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Savior on a Harley


It was 9:17 when the call came in. Jessie knew even before his blue eyes read the ID who it was. The quick mid summer thunderstorm had just passed. You could just see a few stars start to reappear in the night sky. He wa
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Free Rent 5 Poker night

It was a warm friday night. The air was thick with cigar smoke. I was sitting at the bar enjoying a cigar, secretly rooting for Shanell to win, and going over in my mind the game that had started many hours ago. The idea of the night started about
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Free Rent 4

Free Rent IV It had been about two weeks since I had moved in with Mike and Alice, when Alice came up to my room to inform me that her and Mike were having some friends over tonight and that my services would be needed. She also explained tha
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Free rent part 3 moving day

MOVING DAY I was amazed, everything I had fit into one truckload of stuff. I drove out to my new home, wondering what would be in store for me, remembering my excitement from the night before. I got there only to find that there was no one ho
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Free rent part 1

I was recently divorced and living with my brother at the time. I new I couldn't stay there forever so I was looking through the paper for an apartment to rent. I was on a tight budget so my choices were limited. I came across an ad that read:
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