. Slowly, with only a little objection, he slid the first few inches of his cock into her kind ass. Carefully he increased his speed and depth of his strokes as he reached under her belly to finger her clit. Eventually his balls were slapping against her soft ass cheeks as he held her love handles. Forcefully pulling her towards him as slammed his dick into her, he pulled a chair over with his foot. Still together they sat. She slid her ass up and down on his cock as he was now better able to massage her clit. The more he worked her clit the harder she fucked his cock with her ass. He eventually slid two fingers into her pussy and fucked her that way till they both came in an intense orgasm. He could feel her pussy tighten around his fingers as her ass tightened around his cock. It was all he could take and he unloaded his hot cum into her asshole. They both collapsed onto the kitchen floor exhausted. As they stared blankly at the ceiling, there was a blinding light. The power had come on, and with it about every light in the house. “Thank God, I need a shower” she said.

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