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Tattoos were becoming the fad of the times and Sirena has considered getting one. She did not know how others would accept her since she would be known as being tainted. With this in mind she had given it serious thought and decided that she would go into a shop to speak with one of the artists. She had heard about JBV Tattoos from her friend Chloe. Chloe had gotten quite a bit of work done, so Sirena trusted her recommendation.

Saturday afternoon Sirena drove up to JBV Tattoos. She had an appointment for a consultation with Orly. He was a tattoo artist that has been tattooing for many years. Right away she felt at ease and her decision to get a tattoo was becoming a little easier. His first question to her was about what she was interested in getting and where. Sirena wanted to get a design on the lower part of her back. She asked many questions about the process, to pain, and last but not least price. Still, after all that she heard she still felt comfortable. She told Orly to schedule her for the following weekend.

As Sirena left the shop she could help but feel overly excited. All she could say was “I am going to finally get a tattoo!” She was not only excited to get the tattoo but she could not ignore the fact that Orly was very good looking. With this in mind she called Chloe and told her all about it. The girls had chatted throughout the majority of the day. Chloe had even asked if Sirena wanted to go out to the club. Sirena willingly accepted and thought it would be a perfect time to find out everything she could about Orly.

As Sirena got ready for her night out with Chloe she couldn’t help but think about Orly. His most beautiful, blue eyes went with his short, spiked brown hair. She couldn’t help wonder if he would ever be interested in someone like her. Sirena was voluptuous, had long red hair with blonde highlights, and green eyes. It was worth a shot with Orly. The worst he could say was that he wasn’t interested.

Throughout the evening Sirena dropped hints of her infatuation with Orly to Chloe. Halfway through the evening Sirena finally brought him up. She explained how he was one of the most gorgeous men that she has seen and that if she was to sleep with him that it would be electrifying. She wanted to run her fingers through his hair and gape into his eyes. Making love to him would be the most exotic sensation she thought she would embrace. Chloe told her that when she goes in to get her tattoo that she should strike up a conversation and see where it leads. Sirena was going to take Chloe’s advice and she was determined to make Orly her sex fiend.

When Saturday had come Sirena could not wait to head to the shop. This was not only the time she was going to get her tattoo, but she was hoping that she would gain Orly as well. The parking lot had a few other cars, but Sirena was not worried because she had her appointment. As she walked into the waiting area of JBV Tattoos she spotted Orly right away. Since the last time she seen him, he was ever so elegant. Everything about him was perfect and she couldn’t ask for anything more.

Orly called Sirena back and put the stencil on her back. She said it was good and so they got the tattoo under way. They talked about everything from the weather, tattoos, relationships, jobs, the news, and dreams. Bringing up their dreams was the perfect entrance to a door that was about to get opened. Just by the way he touched her, Sirena knew that there were feelings he was exhibiting. His flirtious ways were a turn on for her. She wanted him more than anything. She wanted him to stop tattooing so that he could take her into his arms and kiss her with his sweet lips. He must have read her mind because he abruptly stopped tattooing and got up from where he was sitting. Orly walked around so that he was facing Sirena, leaned down in front of her, and kissed her pouty lips. He had wanted to kiss Sirena ever since she walked into his shop.

He loved her voluptuous curves and the way her red hair flowed. Sirena was taken back from his behavior. If anyone was going to make an advance it would have been her. He surprised her with his assertiveness. She did not know that his intense actions were going to send her juices boiling over. She felt herself become extremely wet between her legs. Her pussy was throbbing and she didn’t know how much longer she could control herself. Orly kissed her with such passion that being in his arms was making her want to melt in the chair.

She returned his kiss with as much passion as she could. He pulled her away from him and nestled his face between her full, perked breasts. She could feel her nipples become erect and the electricity that was running through her was a feeling she never felt before. He unbuttoned her blouse and fondled her breasts. Sirena exposed her nipples for Orly. She wanted him to suck on her tits and make them want more. While he was doing this she couldn’t help her wandering hands. She felt his thickness through his jeans. He moved closer to her so that she could have better access. She unzipped his jeans and let his manhood escape.

His thick penis was exhilarating and she moved her hand up and down it. A slight moan seeped out of his mouth. Both Sirena and Orly were in a state of passion and neither of them wanted to stop. She stopped him so that she could taste his cock. She stood up so that he could sit on the chair; she kneeled before her god and wrapped her mouth around his dick. He tasted so good and with every stroke she could feel him pulsating. He was so hard that all she wanted to do was sit on him so that he could emerge deep into her wet, luscious pussy. She sucked him so hard that he released himself into her mouth. His cum tasted so good that she couldn’t wait to taste him again. Sirena licked his dick clean.

Orly knew that she was the one he needed. He thought if a woman could suck cock that good then think of the naughtiness she could bring to the bedroom. This excited him and he knew that he wanted more, but he had to focus so that he could finish her tattoo. As he sat behind her he was having a hard time staying focused, but he was able to continue. He kept glancing down the back of her pants and his mind kept wandering. The thought of her ass being tight was making him hard all over again. He was wondering what she would say if he slid a finger down her pants and into her tight hole. He took his chance and his finger made its way to her hole and entered her ass. She accepted his advance and propped her ass up toward him. She wanted more and he knew that he could not stop himself. He just had to have a taste of that sweet ass. Her pants came down and he shoved his face between her cheeks. He shoved his tongue into her hole and when his finger came out he was sucking every bit of her flavor off. He wanted to relish every juice that she produced. This woman was a goddess of beauty. Her radiant beauty and scent drove him into a state of delirium. Sirena turned toward him and exposed her love cavern. This was an invitation for his one-eyed cave explorer.

The look in his eyes was pure madness and she knew that he was going to willingly accept her invite. She wanted to drive him to a point of ecstasy. To give him a show she inserted a finger into her pussy and got herself to a point of wanting to squirt. She stopped before she had gotten to that point and started kissing Orly. As she was kissing him she put her pussy finger into both of their mouths. This was a way they could taste her excitement together. As he picked her up to lay her on his table he fingered her tight, puckered asshole. It felt so good that she was hoping that he would never stop. As he laid his beauty goddess down; he wanted to kiss every inch of her voluptuous body. As the sun shined through the window her skin glowed with radiant beauty. The kisses started from her feet, over her ass and up her back. He began to nibble on her neck and propped her up so that he could have easy access to her dazzling bliss. He stroked his cock and gently entered her soaked pussy. Sirena gasped and then relaxed. It felt stunning as they grooved in motion together. While he was exploring her love cavern he fingered her ass some more. The constant ass fucking had caused such excitement that she squirted her juices all over his dick and table. She turned to face him and sucked his cock until he blew his load all over her face. She rubbed it into her face and tasted as much of it as she could gather.

Once Sirena and Orly were cleaned up they were able to continue with her tattoo. Unfortunately, he was not able to finish her tattoo. He explained that she would have to come back for another sitting. She knew what that meant was more than thrilled to take part in a little bad touching tattoo action. After her tattoo was done she was in love with it as much as she was her artist.
Over the next few weeks Sirena and Orly spent a lot of time with each other and the sex action was taken to another level of lustful eroticism. Sirena knew that her idea of tattooing would never be able to be compared to any other tattoo experience.

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