The Confessions of A Shelf Stacker IV

I awoke to find my self tied upside down, ankles tied by chains, hanging in the middle of a dark room. The air is cold on my naked body. I notice a table with various things on it but I can’t make them out. Then she appears; stark naked, showing off her fabulous body, but with an evil smile on her beautiful face.

“Welcome to my house…” she smirks sarcastically, “you’re mine now and I’m gonna have to label you so people know…” She fishes through the instruments on the table, and chooses something, although I can’t see what it is. Then I feel her hand on my nut sack. I suddenly realise that she is shaving my lower body bald; I can’t do anything but feel the razor glide across my balls, hoping she won’t press to hard and make little painful cuts…
The air is even colder against my bare skin, as she laughs, “Aww, your shaved like the little girl you are….Now for the ‘tagging’.” I can hear her rummaging around on the table again before silence. Then I feel a burning sting as she cuts my back with a knife. I yell in pain but she carries on regardless, cutting her name in my back.
“There, that should scar up nicely…,” she says as she licks the knife clean in front of me, my back tingling all over.
“Right, let have a bit of fun.” Her hands run over my ass, squeezing the cheeks and stroking my asshole; she slides one finger in, then two.
“Hmm…your asshole is bigger than it looks, let see how big…,” and with that she puts in a third. My ass resists and squeezes them out.
“BAD BOY!!!” she screams, finding a cattle prod on her table and connecting it with my balls.
I yelp in shock, as the burning electricity courses through my groin and she says, “Let me carry on or I will castrate you with my bare hands!!”

With that she rams her three fingers up my ass with eye-opening force. She squeezes in the forth, stretching my ass raw. Then suddenly, with a sudden movement, she rams her hand through; her arm in my ass to the wrist. I can feel her alien fingers move in me. She pushes her hand further and further into my ass, to the point were she has to hammer on her elbow to get it to go in further. Once she gets to her elbow she stops and says, “Hmm, that far? You really are a slut aren’t you?” I am in total agony having her alien body inside mine so far, and my ass is bleeding from stretching so much. She pulls her arm out much to my relief, and goes to clean it.

When she returns she says, “Now for not letting my fingers do their work first time I’ve got a job for you.” She slackens the chains suspending me so my shoulders are touching the ground, and my head is flat on the floor. She sits on my face, asshole pressed against my mouth.
“Remember when I said I would make you my toilet? Now is your time.”
And with that I feel a soft warm mush enter my mouth. I eat her warm waste, more filling my mouth after each mouth full. She pisses as well, the salty bitter fluid covering my face and filling my mouth watering down the shit. After a while it stops coming and all I can smell is piss and shit.
“Oh dear,” she says sarcastically, “there doesn’t seem to be any toilet paper….I don’t suppose you could clean me could you??”
Knowing exactly what she means I begin to lick around her asshole devouring the residue shit. “Best make it a deep clean,” she laughs. I answer by sticking my tongue up her ass, scraping out the remnants of before. When she is satisfied she stands up.
“Wow, a toilet that cleans you afterwards. I won’t be using the old one anymore! Oh look what a mess I’ve made,” pointing out the puddle of piss on the floor. “Be a good slave and clean it up will you?” And she flips me over, my face in the puddle. I lick the dirty floor, drinking up the cold piss, taking in a lot of grit but afraid to spit it out in case she acts out some terrible punishment. When I’m done she flips be back over and pats my dick saying, “Good girl, now you can get your reward.”

She takes my dick into her mouth, roughly sucking and biting my member, wrapping her tongue round it and up and down the shaft. Before very long I’m cumming in her mouth. She bends down and pulls my mouth open, dribbling my cum into my mouth. Oddly enough, I find the taste of my cum arousing. She spits the last bit in my face, covering it in a potent smelling mixture of my spunk and her saliva.
“I love the taste of girly-shaved cock.”

She releases the chains so I’m still bound but now lying on the ground, turns the light out and leaves…


(Image Source: Meanbitch Productions)

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  1. good story please continue

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  2. dungeonmaster

    don’t like scat, otherwise this would’ve gotten and 10

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