Step-Daughter In Heat

My stepdaughter Cherry, and her friend Kathy, had to drive to San Francisco this weekend and asked me to go along for the ride.  It is approximately 120 miles and I was not busy so decided it may be fun.  As we arrived at Kathy’s home, she was waiting but seemed different from when I had first met her.  She told Cherry that she had a sore back and asked to ride in the back.  She made herself comfortable with pillows tucked around her and opened up a bottle of wine.  I forgot to mention that Cherry is approximately 5 ft eleven, blonde, nice body and large tits.  Not that I ever noticed before (of course I noticed!).  I even sometimes fantasized what she would look like without clothes and would get a hard on.

This day, she was wearing a short skirt and had no bra on.  Kathy had a robe wrapped around her so I could not see what she was wearing.  As we went along, Kathy kept up a chatter, but complained about her lower back and wanted to get a massage as soon as possible.  I never realized that she was asking for me to help her, so I continued to stare out of the window at the scenery until I noticed Cherry had her hand laying on her pussy, gently scratching with her nails up and down the underside.

I pretended not to notice until Kathy said, “Cherry, are you enjoying yourself or do you need some help?”

At this, I turned to look squarely at Cherry who was now moving her hand up and down her slit with her right leg up and spread out.

She said, “Oh, sorry, I was unaware you could see, but I have an itch.  Its so embarrassing to have to do that in front of you guys!” And with that, removed her hand and put it back on the steering wheel.

Kathy said, “I am so sorry, Cherry, that was not nice mentioning that in front of Jerome here.”

I looked back at Kathy to say, “That’s ok, let’s not worry about it, cause I catch myself scratching when I itch,” only to find Kathy with her clothes off and finger fucking herself.

Cherry smiled and said, “Looks as if you may need some help Kathy.  Jerome, would you like to help her?  I won’t tell mom or anyone and you can do what you want.  I will just drive on down the road while you two screw.”

Kathy put her hand on me shoulder and said, “Please come back here with me and help me out.”

My cock was hard and throbbing and I did not need a second invitation and was soon buried balls deep in her cunt.  We shook the car and Cherry laughingly said, “Hey, hold it down a little. I’m having trouble driving.”

I plunged into Kathy like a jack hammer and blasted a wad of cum deep inside her just as she screamed, “I’m cummmmmmmmng!”

Cherry said, “Boy, that was an ear full! I would join you but he is my stepfather so guess I will have to pick up a guy at the bar we are coming up to and fuck his brains out.”

I started to tell her that it was ok since she’s my step-daughter, not blood kin, and I would be happy to fuck her, but before I could she she told me that would make her uncomfortable to do that and pulled into this bar area and we all went inside.  Kathy kept her hand back of her and would squeeze my cock.  In about 15 minutes, we had two men that approached the table and asked to buy us all a drink but each one had his eyes glued to Cherry’s tits.  One man was huge, with a large stomach and made Cherry seem like a dwarf in comparison.

She glanced at his crotch area and realized he had a large cock and said, “Sure, I could use a drink and a friend. These two have been having fun and keeping me out.”

With this, he ordered drinks and immediately placed his hand on her back and began to stroke her.  She moved slightly and leaned her face against his chest and said, “I love big men, especially where the big is in the important place.”

He wasted no time and pulled her to him and put his lips on hers and squishing her big tits against his chest.

“Let’s get out of here and go to my room,” he said and proceeded to lift her off the stool.

But she said, “I can’t leave these guys behind; do you mind if they join us?”

“Hell no,” he said, looking at Kathy. “I think we could have a great time!” He then led the way to his room.

Within seconds he stripped Cherry’s clothes off and had her spread eagle with his tongue teasing her pussy. She began moaning and pulling his head into her cunt.  I had never seen her like that and thought that I would love to eat that pussy as well.  Kathy was blowing my cock and I saw the other man pull out his huge cock and ram it in Cherry’s pussy.  She moaned and let out a scream as he pierced her cunt and I heard him say that he was going to shove it all the way to her throat and she was suddenly fucking back and saying, “Give it to me you big cock bastard! Fuck me harder!”

I was fucking Kathy again but I knew she wanted Steven to give her that huge cock of his so as soon as I pumped my load inside her, she sort of rolled away from me and moved closer to Cherry and Steven.  They were both panting and moaning and his balls were slapping Cherry’s ass so loud that I thought it had to hurt, but they carried on and Steven grunted and pumped a couple of fast ones and shot his load as Cherry lifted her body and suddenly went lifeless. I thought she had been fucked to death, but she suddenly came back to life, holding her hands down on her pussy and rubbing it like it had been assaulted too much.

Kathy had reached over to Steven and pulled his long cock over to her and began sucking it as fast as she could possibly go and Steven did a 69 with her and they were lost in their own world.  Steven finally pulled Kathy over on her stomach, mounted her ass and shoved it in to the hilt while Kathy moaned and screamed when it hit bottom.  It did not stop there as he rammed it home faster and faster until he made more room inside and shot his load in her.  Suddenly, I was left out of the picture as Kathy mounted the big guy and his face was buried in Cherry’s cunt again.  I realized that with my smaller cock I would have to do with hand me down sloppy seconds or thirds so I quickly pulled my clothes back on and left the room.

As I approached the bar where we had all met, I ran into the other man that had approached us and he said, “Hope you guys had a good fuck because I was not invited to go along with you guys.  I know that I should have come along cause I am horny as hell!”

He had been drinking a lot and sort of leaned on me and I put my arm around his waist to steady him and walked him back to the hotel room.  I helped him out of his clothes and his cock sort of spilled out of his shorts and I suddenly started getting a hard on again.

“Here, lay down and let me massage you for awhile and you can get to sleep,” I said.

Without waiting, I began jacking him off and finally sucking that cock into my mouth.  Within seconds he rewarded me with a large climax, shooting cum down my throat.  He began snoring and I went to sleep thinking that it was not bad at all.  Later that night I was awakened by a hard something rubbing against my ass. Pretending to be asleep, I felt his cock head push against my asshole and about an inch or so entered me and he began slowly fucking me.  I felt another couple of inches slide in and he began fucking me harder. I “woke up” and began pushing back against him and felt his hot cum splash inside me.  Soon, I was on my knees over him with his drooping cock back in my mouth again and it slowly came back to life again and the night was complete.

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