Sex with Best Friend

A first time sex story me & my best friend had.

It all stated when we where 21, 1 week before her birthday I took her to Hawaii, it was just her & me, when the day of her birthday came up That night i decided to give her a very special something and that was sex I know she had been wanting it.

We sat down on the bed with each other i moved close to her & started to kiss her and touch her all over while she was still dressed, we slowly got undressed I told her Lay down and i gave her a nice good massage

then after that we both took a shower with each other where i washed her & she washed me after the shower. i told her Im gonna give you that something you have wanted for a long time now.

before we had sex I gave her a few good warm water enemas, she enjoyed that feeling of the warm water going in.

after that we went back to the bed, i told her lay down on your back & i started to lick her vagina and stick my tounge in, while fingering her butt, and vagina.

then she said Fuck me good Fuck me hard and i gave it to her as she wanted i fucked her good & hard. she told me not to wear a condom she wanted to have a baby so I fucked her till i cam inside her vagina,

then washed up a bit, then fucked her in the butt good & hard.. we had sex for about 2 horus that night..

after sex i gave her 1 more good nice massage we took another shower, after dryed off we stayed naked, she looked at me and said That was the best birthday gift ever, she loved her first time sex.

next morning was time to check out but before we did i have her one more good hard fucking in the butt & vagina, she loved it again

when we got home b4 i dropped her off at her house she said thanks again for the trip and the first time sex. i told her anytime you want sex just call me and ill come right over she said will do we had lots of it since.

that was the story of me and my best friends first time, by the way her name is Mandy. shes a red head, 34DD tits, tight vagina and butt, sexy body. we both live in the USA in the state of Virginia

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  1. luminaz342

    dont you guys think itwas weird after that?
    cause i know after me and my best friend fucked time after time she toldme she loved me but she sid she culdnt fall in love with her best friend

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  2. Anonymous

    When i had sex with my best friend Even she told me that is was the best experience ever as she was a virgin before this took a lot of time to convince her and took her to podium for our marriage

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